Hygienix: Your affordable pocket warrior against germs

I’ve read this article somewhere and its topic was all about surprising things and habits that spread germs. What I remember are the following: The restaurant menu is one of the dirtiest things on the planet, flushing the toilet is not really counted as courtesy because the rapid rush of water catapults bacteria into the air and onto anything near it (that includes you. Sorry if you’re having dinner!), and putting bags on the floor makes them the ultimate harbingers of disease as it’s highly likely that they’ll gather bad bacteria while they’re sitting pretty on the ground. It is a known fact that germs are everywhere and they’re ineveitable, but I think what the article is trying to say is that even if you can’t avoid them, you can always protect yourself.

I mentioned in one blog post that I am obsessed over hand cleanliness and alcohol is one of my necessities. In high school, I used to bring huge bottles of alcohol, but thank goodness somebody had thought of reducing their size into travel- friendly versions. One local brand that specializes in pocketable germ protection is Hygienix.

Hygienix has an impressive range of personal hygiene products including alcohol, pocket alcohol, hand sanitizers, and pocket hand soaps (yay!) that are clinically proven to kill 99% of germs and disease- causing bacteria. (I bet my germs are trembling in fear now) I’ve been using this brand since 2011 because their travel- friendly alcohol spray was the first of its kind I’ve ever seen. It smells good too and gets rid of nasty odor from hands! I’ll be introducing everyone to Hygienix’s entire range after the cut.

They have Ethyl Alcohol 65% Solution in classic bottles for your home, car, and work desk. 250ml is P40.00, 150ml is P28.00, and 60ml is P15.00.

If you prefer it chic and convenient, go for the Antibacterial Hand Spray Fresh Defense. 55ml is P39.50 and 20ml is P25.00.

Check this out: The hand spray has teeny weeny versions too, perfect for tiny bags and even for kids!

Check this out again: It has fragrant versions too! It wouldn’t hurt to perfume your hands for a bit. I think this is handy on first dates lol! :D

Love hand sanitizers? No problem. They also have Antibacterial Hand Gel Fresh Defense. 100ml is P45.00 and 55ml is P29.00.

I felt like singin’ in delight when I found out that they already have pocket liquid hand soaps! Most restrooms in the country can get you frustrated as they don’t have hand soaps, or the hand soaps are too diluted in water! You can just laugh at this problem if you have Hygienix’s Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap. It comes in two scents: Active Guard and Fresh Protect and comes in one size only, 30ml for P45.00. The product is conveniently packaged in a bottle with pump dispenser. I’ll be looking for this when I hit the mall tomorrow!

Hygienix is available in the following supermarkets, convenience stores, and department stores:

The Landmark
Mercury Drug
Metro Gaisano
Robinson’s Department Store
Robinson’s Supermarket
Ever Department Store

As the old adage goes: It’s better to be safe than sorry and An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Make it a habit to bring such products with you everywhere you go so you can always protect your health anytime and anywhere.

Please visit HYGIENIX on Facebook for more information about this brand.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Hygienix and The Beauty Junkee

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. We may include our mobile phones to be one of the dirtiest things we were exposed everydayyy. You put your phones everywhere, sometimes you also put it on top of public toilet! Then we hand them and put it on our face when we answer calls. Yikes!

  2. As for me, I buy huge bottles of isopropyl alcohol (I personally prefer Green Cross) and transfer them to 20mL spray bottles, which can be bought at Beabi for P40.

    I also buy hand soap from Watsons (buy 1 take 1!) and also transfer them to smaller squeeze bottles, which again can be bought from Beabi.

  3. I make sure to pack my klds bags with sanitizers because not all the time theres water and soap accessible. Tas I have stocks of sanitizers and alcogels from different brands, kahit saang sulok ng bahay meron. hihi sabi ng bisita namin OA daw. As you said Prevention is better than cure nga dba Ms.Martha. about this Hygienix, I havent touchd anything from this brand yet, i will try to get one when i am out to grocery store

  4. I don't always flush the toilet since it's not all the time that my urine smells bad or yellowish. Nanghihinayang ako sa tubig. Hehe. Anyway, can't wait to try their liquid soap! :)

  5. Stephanie: So true!

    Rizza: Waaah! I think you should! Well anyway, that's your choice. :) Me too, I'd love to try the hand soap!

    Leilani: Try the spray alcohols-very handy and smells very good!

    Aviva: Used to do that too, but found it quite a chore to do haha!

  6. OH..my daughter would definitely love the perfumed ones.. my buy her that. She always carry either an alcohol, or a hand sanitizer at school which is good since I can not actually check on her everytime and who knows what she could pick up along the way..Its a good thing we trained her...kaya ngalang.. she gets a little bit OC na at times for a 9 year old.. lol!

  7. havent tried this brand =) but i always do have wipes and sanitizing gel with me everyday =) for me and my baby's protection =)

  8. Ay, I'll be looking for that hand soap as well. Buti na lang my son inherited my being alcoholic! haha as in we sanitize our hands with alcohol every time we are in public areas especially sa public restrooms! thanks for all the info


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