Nivea Lotions Now in New Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our household has been using Nivea as one of our preferred brands of lotion since time immemorial. My grandmother and mother started with the iconic Nivea Crème, while I started with the lotion. What I like about it is the formula has never changed (using it for over 10 years now)-it's still the good ol' moisturizing buddy I used to know. Despite all the fad formulas that keep on sprouting like 'shrooms, Nivea held their ground and kept the original, 100-year old formula that made them a household name. If your product is already awesome in the first place and has been capturing people for over a century, what's the point of changing it? I get your point if you say that times change, ergo one has to go with the flow, but if 100 years has passed and people still love it, that says something, right? :)

Staying the same but still getting better-you can go with the flow, but still retain a part of you. How's that possible? Take a cue from Nivea. They have a latest innovation this year and nope, it's not a new formula but rather new packaging! What's so special about the packaging? Aside from its noticeable, curvaceous, easy-to-hold body, it also minimizes the brand's environmental footprint. How??? Find out after the break. :)

Nivea has teamed up with top-notch Yves Behar to create the new packaging for this product. Who is Yves Behar? Oh, he's just a simple guy who owns fuseproject, an award-winning design firm. :D

So Nivea's new packaging is dubbed as 'Eco-Friendly'. How did that happen? Check the illustration:
Nice to know that I'm not trashing the Earth for the sake of vanity! What's the next step? Maybe a program/drive where Nivea lotion users can turn in their empty bottles for recycling? :)

Find the hidden Mickey! (Well, it's just Mickey's dismantled here LOL) 

There's another new feature in the packaging. Nivea had recently adopted the immortal design and packaging of the Nivea Crème as part of their logo-it's like an ode to the mother product that made them known globally.

Truly, there are more reasons for me to love this product. :) Nivea's new lotions are now available in leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets. You can always visit NIVEA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the brand.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I totally agree with you! This post really hits the spot. I remember purchasing Nivea as one of my first lotions. If I remember correctly, I started using it when I was still in high school. I mostly used the Whitening variant because I wanted to have whiter skin after getting dark with the swimming lessons I used to take. I even bought both lotion and cream types. The old package was kinda different with the stiffer edge design. This curvy packaging seems to make the product easier to hold. Good job to Nivea for making eco-friendly packaging. Taking care of the environment should be something that these companies give importance to aside from making profits. They surely deserve to stay long in the industry!

  2. I love products that are Eco-Friendly. :) I hope Nivea will have a program where you can return your emptied bottles so they can use it again. :)

  3. It's good that Nivea has come up with this eco-friendly packaging because beauty products in bottles should also attend to the needs of our mother earth. There are really more reasons to love Nivea more <3

  4. Nivea is a great body lotion and its great to hear that there already taking actions of a more Eco-Friendly packaging~

  5. Cool innovation! I love nivea ever since.. :)))

  6. I have always loved Nivea! My mom has been using this too ever since I was a kid.... :)

  7. It is good to hear that big companies are ecologically aware and now helping on how to save mother earth!

  8. wow..that's great news. I love recycling... I actually have too much junk in my stockroom because I dont throw away paperbags, plastic bags, bottles and even brown paper bags from the grocery store. I actually re-use all of them.
    I like the concept of refill actually. I always imagine a big container in a grocery store where they give you a tag for you to refill your bottles.

  9. Winnie: That's a great idea too! :) I hope Nivea reads your comment. :)

    Thanks girls! Nice to know that you all love Nivea like me too! :D

  10. the very first time im introduced to nivea is when i was 7 year old.. when i was lurking on my aunt's room hehehe.. (nasa tin can na blue na manipis) yun pala yung palaging bilin nya sa papa ko nung nagsaudi pa si papa =) i could say na hindi nga nagbago ang formulation nila dahil ganun pa din yung scent nung nivea creme =)

  11. Wishing they do have that drive where you can bring empty bottles to all their retail points for recycling. That would be wonderful. As it is, I try to segregate all my empties. But knowing they'll find use for it provides additional peace of mind.



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