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Here's a review on Philosophy Amazing Grace EDT.

Price: Around P2,495.00
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Other Locations: Available in Philosophy, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall


I have this favorite quote and it's by Max Lucado. He said: "The meaning of life. The wasted years of life. The poor choices of life. God answers the mess of life with one word: Grace." This quote has gotten me through tough times, and I still recall it every time I'm faced with a very tough situation, nursing a bad feeling, or dealing with impossible people. Truth of the matter is, bad things and bad people come into your life and they are inevitable. I've come to realize that in these moments, it is not all about winning or proving who's right or wrong, but handling everything with sheer grace. You may emerge as the victor at the end of it all or fail somewhere along the way, but what's important is you handled it fairly and squarely and how you're able to preserve yourself in the process.

So that's my reflection for today, inspired by one of my most favorite fragrances from Philosophy, Amazing Grace. (First one is Falling In Love) I had a conversation with someone from Philosophy Singapore during the Press Sneak Preview and she described this fragrance best when she said: "Amazing Grace is Amazing!" Couldn't agree more and let me muse why.


Amazing Grace is described by Philosophy as a beautiful, amazingly clean fragrance that guarantees you the compliment "you smell so good", which I get all the time when I'm wearing the fragrance, plus the compliment "you smell so angelic" to boot.  Size comes in 30ml and 60ml.

I also cut this part of the box and stuck it on my work desk for some daily soul food-I did this with my other Philosophy fragrances. :)

More about this fragrance after the break!


A fragrance for women, Amazing Grace is composed of mandarin orange, grapefruit, and bergamot at the top notes, freesia, jasmine, and rose at the heart, and finally, musk anchors all the fresh notes at the base. Top notes are floral-powdery, but it's smells quite grown- up and doesn't remind you of baby powder in any way. The floral scent gets stronger as it approaches the middle notes, with Rose as the most prominent in the background. Musk provides a cleaner, fresher appeal and subdues the bright floral notes (to give your nose a rest, I suppose) and finally, you get a subtly elegant fragrance. Sillage is strong and staying power is pretty good on me as it lasts for about 4 hours before I retouch. I've also noticed that this fragrance has a lasting sillage-don't worry because it's not off-putting anyway but rather awe-inspiring. :)

This fragrance smells so heavenly and so clean like you've just stepped right out of the shower, but it's not so laid-back, thus you can wear it to more formal events like meetings. It's a personal thing though, but every time I use this fragrance, I just feel that everything's gonna be alright and everything has a perfect timing that's why I wear it to situations where I know I will be tensed! (Like client briefing haha!) It's a beautiful, eloquent, well- blended fragrance that gets good attention even if it doesn't ask for it, and so tender that you just feel inspired and aligned with your positive self when you wear it.  If you want to be in a good mood, always, Philosophy's fragrances should be your pick!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Amazing Grace's scent seems to exude positivity. I love how their packaging puts in inspirational quotes as well. This will go into my to-buy list hehe.

  2. I like Philosophy. You'll get amazing products plus you'll be inspired by different meaningful quotes. :)

  3. Amazing Grace and Living Grace is exactly how I imagine grace would smell like. Amazing how they were able to capture such an abstract concept in a scent.

  4. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to think of Amazing Grace before today. I've read the reviews from the message boards, and the feedback wasn't the most positive: A lot of users thought that the EDT has not been the same since Coty acquired Philosophy. They claim that there has been a reformulation that's caused the scent's lasting power to suffer immensely. Today I was able to drop by the Philosophy shop in SM to test the EDT on myself. Though it isn't as strong as I remember (from when Philosophy first came to the Philippines via Beauty Bar all those years ago), I was impressed by the lasting power of the EDT on my bare skin. After 6 hours, it was still there! That's saying something for me, since scents tend to dissipate quickly from my skin. I definitely have a renewed interest. :)

  5. Kat and Roxanne: that's one of the reasons why I dig philosophy's products-they make me feel good!

    Matromao: Heard about that news too, but I can't prove nor disprove that because even if I've had this (and other Philosophy perfumes) fragrance way back, I don't really remember the intensity/quality, but rather the scent-it's still the same and I'm fine with that!

    Joyce: agree!

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