Philosophy Living Grace EDT Review

Here's a review on Philosophy Living Grace EDT

Price: Around P2,300.00+
Bought From: Sephora, Singapore
Other Locations: Philosophy Will be available in the Philippines by December 2013


I started a Gratitude journal last year and it was by far, one of the best decisions of my life. At the and of each day, I write down 10 things that I'm grateful for, from the simplest things such as finding the lost pair of my favorite heels and to the grandest ones such as earning an additional 1k unique views on my blog in a month. It has changed the way I live my life: I started to complain less and less, worry less and less, and just be happy not only for myself, but for others too-all these, I credit to my attitude of gratitude. When you begin to count all your blessings instead of all that you lack, you'll just realize that you are indeed, blessed-it may not be exactly your ideal definition of 'Blessed', but bottomline, you still are. It's an advice we all heard before but sadly, we don't live it. Well I'm positive that one day, we all will!

Lately, I'm thankful to Philosophy for coming out with Living Grace, my second most favorite fragrance from their Grace Perfume Line. (Amazing Grace is still at the top of the charts!) FYI, this fragrance was formulated to help you center your mood and give you a calm yet uplifting flow of energy, reminding you to live each moment to the fullest and turn it into a blessing. More about this fragrance after the break.


Living Grace is a clean, crisp rhapsody of Neroli, Lily Of The Valley, and Musk. It's so pure and straightforward, you can almost discern the notes. Its simplicity teaches you that life won't be complicated as long as you live with a thankful heart each day. Living Grace is a wonderful pick-me-upper as it energizes you with its lingering fresh entrance and at the same time, cuddles you with its soft, cloud- like powdery base. Sillage is pretty strong, but staying power is a little weak: It only lingers for about 4 hours on me. Philosophy advised to layer the fragrance with the complementing shower gel and lotion.

Whenever I'm having a stressful day, I spray Living Grace on and it instantly clarifies my head-makes me think better and decide better as well. All of the fragrances in the Grace line smell light, but I think this one is more tropical country- friendly due to its super fresh scent. It's great for very casual days, for school, and summer.


What are you thankful for today?

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I would love to try their scent... Hope they could extend their products here in Southern Luzon so that we could try it too.

  2. The mother of my friend was raving about this too! She said she wanted to buy another bottle but she couldn't find a shop that sells this perfume. But now thanks to you, I now know that Philosophy will be available in the Philippines by December 2013!!

    Nice :)

  3. trulalu ms m =) always count your blessings mapa-gaano man sya kalaki o kaliit =)

    you really are good in describing scents ms m =) just via reading your descriptions feeling ko naamoy ko na hihi

    wanna try this out.. i tried looking at IG online sellers pero they didnt have this brand (philosophy)

  4. I used to also list 10 things I am grateful for everyday until one day I cant really find time to jot it down but i know in my heart that i am so grateful for every blessing i receive each day. I strongly agree with you ms.Martha I hope most people count what they receive instead of what they lack.

  5. Winnie: Or at least put up an e-commerce site. :)

    Leilani: uttering them would do-I do that when I don't have the time. :) Yes, I wish for that too. :D

    Rhain: Thank you! Don't worry, They'll be here soon! :D

    Keemji: Hi and welcome to my blog! Glad you found this post helpful! :D


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