7-Eleven's BYO Cup Day + Win Cash Prizes on BYO Cup Day!

I assume everybody here has tasted 7-Eleven’s iconic Slurpee, right? It’s been a while since I last enjoyed a huge cup, but I could still remember the fun times I had with it: I couldn’t forget how fun it was whenever I’d gulp it down and exclaim “BRAIN FREEZE!”, the times my friends and I would enjoy a late-night chat in 7-Eleven while having it with our favorite snacks or cup noodles, and how it would always be my number one, budget-friendly cooler to beat the summer heat. Ah, I’ve had countless happy memories with Slurpee that it’s impossible to enumerate ‘em here!

In 2011, 7-Eleven Australia came up with this super fun event called BYO (or Bring Your Own) Cup Day. Slurpee fans flocked to 7-Eleven branches and brought their most creative cups to enjoy this celebrated drink. It became a nationwide Slurpee party of sorts and proved to be a huge success that they had to do it again in 2012!

This year, 7-Eleven Philippines is bringing this awesome experience to the Filipinos this November, plus they’re launching two new Slurpee flavors! Mark your calendar because this is one cool party that you wouldn’t want to miss!

7-Eleven had an exclusive kick- off for BYO Cup Day for the Press and Bloggers at Urbn, Fort Bonifacio Global City. For the love of Slurpee, I went as I was dying to know what the two new flavors are. I shall muse about the details of BYO Cup Day and how you can win 5K cash on this event after the break.

Host and courtside reporter for UE Katz Salao and Coke Happy Prez Caloy hosted the event.

The two newest flavors of Slurpee are Raspberry and Cola. The latter flavor was created in partnership with Coca Cola Philippines (Woot! My favorite cola!)-they’re also providing all- out support for 7-Eleven on BYO Cup Day.

President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation, the country licensee of the 7-Eleven store chain, Mr. Victor Paterno graced the event. He said that the partnership between 7-Eleven and Coca Cola was just perfect as both brands are dynamic and fun. And like everybody else, he was just as excited for BYO Cup Day!

Alright, I won’t keep you waiting anymore. Here are the official mechanics on BYO Cup Day:

RULE 1: BYO Cup Day is a one- day event and will happen on November 7, 2013 in all Slurpee branches. Customers are encouraged to bring their zaniest, wackiest, and coolest containers for Slurpee. Slurpee will only be P29.00 on that day, regardless of the size of your container! You can bring a boot, a hat, a shot glass, a baby bottle, a futuristic cup, jack o’ lanterns, pots, pans, whatever you have just as long as it’s creative and CLEAN. However, containers should be fixed in size and shape--that means no inflatable pools, garbage bags, and the likes. Also, you cannot refill your container-should you wish to have more, you must fall in line again and pay for another cup.

RULE 2: Your container should get through the MACUPANGYARIHANG BILOG effortlessly. If it doesn’t, you must find another container that fits. Anything that can fit the Macupangyarihang Bilog, but doesn’t have a fixed size or shape will not be accepted.

RULE 3: Take a photo of yourself with your creative Slurpee container and upload on 7-Eleven’s official Instagram or Facebook accounts with the hashtag #BYOCupDay. Winners with the most awesome containers and pics will win cash prizes from 7-Eleven.

Am I seeing Slurpee machines?! YES, I AM! Am I sensing a Slurpee party? OH YES, I AM! Here’s team 7-Eleven and Coca-Cola Philippines spearheading the Slurpee party!

Of course a party is never complete without games! Here’s Ana Victorino, a couple of my favorite people from Nuffnang Philippines, and I in the Finish-Slurpee-As-Fast-As-You-Can game.  Well, I lost ‘cuz I got a Brain Freeze early on!

Met the lovely Aryanna Epperson with her super cute container!

Aryanna even won the ‘Best Container’ award!

The moment I have been waiting for: FREE-FLOWING SLURPEE! :D I kept on coming back for Cola because oh my, it was so good-it’s like frozen Coca- Cola!

So I hope you have enjoyed this post. Again, save the date: NOVEMBER 7, 2013, BYO CUP DAY. Please visit 7-ELEVEN PHILIPPINES on Facebook for questions and for more information about the campaign.

Check out 7-Eleven Philippines' official Youtube video for #BYOCupDay

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by 7-Eleven and The Beauty Junkee

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  1. My son and hubby are so excited to bring our biggest cups, slurpee addict lang :) hihi

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  5. Now I'm missing the coca-cola candies. hehehe. Yummy. Madala nga ang tumler ko! :)

  6. I wonder if 711 Cebu branches have the BYO event too. that's really tempting!

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