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Okay so I received an iPad Mini for Christmas courtesy of the 'Manager' aka my mother. (lol) I remember musing to her one time that I need an iPad Mini for taking on-the-go photos during events and travels, and basically as a unit to accommodate the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts of the brands I'm currently working for.

Things have taken a different turn and instead of using it for work and the blog, it has become my ultimate gaming console. Little did everyone know, I'm a gamer. :D Well I'm just giving it to myself right now because this is my idea of chilling-when the holidays are over, I sure would bury myself in work once more! :D

Used again GCASH Amex Virtual Pay to purchase the following games. Click READ MORE to see the games I got! :)

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Purchased Diner Dash Grilling Green. Man, this game is so addicting! :D

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Last but not the least, Delicious Emily's Wonder Wedding. The Emily series is one of my faves next to Diner Dash! :)

Sorry to cut this short, but I gotta go and finish these games! :D

Oh, I wanna wish you all a happy:

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