Prom Lipstick Tips + Win L’Oreal Goodies from Me!

I’m a fan of the adage ‘Act your age’ so my best advice would be to keep everything light and breezy for Prom to enhance your youthful faces appropriately. Call me biased, but I just have to make a special mention on lipsticks here because on special occasions, I really go for a very nice lip look. Besides, I think we all know that the good ol’ lipstick is the ‘cherry on top’ in any makeup look so it better be beautiful!

Here are some take away lippie tips that will sure come handy for you in Prom. Click READ MORE for the list!

For lipsticks, go for those with a satin, shiny finish because luster is a sign of youthfulness. I would suggest my recent favorite, L’Oreal’s Color Riche Le Rouge because it’s got good pigmentation and an ample amount of shine, thus the color won’t bleed and stain your chin and your teeth. Also, it leaves a nice stain on the lips so you don’t have to worry about retouching often. Oh, it’s quite affordable too!

I’ve played around with the Color Riche Le Rouge lipsticks in the following photos. Check them out:

Color Riche Le Rouge in Dewy Beige


- I know there are some teens who want to look as if they’re not wearing anything at all so if you’re this type, Peach-Beige shades would be perfect for you. It’s almost a my-lips-but-better-shade and it adds a fresh touch to any look.

Color Riche Le Rouge in My First Pink


- I guess Pink will and always be the national lip color for Prom because it’s such a vibrant, pretty, girly, and young shade. However, if you choose the wrong kind of Pink, you might look old or it may completely wash out your skin tone. Here’s the simplest formula to finding the right shade of pink for you:

Fair Skin Tones- go for cool- toned pinks such as pastel pink, baby pink, light pink, icy pink, or midtone fuchsia
Medium Skin Tones- go for midtone or neutral pinks and you can even wear Barbie pink
Dark Skin Tones- go for warmer pinks such as brick pink, rose pink, dark pink, berry pink, or a deep shade of fuchsia.

Color Riche Le Rouge in Viva Red


- Most teens think that red is such a daunting color and to some extent, a color for older people. That may be true, unless you wear a brighter shade of red with a hint of sheen because as I said, luster is a sign of youth. That, or you can go for soft reds such as tomato reds or pink-reds.

Color Riche Moist Matte in Orange Power


- A shiny finish may emphasize big lips so if you want to tone them down, opt for matte. Finally, there’s a matte lipstick for the young ones out there, thank goodness for velvet mattes!

If you want a more subdued look, try Color Riche Moist Matte. It’s got a soft matte finish and moisturizing properties to boot. Go for soft colors such as orange, baby pink, peach, nude, and coral so lips won’t appear bigger than it is.

That’s it for my Prom tips! Have you started choosing the perfect lipstick for Prom already? Don’t forget to take a selfie and you might just win L’Oreal goodies, a makeover and an event pass from me! Check out the mechanics:

1.    Post your pouting selfie over at Instagram, tag @TheBeautyJunkee, two of your Instagram friends, and include the hashtag #colorrichepout. (E.G. @thebeautyjunkee @igfriend1 @igfriend2 #colorrichepout)
2.    I will choose 5 winners. Chosen winners will win the following: 3 colors of Color Riche Lipstick, Event Pass to L’Oreal’s event on March 29 (tentative) with special gifts, and a makeover with bloggers or L’Oreal’s professional makeup artists.

Contest ends on March 22,2013. Winners will be announced on my Instagram account. Event details will be announced to the winners once finalized. Mechanics are mandatory.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and good luck on the giveaway!

To know more about the Color Riche Le Rouge and Moist Matte line, just visit L’OREAL PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. I'm actually past prom age haha, but I've been waiting for the swatches of these lippies. These all look great on you. I'm liking Orange Power in particular because I've been searching for the perfect coral lippie. I'll be checking this one out for sure!

  2. Is it inappropriate to mention how gorgeous yor eye make up here? I mean the gold is stunning!
    I so love the dewy beige and my first pink, errrr.. I wanna have one, not for prom because I'm wayyyyy past tha, maybe a dinner date or a night out. Love it! ;)

  3. OH! how I miss PRom, reminiscing the past somewhat gives me a tickle and snicker laugh...

  4. Kat C: Yeah, you could say that. Orange Power is a little more on the coral side. :)

    Roxanne: Cool choice! :D

    Febmin: Same! Now I recall my funny prom moments haha!

    Majorie: Well these lippies and the look are for any age naman. :D

  5. "My First Pink" looks great on you...

  6. i've been looking for a perfect orange that I can wear during summer! I think I like orange power! Will definitely check this out! :)

  7. Love that Dewy Beige on you! I wanna cringe when I think about my prom milliomn years ago! LOL

  8. Hi Ms. Martha, can I ask what eyeshadow you're using here?

  9. When I used orange colored lippie, ,y mom tlld me na di bagay sa akin eh.. maybe I chose the wrong color. Errr.. anyways, any color looks good on you..

  10. I like the pink-beige one best

  11. Hopefully il win hehhehe 😍😍😍😍

  12. I love your tips on wearing different shades and finishes for different complexions. :) It really helped a lot. Thanks!

  13. I love your tips on how to wear different shades and finishes for different complexions. :) Thanks a lot!

  14. oh...since I have a full lips I must wear a matte one.thank you for the tips Ms. Martha.

  15. Have you announced the winners yet?

  16. Hi can i ask a question? Do you apply lip liner before you put the lip stick on? What color of lip liner do you use?


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