New Asian Secrets Whitening Facial Scrub + Asian Secrets Whitening Spa Visit

I was invited to the launch of Asian Secrets' brand new product held in Asian Secrets Whitening Spa in SM The Block, Quezon City. Yes guys, Asian Secrets has a spa of their own and of course, they use their very own Lulur- inspired face and body products.

It's located at the 5th floor of The Block. It's a quaint, small spa where you can go for your skin whitening fix. If you're into whitening or brightening treatments, I surely think this spa is for you!

But of course, the highlight of the day is the new Asian Secrets Whitening Facial Scrub. It comes in two sizes and infused with Bengkoang or Singkamas, the same natural whitening active used in the Asian Secrets body scrub series. It's a mild and lightly fragranced formula that you can use every other day to help boost your current whitening regimens or simply reveal brighter, even- toned, and softer skin.

I'll take you around the spa after the cut!

Their treatments start at P500.00+ for the facials and foot spas.

While the luxe body treatments start at P1,000.+ It's fairly affordable considering that a premium treatment starts at P2,500.00+ in high end spas.

What makes Asian Secrets Whitening Spa is you get to take home the Asian Secrets products that you have used in your treatment-it's a take home treatment so you can continue your whitening rituals at home.

The spa is divided into curtained cubicles. I think there are around 6- 8 rooms. I like that the spa smells very pretty-the aroma of ylang-ylang mixed with either lavender or eucalyptus filled the air and calmed my senses.

Here's a shot of one of the rooms. It's small, but doesn't make you feel claustrophobic and that basket right in there is where you can put all your stuff while you're having your treatment.

Photo op with Krissy of I am Krissy, Ana of The Fashionista Commuter, and Rochelle of her namesake blog. They had the Relaxing and Whitening Facial, which I failed to get as I was in a hurry. I got gcs and I'll try it soon and will let you know about my experience. :)

Asian Secrets Whitening Facial Scrub is P70.00 for 50g and P120.00 for 100g. Please visit ASIAN SECRETS on Facebook for more information about this product.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Their scrub is amazing!!! Bathing is like a spa experience :) Thank you for sharing this, I might save now to visit their spa :))

  2. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try that. Or maybe I should wait for your review about this spa. ;-)

  3. Sounds like an awesome spa experience :-)

  4. If tapos na po yung bagyo yolanda I will buy the scrub....I heard po it works wonders in your skin.... ♥ sana it won't affect our city that hard huhuhu,

  5. im first introduced to asian secrets by the hubby.. he just love body scrubs =) siguro nakatatlong tub sya nito =) then he tried other brand na.. but still going back in using asian scrub.. im new too their facial scrub and im curious with it =)

  6. I'm an Asian Secret Scrub fan so imagine my happiness when I find out they have a spa!! Will definitely check it out!

  7. I'm an Asian Secret Scrub fan so imagine my happiness when I find out they have a spa!! Will definitely check it out!

  8. I've tried one of their scrubs! It was pretty good but it was just so abrasive on the skin. :( I've never actually been to a spa before. :O

    Stay safe everyone!

  9. I just saw these in Watsons (or I think I saw them since I was browsing through the shelves for other stuffs). After seeing this post, I wished I had taken more attention to it :D
    I wanted to have a good scrubbing so I might go to the nearest spa along with a massage.
    I like their concept by the way.."bringing the excess product used on you". At least you dont have to buy another again for your home use unless you ran out.

  10. good thing it works on a lot of people but sad to say I developed skin rashes all over my neck, face and chest also my back because of this scrub, yung old version yon maybe should give it a try pag naubos na yung hayan from you Ms. M :)

  11. I always pass by Asian Secrets whenever I get a haircut. Their services look affordable! I will try this next time :D

  12. I love their scrub! It smells soooo good and it really smoothens the skin! I wanna try thei spa soon! :)

  13. I dunno why everytime I go to Watsons I always forget to buy this, I have heard and read a lot of raves about asian secrets scrubs and I am dying to try it. Its also nice to know they already have a spa, i hope they also open a branch near my place.

  14. Leilani: Same! I hope they open a branch in Makati!

    Issa: Same! I like using it on my private area cuz it's gentle lol. :D

    BrownOso: Yup! Fairly affordable! :D

    Stephanie: Oh! Still, I'd recommend you do a patch test. :)

    Raven: Really? I found it gentle compared to some scrubs I've tried. Just don't scrub vigorously-let the micro scrubbers do the job for you. :)

    Winnie: That's true! Also, at least you can continue the experience at home :)

    Anne_22: Cool! Let me know how you find it! :)

    Rhain: Wow! Vain si hubby. But that's good! At least he pays attention to his looks. :)

    Febmin: I wish your relatives are safe too.

    Kissandmakeupbeautyblog: Looks like it! :)

    Hazel: Trying to make time for it so I can share my thoughts here on the blog! :)

    Anonymous: Hi and welcome to tbj! Cool! Let me know how you find their treatments. :)

  15. yes ms m! i would agree.. he's vain nga haha.. minsan curious sya sa mga skincare items ko.. minsan tinanong nya anu daw yung nasa black tube na nasa ibabaw ng drawer ko (iWhite Nose Pack) sabi ko, para sa black heads.. few hours after nakita ko gamit na haha.. natatawa talaga ako ms m.


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