L'Oreal Le Rouge and Moist Matte Lipsticks- Waiter, there's skin care in my lipsticks!

Methinks utilizing natural oils lately. They have hair oils, body oils, and now, oils in lipsticks? Intriguing! I've always preferred oil as my body and hair moisturizer and now I wonder how they'd do wonders for my lips.

L'oreal's best- selling Color Riche line has been reborn into Color Riche Le Rouge, a moisture and color- rich lipstick.

Color Riche Le Rouge still retains its sumptuous, bold pigmentation, but this time around, it's infused with the precious oils Argan and Rose for luxurious hydrating and moisturizing benefits. The casing has been revamped into a classic, elegant golden tube adorned with an acrylic emblem that represents the color of each lipstick.

Oh wait, if you're not into shiny, satiny lipsticks, you should check out Color Riche Moist Matte. More about that after the break!

Color Riche Moist Matte is L'oreal's take on the new generation velvet matte lipstick.

Just like Le Rouge, it features a caring concoction of Omega-3, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil.

I've gotten around to playing with the Le Rouge line and I'm telling you this now, I love them! Can't wait to review them for you guys-just have to find time to swatch everything. :) Which of the two variants interest you? Moist Matte or Le Rouge?

L'Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte and Le Rouge retails at P625.00 each. Please visit L'OREAL PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh how I love their packaging! :) These colors are stunning. xoxo


  2. I'm loving both these variants. I wonder how they will fare when worn. The packaging looks so luxe as well. Can't wait to get my hands on these. Will be waiting for your review Ms. M.

  3. I'll take both! Matte for the reds and satiny for other colors. Can't wait for your swatches!

  4. Pls do a review and swatches of these gorge babies! Is it available in the department stores na po??

  5. i'm excited about the mattes because you can just add a bit of gloss on top of the matte lippie to make it have a satiny finish... wondering if they really won't dry out the lips...

  6. And yes another product to look out for, I just saw them from itsjudytime and now you're gonna review it. Woot! Some of the pink will definitely look adorable on a Valentine's day look! ;))

  7. Zoe: Wait til you try them! :D

    Majorie: I'm using some for my Prom look. :D

    Cat: About to find that out. :)

    Febmin: Yes, I think they are already :)

    Joyce and Kat: Saaame! :D I'll review them next week. :)

  8. Oh..they are so <3 I think I like Moist Matte more.. :) will wait for your review.. :)


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