MAC 266 Small Angled Brush Review

Here's a review on MAC 266 Small Angled Brush.

Price: Around P1,200.00++
Bought From: MAC, SM Aura
Other Locations: Available in the following MAC stores: Shangri-La Mall, Eastwood Grand Mall, Glorietta Makati, Ayala Center Cebu, SM Mall Of Asia, Trinoma Mall


Why do I always end up wanting something whenever I visit a MAC store? Haha! Call me Ms. Justification again, but the reason why I bought the MAC 266 brush is because my current brow brushes kinda' lost their form and function already. The good ol' brow brush is my most abused makeup tool so I thought of buying a pricey one with better quality. MAC was the obvious choice!


According to MAC, this brush has bristles that are perfectly arranged to create a perfect angle.

Handle is made of wood, ferrule is nickel- plated brass, and I suppose hair is from Goat because it feels like it-it wasn't indicated in the website! :p

I saw a couple of reviews on this particular brush and I noticed that it was thinner before. (Or maybe that was just me) Maybe this is a newer version? I don't know-this is my first- ever brow brush from MAC! 

Anyway, The nice thing about MAC is they have a range of brow brushes with varying thickness and length to fit any brow shape. Oh, these can double as eyeliner brushes too, but for this particular brush, I find it a bit too thick for eye lining.

More about this perfect brow brush for gals with semi- thick brows like me after the jump!

The brush is really firm, but flexible enough for you to blend brow makeup with ease. Bristles are a lil' stiff, but non- scratchy and I like that it doesn't fan out, thus I get to create cleaner, sharper lines. The tip has a flat cut and this lets me create a more even and natural coverage. This brush can be used on gel, cream, mousse, and wax brow products.

I chose 266 because I have a semi-thick brow shape and when the length and width of the brush fit my brows perfectly.


Now this is what I'm talking 'bout! Notice that I got to create very straight and clean outlines as well! The brush has the right amount of fluffiness and I can create light to bold brow looks with it, and it shades my brows in one go. It's good for both shaping and shading so no need to use two separate brushes to achieve a gorgeous brow. Washed it twice and nope, it did not shed. I am absolutely in love with this brush and I recommend it to girls who have the same brow shape and width as mine. It's also a great brush to use if you want to sport thicker- looking brows.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Now that you mention it, I seem to have the same brow width as you Ms. M! I think this brow brush will also be perfect for me. Btw, can you recommend which brow powder is worth it to buy?

  2. This is so tempting. I have a Marionnaud brush for brows but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet lol ligawan phase of makeup. I might have to go and try this, see if it's love at first sight hahaha!

  3. I just bought a waterproof brow corrector gel from Snoe and the brush is a bit thin but manageable.. My brows are a bit short or narrow so I really need a good brush to extend it a bit.
    From your previous post, it seems MAC does have good brushes. could you recommend other brow brushes as well that is both durable and does the job nicely?

  4. Oh that's the use of angle brush pala..don't know anything about tools.. :( my brows are so's barely noticeable. can i use this brush too on my brows? :/

  5. try marionaud n38 eyes-yex very affordable (50-60php yata)and travel size (it has a angle brush and a spooley on the other end)....

  6. Love MAC Brushes tgere really worth buying!

  7. I have the same brush martha! But I use it for doing my brows and applying gel liner. I can say na worth it yung price nya. Tried buying the cheap ones pero after a month nagsheshed na sya so hassle you have to buy ulet plus most angle brush na cheap too thick for me not suitable for applying gel liner

  8. you have nice brows! kahit siguro anong brush gamitin mo, keri! :D

  9. Winnie: Try Charm! :)

    Cat: Thanks! That's also a factor. :)

    Moanina: Hi and welcome to tbj! :) Been using this brush practically everyday. Rinsed it for three times already and it hasn't shed! :)

    Roxanne: You can try the smaller angled brushes from MAC. They have a lot so I'm sure you'll find a match! :)

    Joyce: Had doubts about MAC's brushes too but after my first one, which is 217, I was hooked. Mac's definitely one (if not the only) of the not-so-expensive but awesome premium brush brands out there. :)


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