Zenutrients All Is Well Aromatherapy Oil Review

Here's a review on Zenutrients All Is Well Aromatherapy Oil

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 I got inspired to write this post because of the mega traffic I have just experienced last night due to the mighty surge of rain from some biotch of a nimbus cloud that has passed the Philippine area of responsibility. I try to be positive all the time, but being hopelessly stuck for 4 hours in C5 could really get the best of you. (Enter Craig David's song "Human") Tired from listening on the radio, I reached for my makeup pouch and decided to retouch my makeup as a means of entertaining myself and then I saw this thing pop out of the purse. Eureka! God really knows what you need. I pumped a dollop on my palm, rubbed it gently, and I started sniffing my way to nirvana. My head has cleared up, stress levels went down, and the traffic started moving. :D


This product is from Zenutrients' wellness range. As the name implies, it's a soothing concoction of well- known relaxing oils to ease tension and calm the mind to simply remind you that no matter the situation, in the end, ALL IS WELL. It's just like spa in a bottle!

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The product comes in a slim, small glass bottle. Handy, but prone to breakage so careful! I like that the pump dispenses a small amount-you only need that amount anyway because it's very spreadable and scent is pretty concentrated.



Consistency is thick and very much comparable to massage oils. It doesn't get absorbed quickly though so using less is always better. Otherwise, you might soil your bag, clothes, and you might accidentally rub your eyes!

Rubbing the product in between your palms is very much recommended as it activates its energizing fragrance. Scent is an uplifting elixir of mint with a hint of citrus. When you sniff it, the strong minty fragrance flows through your nostrils, clearing any clogs, and you just feel so much better. I also apply it at the back of my ears and temples because its cooling effect kinda' helps deal with light headaches. My only issue is, scent doesn't last that long. I highly recommend it to anyone who's always stressed or if you just want to feel good all the time. When you're down and alone, this thing will be like your soul buddy ready to uplift you anytime! Oh, it comes in a solid version too. :)


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  1. hope this product can be bought at drugstores ms m =)

  2. Mas okay na for me Ms.M yung di naglinger ang smell kasi baka makanchawan ako amoy matanda? hehehe. diba pag may liniment yun agad ang naalala. :)And about po sa traffic grabe nga 11pm na ako nakauwi 5hours byahe, di ko tuloy minsan maalis yung sisi sa mga corrupt officials natin na sana napunta ang pera sa drainage natin para di baha agad at pagtatanggal ng basura. Anyways, thanks dito Ms. M. :))

  3. Oh I would love to try that. Actually been using an essence oil personally made by my aunt, I think it has eucalyptus, rose petal scent, lavender, I guess is what I recognize.. plus, she also uses virgin coconut oil and pili oil in it :)

  4. I'm starting to appreciate zenutrients products. They have a stall in Rob ermita which is very near on our school. Will buy these and the soap Ive been eyeing on their stall. I think that is the blueberry one. :D

  5. I need this in my life. Lol. Have you tried the solid version? How was it? :)


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