Marks and Spencer End Of Season Sale!

While most people dread January because it signals the beginning of work after a looong holiday break, I love it because it means SALE SEASON! :D I schedule most of my major clothes shopping sprees in this month so I can take advantage of discounts, score the holiday items and previous collections I liked at a swell price, plus I could shop in peace because people traffic ain’t as crazy as the holidays.

I moseyed around Greenbelt 3 yesterday and saw that Marks and Spencer is on an End Of Season Sale. My mother loves everything the brand offers, and it’s my go-to brand for underwear!

Check out some of the items on sale after the cut!

Marks and Spencer is doing a lil’ bit of spring cleaning right now. A lot of items are on an Up To 50% Off sale, from accessories to underwear.

Let’s start with the Men’s section.

Topsiders are a big hit amongst Filipino Men nowadays because it’s casually cool, comfy, and transcends all styles and ages. Marks and Spencers’ topsiders are on a sale and they come in a bunch of colors!

What better way to start with work this 2014 than with new pieces of crisp polos! My brother has just started with his brand new work and I think I will grab him a few polos for variety.

A man is never without a necktie, so I’ll also throw in a couple for my big bro too!

Character cufflinks. How cute!

Of course my brother will love new underwear! Some awesome colors and styles are on a sale, plus sleepwear to boot!

Let’s now go to the women’s section.

These red heels are now around P1,000.00 only. All ladies could use another pair of red heels-in my case, I need one because I don’t have one! :D

Well if you fancy heels, you should also have a few flats to give your feet some rest. They have a lot of on-sale printed flats that are so apt for casual days or after your shift in the office.

If you happen to like the glowing pink printed flats, why not pair ‘em up with this cool pair of pink sunnies and lilac watch? They’re on sale too!

More accessories on sale! I heard in the news lately that this cool weather is going to persist until February or March so I think scarves would come handy now.

Oh! My fave items in this brand are on sale too! :D

My mother’s most favorite items in Marks and Spencer? Sleepwear. I should go get some for her as well.

Been wanting to update your closet? Check out the on sale women’s wear.

I’ll just leave the rest of the on sale items for you to check. Marks and Spencer's End Of Season Sale started last January 3, 2014 and will run until February 8, 2014. Be sure to drop by on January 15, 2013 'cuz there will be further reductions on the on sale items. Don’t forget to let me know what you got, okay?

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh! Those flats!! I want them! :) I agree, it's better to shop after the holidays. Shopping during the holidays is so hassle and tiring! I also did my little shopping this weekend. :)

  2. Few weeks ago before the classes resume I went to the mall to have an early shopping this year and most of the stores are on their end of season sale. I also went to Marks and Spencer MOA branch and yeah there are a lot good deals to have for. Been loving their scents especially for some years now.

  3. I love this brand...too bad, I am on a tight budget this January and February ... I don't wanna start the year flooding all my credit cards so my priority now is to clear off some of my credits and loans...
    I miss shopping already...

  4. I love a good sale any day! Might probably drop by after the 15th when the prices are further reduced too save more money. It's really great to go to the malls lately. There are not much people and I have the liberty of taking my sweet time to look at the stuff on sale without the crowd! ^^

  5. i'll love those pink and blue printed flats!

  6. How I wish I'm a member of your family!!! Hehehe

    I have a question about their heels! I tried them on, and they felt a little wiggly. I think it was their Limited Edition brand of pumps, just like the one in your photo but of a different color. In the end, it didn't buy it. :( Are heels ok to be wiggly?

  7. i love marks and spencer forever and ever........


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