A perfect haul

Just a few fashion hauls to use on my events/work this week! I called this set of hauls the Perfect Haul because it's comprised of all the things I'm looking for and I've always wanted to purchase.

Ladies, I've finally found my perfect white wedge and it's from Ever New! Let me tell you why it's perfect in many ways. 1.) It has a 3-inch wedge, which is perfect enough to give my height a little boost and suits the medium arch of my feet-Material is very light, and I could also stand and walk in it for hours. 2.) From P2,990.00, I got it on sale at P1,195.00. Swell! 3.) It has a chic croc pattern and semi- matte finish. I can use it on casual, cocktail, and even semi- formal events.

One more reason why it's perfect. This wedge and I have the same name! :D Hers is just the Italian version, while mine is American. :D Ever New's got good shoes, especially for those with wide feet like me. I'll be sure to check out their new shoe collections often!

More hauls after the break!

Finally got my hands on MAC's Prolongwear Foundation to complement my favorite MAC Prolongwear Concealer. It's currently one of my faves! :)

Forever 21 is truly the place to go to for up-to-date accessories. I got some of the accessories that I've long been looking for such as the textured gold collar necklace, oversized cross pendant with a pretty long chain, and big cross earrings. I was ecstatic when I saw these! :) The cinch belt was just an extra for my last haul below:

I found my preferred modern LBD in Forever 21. (Again) I'm into leather lately so I got this simple leatherette dress with a circle cut at the bottom. Boy, I can imagine all the nice looks I can do with this fab base!

That's all! I'm going to announce the final details of Liz and I's blog sale tomorrow, so please check back. It's for a good cause and I hope you guys will support us! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the wedge Ms. M :) Where can I find ever new? would want to buy one kasi :)) Thanks :)

  2. magkaname kayo nung wedge ms m! and getting it in discounted amount is heaven! =) --> i know the feeling hihi..

    really love Forever21 accessories!!!

  3. awesome haul Ms.Martha! I love the accessories.. :)

  4. I like the wedge and the necklace as well. The necklace would look good with my daughter's egyptian play :D

  5. Love that cross necklace! :) Cute with white loose top and jeans

  6. Love that cross necklace! :) Cute with white loose top and jeans

  7. I love your LBD! It would look great if you will accentuate it with a gold belt perhaps...

  8. Lovely wedge you have here!! Just started reading your blogs very helpful and inspiring!

  9. I love the shoes! They look comfy and they're a beautiful pair.


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