Céleteque Multi-Benefit BB Cream Review

Here's a review on Céleteque Multi-Benefit BB Cream.

Price: P325.00
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Other Locations: Available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores


I remember the time when BB Creams were so special and so expensive. They were only available in specialty beauty stores (mostly Korean) and cost about 1k a pop, but as they start to penetrate the mass market, they're slowly becoming more and more accessible and affordable like Starbucks-everyone (especially bargain- savvy gals) can finally see for themselves what a BB Cream is all about without spending way too much. 

The latest player in this segment is Céleteque's Multi-Benefit BB Cream.


Since Céleteque's known for their almost-cosmeceutical yet affordable skin care products, you can expect that this BB Cream is nothing short on benefits as well. It contains Biobenefity and Biowhite, patented technology that brighten skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and reduce wrinkles with religious usage. It claims to minimize the appearance of pores, has Silica that absorbs excess sebum, and SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection.


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This product only comes in one size and shade. 

Shade is called Beige and it's a fair beige shade with light yellow undertones. It's significantly emollient, rich and goopy but spreads fairly easily. It is fragrance- free. Coverage is light to medium and finish is dewy.


Bare skin

One layer of the BB Cream

Ack! Too light for me! It gives a very even coverage, although I think the pigments were kinda' overpowered by the sunscreen ingredient. Hand swatch looked very promising, but it turned out pale. The yellow undertone was a good choice though-it prevented the product from turning gray or ashy on me and it's easier to adjust to any skin tone. Drying time is average and texture is a lil' sticky, but absorbs powder very well. Just set it with medium- coverage pressed powder and it's as if you're wearing medium coverage foundation, but without the weight. When you finally set it with powder, it becomes touch dry-no trace of stickiness to be felt. It can cover up light discolorations only.

I was expecting that it would make my skin oily, but surprise, surprise, it did not. T-Zone oiled up after 4 hours of wear which is pretty impressive for an affordable BB Cream. It faded for a bit at the end of the day on me, but I think it will hold up better on dry skin. One thing I like about it is it brightens the complexion instantly and is comfortable to wear. Can you wear it under foundation? Yes, if you don't mind the weight because this product feels rich on its own already.

This BB Cream has a nice finish overall, but there's still room for improvement. I wish they'd release a shade that will fit at least medium- complexioned gals and balance out the pigment-sunscreen content so it will have better concealing powers. Formula will suit oily-combination and dry to extra dry skin. Regarding its current shade, there are actually very fair Filipinas out there so if you're one of them and this product happens to match your skin tone, go ahead and try it because it's generally nice.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. it's too light nga... waiting for your review on their new shade... ;)

  2. Stunning Ms Martha! :) all your reviews is really promising.

  3. I mix this with my darker foundation. I like that it does not cause me to break out, but it's just too light!

  4. so i guess this stops my affection to this BB cream. :( im not a fan of "ghostly white" look of face on photos. I guess thats what it would look on me :( sayang. i was such a fan of this pa naman. but i think I will give this a try however :)) iba parin pag natry mo sa face mo eh and I dont want to judge the product so quick :))

  5. awww.. and I was expecting a product from a friend who promised to give me this :(
    might as well give it to my sister since she lighter in skin tone than me..

  6. hope to have their other shades to choose from. :) love the coverage ms martha...especially the price. haha! :)

  7. I am crazy over bb creams lately, this one is also in my list to try the soonest. But after reading your review Ms.Martha maybe i will just skip this bb cream until they release a shade that suits my morena skin tone. thanks so much for featuring this bb cream, i really find this post very helpful )

  8. i think this shade could fit my skintone ms m =) i saw a smaller tube of this at Mercury Drugstore last time i bought vitamins for my baby

  9. Cat: Oh they have na? Haha! Don't have time to visit stores lately. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Rhain: Cool! Good to know they have trial sizes. :)

    Katrina: Yep, hoping for that too :)

    Leilani: welcome :)

    Winnie: at least your sister can use it. :D

    Itsmefati: That's true. :) Looks like you have fair skin tone so maybe this will be more tolerable on you :)

    BrownOso: But then again, that defeats the purpose of this BB Cream. LOL. Oh well, whatever floats our boats. :)

    Aura: Thanks :)


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