The Beauty Junkee's 2013: Looking Back

Be a follower in order to be a leader, and look back in order to look ahead. Why is it so important to look back anyway? Because it lets you approach the future with so much enthusiasm, and lets you resist downward spirals when you fail by remembering what you did to succeed. My year's incomplete without reminiscing posts like this, thus I'm sharing my mini success list for the bygone year. :)


APRIL 2013: I was invited by Vaseline Philippines to be one of their ambassadors in their summer campaign. I had so much fun during the shoot most especially the dressing up part, not to mention I'm thankful for being chosen by a well- known brand. :)


Aside from recognition, I'm grateful for the magazine and website features I got last year because I was able to communicate to a different set of audience my beauty advocacy through The Beauty Junkee. :)
MEG Magazine

MEGA Magazine

Southern Living Magazine, which happens to be my first full-page feature! :)


- Nothing feels greater than being recognized for all your hard work! Just the thought of being nominated makes my heart flutter and even more so when it actually happens! It happened and I couldn't be any more thankful! :D

Nuffnang Nuffie Awards (Nominee, The Following, Best Online Engagement)

Style Bible Virtual Style Awards (Nominee, Best Beauty Blogger)


Traveling is a future goal of mine because for one, it's costly. Never thought that last year would be my wanderlust year-I've never traveled as much as I did in 2013! I've been to three major countries (and the two happen to be part of my bucket list) and two of the must- visit spots in the Philippines to boot. All my travels wouldn't be possible without the brands who trusted in me, so thank you to the moon and back! :)

MARCH 2013: Nivea Summer Blast Puerto Princesa, Palawan

JULY 2013: Shiseido Press Trip Tokyo, Japan

AUGUST 2013: Mary Kay One Woman Can Finale Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

OCTOBER 2013: Antistax Grand Launch, Balesin, Quezon Province.

NOVEMBER 2013: Olay Blogger Gathering Sydney, Australia

Work kept me very busy last year and I loved it! It was a pleasure handling these brands and I'm excited for our awesome projects this year. :)


- Was able to cross out five items from my material wish list. Because I like my money sitting where I can see them-in my bag closet. :D

Balenciaga Classic City RHW Red

Balenciaga Classic Money Portefeuille

Balenciaga Velo Gold 12 Black

Prada Baroque

Prada Lux Saffiano BN1874 Bluette


The latter part of my 2013 pretty much revolved around fitness, especially exercise. This time, I'm dead serious about getting fit (as in rock- solid abs are part of the goal)-it's not easy and there were times wherein I just wanted to throw in the towel, but the thought of finally wearing a midrib was enough to motivate me like crazy. LOL! Hope I can keep up! :D

I make it a point to give back as much as I can every year and this includes giving away some of the beauty products I have to friends, family, blog readers, and by tithing. The most memorable would be the Blog Sale for Yolanda Victims I did with Liz Lanuzo and Nikki Tiu. It was a very uplifting experience and it taught me even more the importance of letting go. :D

So that wraps up my 2013, the best year I had to date. I don't know what 2014 holds for everyone, but I'm only sure of one thing: It's bound to be even better for me and you. :D Cheers to a fabulous 2013, and let's all look forward to 2014! :D

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! You really deserve it. Congratulations for the success of 2013. More power to your blog this year! xoxo


  2. wow! you really had a blast of shower of blessings for the year 2013, you deserve it girl.! congrats and keep it up!

  3. Wow! So many Balenciagas! I hope to achieve as much as you did. :) Also, nice pink boxing gloves. One of my New Year's resolution involved boxing. :D

  4. hi ms m =) congrats on your achievements for 2013 =) im so honored and happy to finally meet you last year.. and during my birthday =)

    hugs and kisses.. wishing you more:
    ♥ nominations..
    ♥ media features/exposures..
    ♥ great travels so you can bring us to places (tru your blog hee hee)

    more success and godbless ms m =)

  5. Wow! Remembered watching your Vaseline clip on youtube. You look gorg!! :D You have sooo many media features! You really come so far! :) Keep it up, Ms. M! :D

  6. Wow! Congrats to you and your blog! More success to come! :)

  7. Your an amazing person to achieve it all your really one of the person that gives me inspirations~♥

  8. Congratulations ms. M you really deserve it. Well your hardwork are mostly seen in your blog posts. Cause not all beauty bloggers post on a daily basis. And I admire you with all your achievements ��

  9. Hi Martha,

    Fellow UP alumna and Kiehl's fangirl here, and regular reader of your blog since 2011.

    I never commented on your entries simply because I'm tamad like that, haha, but this time, I really want to express how happy I am for you. You have achieved so much through the years! More than hard work, I believe success came to you because of your PASSION. You are a girl on fire.

    Congratulations and more power!

    -Gabrielle T.

  10. Congratulations! Despite that you have received many blessings, you never forget to give and share it to other people!

  11. Wow congratulations Ms. Martha, your 2013 seems to be very productive. You're so lucky to be able to travel to the places in your bucket list. Hoping you even more success in your blog and career this year! :)

  12. Congratulations on your success! And here's to another great year ahead! Happy New Year Miss Martha! :)

  13. Hard work really pays off. You may have gotten items for free but you definitely worked for them so evrything you have, you definitely deserve.
    People tends to envy others and that's normal...however, instead of I pondering on that particular thought, it serves as my motivation because I know, behind that, there was work in progress and all I have to do is focus on that direction to achieve my goals.

    Congratulations and may more blessings to come your way :)


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