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In all Christmas parties and gorge feasts, the scenario goes like this: You sit down, order food, have a lil' chat, clap your hands when the food arrives, eat in abandon because devil may care, it's Christmas, somebody decides to take a group photo, then you eat again, then somebody wants a selfie with you, then you go back to eating again and the cycle goes on and on. When you go through the photos, you realize that your lipstick is patchy (from all that eating) and it looks so nasty but alas, the photo opportunity has passed. I doubt you want to retouch every time somebody asks to have a photo with you!

What you need in these moments is a lipstick that would say "Na-ah!" to oil, liquid, sauce, and cream so you can sport a fabulous- looking lip all day long. I've found that kind of lipstick in Sleek Matte Me Matte Lip Cream.


Matte Me is one of Sleek's latest lip range and it promises zero drying and creasing. Sleek said it's as pigmented as their classic lipsticks, but stays on better. Updated Trends currently carries 6 shades. 

Comes with a doe foot applicator.

More about this super duper long- lasting lipstick after the cut!

Petal is a cool- toned light pink shade with a velveteen texture. Consistency is like liquid silicone and it goes on a lil' streaky so here's the best way to achieve an even finish:

TIP: Apply one layer and allow to dry for a minute then apply another one for a better and more uniform coverage. Just be sure to even out the surface during application as it won't move when it finally sets onto the lips.

When it starts to set, the sheen slowly vanishes and then it finally settles into a semi- matte finish. Pigmentation is medium to heavy. It has this slight stickiness to it at first (as in my lips get stuck when I press them onto each other) and it stays that way for around 4 minutes then it becomes surprisingly smooth-could be a little irritating at times, but at least it goes away! Wouldn't have it any other way!


Petal is such a pretty, universal semi-nude pink shade and I didn't expect that it would look good on me! The nice light pink shade just compliments my skin tone so well and doesn't wash me out, although it may make teeth appear a tad bit garish.

Staying power is INCREDIBLE. It's like an indelible ink or semi-permanent tattoo for my lips! Wore it once to a buffet dinner and 4 plates after, the product was still intact with very, very minor creasing-as in the lip product still looked good in photos! You would need a petroleum jelly or eye and lip makeup remover to erase it completely. It doesn't dry out my lips during wear, albeit I noticed that the dryness comes afterwards. My lips felt really dry a day after wearing the product and I had to treat it for a couple of days. :(

It's the lipstick that has the best staying power in my opinion, but it doesn't suit dry lips perfectly. Man, I love its lasting power so even if it's really drying on me, I still use it, albeit on special occasions only. If you have normal skin on the lips, you will get to enjoy this product thoroughly.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Sleek Ms M! i cant get over their eyeshadow palettes! i have the storm and graphite with me!

  2. The color is gorgeous on you! It sort of reminds me of MAC's Snob. Too bad it's drying though. Might have to pass on this but I'm pretty sure it'll come in handy for certain occasions! Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha! xx

  3. I just thought doe foot applicator was only for glossy type of lipsticks. :) it's matte after a few mins, thats cool.

    color petal looks bold and feminine to you. a very nice shade for daytime.

    and can be bought online. spell convenience! :D

  4. Love the Lip color Ms. Martha <3 but still pretty :)) gonna check this out later.

  5. i think it is a common trait for stay put lipstick to be a bit sticky at first and a bit drying..but I did used a lipstick before that wasn't ...I just forgot the brand (blame it on my recent anesthesia :D)
    Anyways, not sure if I would like to try this but maybe when given a chance, I just might..but not too ecstatic about it..

  6. Some says lip creams tends to be a bit drying for some all it takes is a thin layer of lip balm and problem solved. =)

    This particular lip cream is not sticky at all. =) It glides smoothly on the lips. <3

  7. That's a pretty nude pink! But I noticed that is not so matte. It is very comparale to NYX matte lipstick, velvety but not drying to the lips. By the way Martha, I already received the MAC Girl About Town lippy. I so love it! Perfect for holiday look (which I will post on FB and I'll tag you). ;-)

  8. Anonymous: Hi there! Yes it does, but it does get a lil' sticky once it starts to dry up. :)

    Marielle: Wee! Enjoy your lipstick. :)

    Zoe: Thanks!

    Winnie: Yes, stickiness is a characteristic of most lipsticks, but this one is exceptionally sticky. At least that fades though. :)

    Aura: Thanks! I saw a couple of hot pinks and they look very pretty. :)

    Katrina: Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear. :)

    Jemimah: Reminds me of mac creme cup too! Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Rhain: Cool! The blushes are good too. :)

  9. Gorgeous :)It really compliments your skintone ms.Martha.

  10. Lip cream gives me crack lips. But good review Ms. Martha!!! Stay pretty. More power to your blog! :))


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