Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in Honey Review

Here' a review on Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in Honey

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I think most Pinays would dub the good ol' Cream Foundation as their least favorite foundation variant. Why? Because there's this notion that it looks unnatural, feels heavy, and will most likely clog pores. Sadly, most of these are true that's why cream foundation remains quite underrated. Oh, if only a majority of Filipinas can take advantage of this foundation's unbeatable coverage! But then again, comfort should be our utmost priority!

Hmmm..Maybe with Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation, many Pinays would change their minds and can finally experience the benefits of cream foundation. :)


According to Bobbi Brown, this product is just a pressed version of the liquid one, but I beg to differ because its consistency is very much different from the latter already. It's formulated with the Film Former technology which makes it ultra flexible, comfortable, and light despite the heavy coverage. It's also oil- free and water- based, and claims to hold up for up to 12 hours.

Product comes in a fuss- free, chic compact that's thick and solid enough to protect the product from accidental falls. The sponge has very good quality, and you can use it if you want to sport light coverage.

More about this lightweight cream foundation after the jump!

It comes in 21 shades, but I doubt that we have everything here because shade selections vary per region. For morena gals, Warm Beige or Honey suits us best.

Traditional cream foundations are oil- based, thus they feel heavy and a lil' thick, but this one is completely devoid of oil that's why it's super light and feels just like cloud on skin. Coverage is medium to heavy and finish is matte, but not flat matte. Since it doesn't contain oil-the main ingredient that gives cream foundation that slip-you'd have to warm it up for a little to spread it easily.


Bare skin with Estēe Lauder Disappear Smoothing Concealer

Two layers of the cream foundation

One commendable thing about this product is it looks very, very natural. Finish is just like skin and doesn't make you feel as if there's a pound of foundation on your face even if you layer it on. It can cover light to dark discolorations, fill in fine lines, but not that effective when it comes to concealing prominent face bumps. I also noticed that it can tame dry areas.

How's the staying power, you ask? Incredible. It lasts all throughout the day with zero creasing and fading. It has very good oil control and doesn't cake on dry areas during wear. I can go out and walk under the sun and I don't feel as if my foundation's coagulating and melting in the heat!

With this product, there's no reason to fear cream foundation any longer! I believe this is specifically made for tropical areas, therefore I recommend it to all Filipinas, especially those who are in dire need of extra coverage from foundation, but sans the "thick" look and feel.


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Happy New Year, sis! I'm currently in the market for a different foundation than I'm using and this one here looks pretty interesting. I got oily skin, too, and I go for powder foundations all the time. However, I sometimes end up with that "cakey" face so this cream foundation sans the oil is getting me all excited! I must check it out. Thanks for reviewing this.


  2. I really love bobbi brown! It stays long enough. Great review!


  3. Hi Ms. M! Happy New Year! :) Anyway, did you use a translucent or finishing powder with this? This is the first cream foundie that I'd like to try. How long do you think it'll last if used everyday? :)

  4. What brush do you use to apply this foundation?

  5. My sister and I played with makeup this new year and I came to appreciate foundations more..She is currently using a MAC Foundation but unfortunately we didn't have the same skin type so I really need to determine a close shade to my skin if I wanted to have one.. Never tried cream based foundations yet...but should I be able to get a hand on this, might take a swatch since it really isn't advisable to order base on online shades..

  6. Wow! Love the coverage!! :) I wish I can buy Bobbi Brown products but it's kinda expensive :( But yet love your review Ms. Martha! :D

  7. I've always wanted to try Bobbi Brown foundations. And thanks for this Ms. Martha I am more encouraged to try those. This looks very natural on you and I think this will also be perfect for my morena skin. hihi! Have a blessed 2014 ahead!

    Allyzon :)

  8. Thanks for this review. The foundation is very interesting and if it does perform how you say it does, then the price tag is worth it. I'm looking for something that would last all day. I tried ArtDeco Camouflage Concealer recently and I'm becoming more disappointed each day! It doesn't completely cover my dark spots and it fades after just 4 hours, even when I set it properly!

  9. Happy new year Ms M! siguro i gonna give a try sa high end na foundation.. so isa sa mga goal ko is to save extra so i can buy things i want =)

    Hope this 2014 i could dig more into beauty related products..

    i wanna thank you ms m.. at sa blog mo.. ang dami kong natutunan.. hope mas marami pa akong matutunan tru this blog i really adore since 2009 ♥

    love lots,

  10. I'd really love to check out the other colors. Did you have to use a foundation brush with it or did you just use the sponge.

    I like the fact that you said it doesn't have that 'thick' cakey feel. It's so hard to achieve that non-makeup makeup look haha.

  11. Now this is the kind of foundation I'm looking for. Natural look, long-wearing and has oil control. Thanks for the review! :)

  12. I'm one of the Pinays who would think twice to use a cream foundation because it feels sticky and heavy.. But thanks for this review, I might consider using cream foundation now. :)

  13. Best to use for a whole day event! or at the gym! :)

    cute lovely shade. i just thought it will change the color of your skin, but it was natural look indeed.

    Hope to have this one!

  14. Wow, bobbi brown products really have high quality when it comes to performance. I like the coverage, i also like something that is light to the skin even if you layer it on.

  15. omg !. Super natural ang the coverage <3 kso sobrang mhal T.T .

  16. omg !. Super natural ang the coverage <3 kso sobrang mhal T.T .

  17. I like bobbi brown for their eyeshadow palettes. never tried their foundation before. And any cream foundation for that matter. Agree with the assumption that all of cream foundas are thick and heavy. This one looks promising. Nice and honest review by the way.

  18. The coverage looks lovely! :) How is it compared to Mac's Studio Tech? I love Mac's coverage (fonda+concealer in one), but it does tend to get greasy as the day goes by, and I've noticed that it makes my skin break out in little bumps when I do wear it the whole day.

  19. This review alone is enough to make me want to buy this foundation. I love your style of writing. All my questions have been answered! Thank you sweetie! xx


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