Christmas Gifts :)

I wonder, what were the gifts you got last Christmas? I bet they're all awesome! Here's mine and I'd also like to thank everyone who sent their love to me last Christmas via this post! :)

Nivea lotions in new, eco-friendly packaging! :)

A huge tin can patterned after the packaging of the original Nivea Creme filled with tiny Nivea goodies.

Duffle bag from my Marie France and Facial Care Center family. :)

Stocks of these awesome products from Adore, Aqua Fresco, Moringa O2, and Gluta-C! :D

My personal Christmas gifts after the jump! :)

These Burt's Bees tree ornaments/lip balms were the last ones to arrive-didn't mind it at all because I'm always looking forward to opening gifts! :D

Also received these lovely Holiday gift sets from Burt's Bees. Wee! I got the Lemon Cuticle Creme! :D

The always presentable and downright affordable Zen Zest holiday sets also arrived a few days before Christmas! :D

I really don't know who sent me these Adam Levine fragrances (including a nice, roomy tote), but whoever you are, thank you! :D

Love, love, love this Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme fragrance given by my Rustan's family. Didn't know that we have Anna Sui fragrances here already! I'll go check! :D

The new Bvlgari Omnia L'Eau De Parfum from LuxAsia. The Omnia line is by far, my most favorite fragrance range from Bvlgari so can I just say that this is perfect? :D

A bunch of cute things from Tupperware Philippines. I love everything, but the Tupperware food box has got to be my most favorite, I must say. :))))

Met with Erika of Because Inc. for my favorite The Cream Factory bath creams and Saforelle intimate wash. Nice chatting with you again, Erika! :D

Cetaphil! Thanks for remembering, Galderma Philippines and Joel Andrada. :D

Dear VMV, I need that facial and your new toner! Tried this last night and looks like it's a good alternative to Kiehl's Blue Herbal Astringent. :D

I can't get enough of Uniqlo's Relaco sleepwear-in fact, these are the only things I buy in Uniqlo because they're oh-so-comfy so super thanks Sample Room for this, plus the SkinWhite goodies!

A super useful canvas bag from Glamourbox, a makeup kit from Max Factor, and my fave candy cane candies from Pevonia Botanica, who made a donation to the Yolanda victims under my name. :D

Ha! New underwear by Skechers! :D

A nicely wrapped gift from Beauty Box Corp, which contains personalized toiletries bags and makeups from PAC Philippines. :D

Shirt, mug with loose leaf tea strainer, and a useful manicure set from Plains and Prints.

Some interesting makeup tools from Nippon Esthetic. :D

Clean Brush Shampoo from Digital Traincase. Thanks Sol for introducing me to this brand. Used it last weekend on my brushes and I love it! :D

Now onto my final gifts. These are from my friends and family. :)

Flowers from the BF-so simple but so sweet. FYI, I love receiving a bouquet of flowers every now and then. Call me old fashioned will 'ya. :D The white envelope in my hand? Let's call that 'sustento'. HAHAHAHA! :D

I already bought my Christmas gift last August (the Balenciaga bags), but I wanted something to open on Christmas day so I got meself some Mario Badescu stuff. It's the new year and it's high time for a new skin care brand! The Silver Powder is a gift from Rustan's though. :)

A watch is an accessory that I can't leave home without-this gorge XOXO watch was given to me by a dear friend. :D Love you, Bien! :D

My Moleskine Limited Edition Little Prince planner, another gift to myself. :D

My last gift to myself, an iPhone 5 case from Claire's with a very positive affirmation. Just what I need to start 2014 right. :)

And last but not the least, an iPad Mini from my mother. :) It's what kept me busy during the long holiday break. :D

That's all and have a fab Tuesday! :D 

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hope i could also give gifts to you ms. martha! I have learned many trends and tips from you since last yr..the yr that i also started reading your blogs.

    You deserve these gifts, and the blessings you will receive this year! :*

  2. Hi Ms M =) Happy Three Kings!

    You deserved all those gifts.. for your hardwork and effort in all things and success last 2013!

    more blessings to come ms m!


  3. i'm inggit! ahahaha lovely presents :D

  4. Lovely gifts! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. Wow! Super damiing gifts! :D A very merry christmas indeed. :)

  6. Woah! andami nyan ms Martha. You are surely blessed. More power to your blog. Happy New Year ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  7. Aww! Bouquet of flowers! I can't remember the last time I received flowers from the boyfriend. *PARINIG* Hahaha. That Little Prince moleskin planner is to die for. I love that book. Christmas gifts I received were all blogged here:

    You're so lucky you received a lot of gifts! :)

  8. You really got a lot of gifts. I hope you can share some to your loyal readers. Hihi. I love the nivea products! ❤️

  9. wow, you got a lot of gifts! Happy New Year Miss Martha! I have limited access to the net during the holidays... Now, I am back to commenting, hihihi.... Btw, I love the "sustento", hahaha....

  10. I like the new packaginv of Nivea! :) Anywat, got a lot of gifts last Christmas too! It's indeed the most wonderful time of the year! Haha!

  11. I so envy you..hahaha...I must say the Omnia Crystalline is one of favored perfumes. We tried that almost 2-3 years ago I think. My sister and I love it. It was actually a gift to Mom but we swapped it since she prefers the musky perfumes..hehehe
    You are really blessed and more power to your blog :D

  12. wow! that's a lot! :) i'm so inggit..i wish i could be your sister to share with your gifts. haha! just kidding.. :) i like the "sustento" thing..haha!

  13. You've had an abundant blessings this past holiday. Happy for you. :)

  14. maraming santa! happy for you, wanted to buy the ipad mini but still saving for it....


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