Estēe Lauder Cyberwhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence Review

Here's a review on Estēe Lauder Cyverwhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence Review

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Even if they take a while to be reviewed, I love reviewing skin care products because I enjoy the journey of using them as well as proving to myself if they're indeed effective or not. The skin care product that I'm currently obsessed with are spot whitening serums-thanks to my post- acne marks, I was able to try out a couple and share with everyone what works and doesn't work. :) The spot whitening serum I finished a month or two ago is Estēe Lauder's Cyberwhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence.


This product is part of the full- blown range of whitening products called Cyberwhite. All the products in this range are made with the HD-90 technology that approaches skin discoloration and brings back skin translucence in three ways: PREVENT dead skin cell build- up for the product to penetrate pores, INHIBIT melanin formation underneath for more effective whitening, and REVEAL a brighter complexion. HD-90 features extracts from Baikal Skullcap, a flower native to South America known for its intrinsic brightening properties. You can read all about Cyberwhite's entire range HERE.

The bottle is acrylic, and has a very controllable pump dispenser. It only comes in one size.

Click READ MORE for this spot whitening essence that diminishes shadowy marks on your skin!

Product is a rich yet watery emulsion with a bluish tone and micro silver shimmers. The bluish tone helps brighten skin immediately, while the shimmers reflect light to minimize the appearance of dark marks. It gets absorbed easily, thus it can be used underneath makeup. It has a very light floral scent. Initially, I thought this would break me out if I used it during night time as the shimmers are considered as makeup, but with I brave heart, I continued. Surprisingly, I didn't experience any breakouts. I only used it once a day because it's expensive, and I don't like putting a lot of stuff on my skin during daytime.


So here's my skin after using Shiseido's White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum. My marks just became a tad bit lighter than this after I finished the entire bottle. Maybe my skin became immune to the product. :(

I mentioned the term 'Shadowy Marks' at the top part of this post. It's not really an official dermatological term, but rather a term I use to call discoloration underneath the skin (normally in map- like patterns), yet they appear slightly prominent on the surface. They don't look that grave if you look closely unlike surface marks, but from afar, you'd notice that they contribute to the unevenness of your skin tone. Examine the photo on top to locate my shadowy marks.

Female beard! Yuck, I know. Don't have time to visit salons lately! :(

I finished Estēe Lauder's serum after 2 1/2 months. Take note that I have clumps of discoloration spread all over my face that's why it didn't take me a long time to finish the product. I think one bottle will last you for more than 3 months if used sparingly and if you only use it on one part of your face.

It took me a while to see the results, about 1 1/2 months to be exact. That's my only qualm with the product: It works slow. When the product started working, it seemed as if it had been sloughing off those clumpy dead skin cells on top of the surface marks invisibly-I just woke up one day and found out that my marks are no longer dry and patchy. Without the dead skin cell build-up, the product was able to penetrate effectively and fix the damage from within. Notice that the skin tone on the middle part of my cheek looked more even-the shadowy marks have been minimized! I also liked that despite its intense whitening properties, it didn't affect my overall natural skin tone nor did it leave me with whitish patches.

I'm using a different brand of spot whitening essence now. I wish this product had completely lightened up my marks, but maybe my skin became immune again. At least it has drastically reduced the discoloration on my cheeks, and made it look and feel super smooth! I've been skipping facial concealers now and that saves me so much time! Its consistency will work with any skin type and results may appear faster on those with not-so-grave discolorations. I also recommend it to those who want a gentle product to maintain their skin's fairness, but at the same time gain a smooth texture and translucent appearance. I think what everyone here wants to know is if the product works and based on the photos, it does! :)


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  1. you really had to use a product religiously to know if it really works! this is quite expensive for a correcting serum but it does its job nicely! thumbs up!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this Martha. I will for sure be getting this soon. Btw, is it okay if you do a review on the Ponds Bb cream in beige ? (I saw your post on IG hehe) I really want to give it a try before I go back to sydney two weeks from now. I checked Priceline Au website but they don't have it yet. Thanks Martha ! Cheers! :)

  3. I would love to give this a try, but it's waaaay beyond my budget :(

    I had the same experience with the Shiseido White Lucent serum. At first it worked really fast in fading my acne marks (1 week!). But then, it just slowed down and stopped

  4. 1 1/2 months.. it works slow super mahal pa naman..Right now, im currently using the human nature oil and it really works well with me,

  5. Given the price, might search another product that will do the same puspose as this one. Good thing I don't break out much and if I do...magkakalayo.. the only problem is the darkening or scar like look underneath the skin which usually lighten on their own but for a few months more.

  6. also, packaging reminds me of laneige water bank essence! =)

  7. The effect is too slow but at least, your skin is improving instead of getting worst. I also had this friend which has some issues on the face, but after she had a session with Bello... her skin did a vast improvement. As in! Totally worth it!

  8. Jade N John: Hi dear! Yes I will. Still testing it out. :)

    Hazel: Yeah, but at least it works! :D Cuz I would feel bad if it didn't! :p

    Rhain: Yes! :) exactly my thoughts.

    Winnie: That's why there are products like this to help skin heal faster. :)

    Leilani: Awesome! Tried their sunflower oil on my scars, but sadly, didn't experience any whitening effect. :(

    Brown: Sometimes, you gotta hate that your skin is too intelligent because it renders your products/routine useless haha!

  9. Tqsooooomuch for d review it really helps haha as i think i will try to find others b4 deciding on this hehehe


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