Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Color Review

Here's a review on Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Color in Lip Service, Frisky Business, and Dare Me

Price: P1,000.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Benefit SM Mall Of Asia, Trinoma Mall, Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-La Mall


When Christmas day draws near, the environment gets happier, people become more energetic and festive, and the breeze becomes chillier. I guess all things and events conspire to build up to Christmas and culminate from there! I think last night was significantly the coldest night this month, at least to me as I woke up in the wee hour of the morning, shivering in cold. I had to turn off my air-conditioning and just opened the windows to let the air seep thru, and the outdoors felt pretty crisp and cool. I love it, but my dry skin and lips are acting for a bit. :p

December is the season where I temporarily bid matte lipsticks goodbye because unfortunately, my lips can't stand it. :( Timely enough, I have Benefit's new Hydra Smooth Lip Colors around. 


Benefit Hydra Smooth is the brand's newest offering in the lip department. It's a lipstick/lip balm fusion with all the goodness of Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Mango Butter. It promises to color your lips while drenching it in utter moisture, and to universally fit any skin tone. Me likey!


More about this product after the cut!

Hydra Smooth comes in catchy art nouveau- inspired tubes, which kinda' reminds me of pillars of old structures. 'Tis very cute and quirky, but my issue is the cap tends to fall off. To be safe, I always store it inside a pouch or my makeup kit to prevent it from staining the interior of my bag and my other stuff. The sides of the packaging (where the product is at) tends to accumulate some product. This isn't a biggie though- Just grab tissue and wipe the sides and it'll look clean once more.

Aside from Lip Service and Frisky Business, I also have the shade called Dare Me.

The product has this unique chisel cut. Others find it a lil' hard to use, but I like it because the sharp tip lets me line my lips with ease. Actually, you're supposed to use it with the product pointing towards you, not upwards-that way, you'll realize why it has this shape.


Lip Service- a muted beige shade with micro silver shimmer. Has a Sheer finish.

Lip Service is a pretty sheer lip color. It's nude and works by evening out the tone of your lips. Wish it were more pigmented though.

Frisky Business- a rose-brown shade. Has a Medium finish.

Prolly the nicest MLBB shade in the line and it matches almost any blush color. Suits every gal who digs the au naturel look!

Dare Me- A maraschino red shade. Has a Medium-Bold finish.

Dare Me is definitely my favorite amongst the three! Depending on the light, it becomes pink-red or its real shade, a lovely maraschino red. It's a bold color, but not so intimidating.

Hydra Smooth comes in three buildable finishes: Sheer, medium, and medium-bold. It moisturizes upon contact, although doesn't sink in quickly-those who have an issue with thick- feeling lip products must take this into consideration. Staying power for the three finishes is average, with Sheer having the poorest wear time. Medium fades gradually while Medium-Bold lasts the longest, around 3 hours if left alone. Payoff is decent, but you should expect them to fade since they have this uniform is wet and semi- glossy texture. It feels comfortable on the lips and has this delectable sweet floral scent-it's absolutely non-drying too.

It's a good product and I believe we're all glad to know that Benefit has something new to offer. For comparison's sake, it's comparable to Revlon's Lip Butter, but this one feels lighter. Perfect for any person suffering from dry lips or basically anyone who prefers juicy feeling and looking lips!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Benefit never fail to amuse me with their cuuuute packaging and its uniqueness of design. the 'dare me' shade really suits you ms. martha :)


  2. The first thing that came to mind about the name of the lippie is water. I guess I was right since it does focus on moisturization. Among the 3 shades, I think I prefer the Frisky Business shade since its more neutral and safe for daily use (well as least for me who is a bit picky on the colors and a loer of neutral shades).
    Coming from Benefit, I expected the price already. I only have one makeup item from that brand and it was given as a gift and good thing that it was in browns. I love it and I intend to explore their products more. Although, I might ask someone to buy this for me abroad since I think I can get them cheaper there. :D

  3. Dare Me is playful and such a great color!

  4. unique packaging this one has! hmmm bet ko ms m yung DARE ME! =) still thinking about the price.. kapresyo ng MAC.. hmmm

    any dupe for this ms m?

  5. all 3 shades look good on you.. but i agree, Dare Me is definitely a winner...

  6. Hello!
    I think the packagings are a little weird but the shades looks very lovely! :) Your review is great, very complete!


  7. DARE ME! What a perky name for a lip product. I'm a benebabe like you Ms. Martha. :)
    Thanks for the review Ms. Martha! More power on your blog! Stay pretty! <3 :))

  8. It seems like every lip color suits you! :)Love all three on you.

  9. I really love Benefit Products!! but the "Dare me" shade really suits you Ms. Martha =))

  10. New lip product review! Oh I am a sucker for good packaging talaga, additional point already. Same here Ms.Martha, during december talagang goodbye rin ako sa Matte lippies, exfoliating my lips is not enough. I guess need this lipstick in my life.It seems perfect for me

  11. Katrina, Becomingsleek, Cat and Aura: Yup! That's why it's my fave! :D

    Leilani: Oh, the agony of having dry lips haha! Thank God for lipsticks like this!

    Ravene: Thanks dear. :)

    Claudine: LOL. Thanks! :D

    Lucie: Thank you! :)

    Rhain: Revlon's Lip Butter is the closest. :)

    Winnie: In the US, you can get it cheaper definitely. In Asia, we are one of the countries that has the cheapest prices for Benefit. :)


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