UNBOXING: BDJ Box November 2013

What makes you blush? Mine are flowers, my BF, and receiving unexpected gifts in the mail such as the November 2013 version of the BDJ Box. Quite fittingly, the products in it are some of the nifty lil' things that'll make you go blush and look fresh!

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Here are my favorite products in the box: Saforelle Gentle Feminine Wash (100ml is at P159.75), the number one feminine wash in France and the smaller but regular- sized The Cream Factory Bath Cream. (P699.00 for a set of three) I got samples of the two a month ago from Because Inc., the local distributors of these products (and more soon!) in the Philippines and I'm thoroughly enjoying both. 

There's a 10ml Argan Oil sample from Oil of Argan (100ml/P600.00) and a deluxe sample of Naturelle Eau De Toilette from Yves Rocher (50ml/P1,495.00).

You also get 7 trillion collagen capsules in the box, but they're all inside this full- sized jar of ZA Cosmetics' Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream. (P725.00) Other subscribers got the Perfect Solution Facial Foam instead so I guess that depends on the number of stocks BDJ has.

Your lips will blush in delight with this new regular- sized Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Peony. (P570.00)

Lastly, you get a regular- sized powder blush from Canmake. (P390.00)

Total value of the box is P2,100.00+. Although it's not as packed as BDJ's previous boxes, it is still a sweet box after all because it introduces us to some of the newest and most promising beauty products today that could eventually become our HGs!

Please visit BDJ BOX on Facebook for questions and to subscribe.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I got the same items except for the Za. I had the cleansing foam instead :( I guess it is selective.
    Anyways, I wonder if BDJ made an error in the 7 day challenge. The instruction says to use the moisturizer included in the november box for 7 days...i didnt see any moisturizer... hmmm
    Anyway, still happy with what most of the items are since I haven't tried any of them yet (except for the Saforelle which was included in my previous glamour box )

  2. didnt get this box ms m kasi plan ko nun when 2014 hit i would subscribe for a 3month or 6month plans pero dipa tapos 2013 fail na agad wala ng box for jan to mar 2013 =(

  3. Do you buy their BDJ planners too Ms.M? or they're not the same BDJ?

  4. i hope it will have loaded of products next month ..

  5. nice. the canmake blush, revlon lip gloss and za cream stand out the most! waaaaa I wanna have my own bdj box too!

  6. Winnie: I guess it depends on the available stocks of each product. :/ Oh Saforelle is in Glamourbox too? I actually like that product and I wouldn't mind having both! My baby down there feels very moisturized and fresh ever since I started using that. :)

    Hazel: Subscribe now dear! Their boxes run out real fast!

    Jerlyn: Same! :)

    Rhain: For most months, their boxes are great so I wouldn't mind subscribing quarterly or semi-annually for next year. :)

  7. Hi. I am new to blogging and i created my site not for in depth review on products but to provide information on where to buy stuff and how much it would cost. I find it hard getting prices online here in the Philippines and it frustrates me.

    While researching, i came across your blog and was very happy because you've provided a lot of information that i wasn't even aware of (example: BDJ, samplebox, glamourbox). I have subscribed to them (only newsletter for BjD for now) after reading your blog entries (they should give you a gift ;)).

    Well, i have only finished reading your Nov entries and very little of the older ones but i just thought i'll let you know that you're doing a great job. I wish, like you, i will be able to provide useful information to others too. I am not a fasionista but i definetly know some skills in shopping so maybe i'll i'll concentrate on that :)

    Have a great day,

  8. Onlineshopping missy: Hi there and welcome to my blog. Thanks for reading my other entries too. :) Hey, like what I would always advise my readers, just write about what you love and let it take you places. :) Have a great day as well. :)


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