Featured! :)

Just got two new features this month! Thanks to Jen of Snoe Beauty and Femalenetwork for the opportunity!

First feature was in MEG Magazine's November 2013 issue.

In here, me and other fellow Beauty Bloggers were interviewed about our favorite Snoe product. Mine is Poudre Phenomenon! Please grab a copy and read all about our thoughts. It's a great issue too as it tackles interesting tips on loving your job, finding the perfect fashion for you, and independence.

Last feature for the month is on Femalenetwork.com, one of my favorite lifestyle sites in the Philippines. Here's a Flashback Friday question: Are you a member of Girltalk? What's your username? Mine's fashion_addict! :D
Anyway, the article was all about our favorite hair products. There's my top three right in the photo. You can visit THIS LINK if you want to know Julia, Say, and Liz's faves. :)

A pleasant Friday to everyone, and let's all pray for our brothers and sisters in the Visayas region because of typhoon Yolanda. Or better yet, let's pray that Yolanda changes its direction or fizzles out right before it hits our country!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. congrats ms m! another great achievement again =) you really made it to another level hihi, we as your readers we're real happy and proud for you =) keep up ms m! hugs and kisses rhain!

  2. Ang galing! congrats! I wanna be featured like you also... keep up the good work =)

  3. Congrats! Yet another great feature. Expecting you to be on international mags next!! Hahaha

  4. congratulations on being featured :D I remembered when I was featured on a local magazine when I was younger.. I used to make clippings and put them in an album..
    Those were the days.. I have a daughter now and wanted her to experience the same.. Stage mother lang ang peg.. lol!

  5. wooow! congratulations Ms.M tagal din ako di nakapagbasa ng blog mo naexcite ako pagkakita ko nito. wala lang sarap rin ng feeling hehehe. parang ako yung nafeature e. :)))

  6. i'm gonna grab a mag for you! its just that i trust your beauty picks :) looking gorge in those articles..

  7. Wow! congratulations Ms.Martha!I will grab a copy of Meg mag. I am very happy for you :)More blessings to come!


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