Sumptuous Sundays: Wooden Spoon

Finally! A new Filipino restaurant in Powerplant Mall Rockwell! I love Filipino food to death as well as Powerplant Mall, and I feel like happy dancing because two of my favorite things in life can be found in one place. :)))

Wooden Spoon is by culinary expert, Sandy Daza, who by the way is a figure in the world of authentic Filipino cuisine.

PRICE RANGE: Appetizers start at P150.00+; Main Courses start at P230.00+; Desserts start at P

Check out their dishes after the break!

BEEF KARE-KARE- It's Kare-Kare, but meatier! I have to admit I was first weirded out by this dish as I have always known Kare-Kare as an Ox Tripe- based recipe, but dang, it was good and refreshing. It's like modern Kare-Kare that makes you less guilty because it's Protein (Beef chunks) and Fat (peanut sauce), whereas the traditional one is fatty through and through.

TOSTADONG ADOBO- Personalized adobo that's soooo yummy! I personally like that it's not drowning in sauce and the pork portions are crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. I think I finished two cups of rice with this. :p

REYNA BLANCA- I firmly believe that this is Panacotta just like how Filipinos want it! Gelatinous, light, and brimming with Filipino flavor. I wasn't able to help myself that I ordered a second plate after chowing down this one!

Wooden Spoon, to me, is more of a personalized Filipino cuisine rather than modern or fusion and this is why I love it. I think I already said it before, but I'll say it again: Filipino food is rich and flavorful already on its own, and there's no need for any fancy rendition! Serving portions, for most dishes, are good for one only, but at least the prices are reasonable. Sorry, I wasn't able to feature more of their dishes as I don't order a lot especially if it's my first time to try a restaurant, but this I tell you: This restaurant is good, and I recommend that you try it!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ugh, kare kare!! I was just telling myself to eat less then decided to visit your blog and saw this. Earth, why you doing this to me? Haha!

  2. wow! my favorite! kare-kare! :)))
    Kaso di naman ako napapadpad sa powerplant. :)))

  3. OMG I love Wooden Spoon! I didn't know they have another branch at Rockwell, I have only visited the Katipunan branch. Looooove their dishes sobra!

  4. So mouthwatering... sarap..nom nom :D

    ilang restaurants nalang nakikita kong nag-se-serve ng authentic filipino dishes.. I was actually craving for the adobo...all time favorite :D

  5. ms m =) anu po ulit price range ng desserts? (fave part) hihi

    recently, i just quit eating pork.. after reading Unleashed.. Kasusweldo pa lang ubos na =)

    I so love kare-kare and so the whole family =)

  6. **Drooling** I suddenly crave kare kare, Its good that they also serve these dishes in very affordable prices. I now have an idea of how good their desserts kasi you downed two plates ms.Martha hihi :)

  7. Rizza: Loool. Sorry! :D

    Leilani: Yup! I'm actually craving for it now haha. :D

    Rhain: Desserts start at 90php, I think :)

    Winnie: The adobo is a must- try! I'm actually trying to cop it in my kitchen hehe.

    Becomingsleek: High five! I have a new pinoy resto favorite! :D

    Stephanie: There's one in Katipunan-hope you can visit. That is, if you live near the area. :D

  8. alright, i'll have my EARLY lunch after seeing this foodporn pics! haha, thanks for posting this, my bf and i always ends up in the same resto we've tried before because of the fear na baka magsisi kami trying new ones.. yay! new resto in our list this holiday season..


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