Avon Anew 360 White CC Cream Review

Here's a review on Avon Anew CC Cream.

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Unlike BB Creams, CC Creams have entered the mass markets quite quickly. The fun part is, brands are coming up with their own versions one after the other so that means we have more options! The second CC Cream I've ever tried is Avon Anew CC Cream, one of Avon's newest skin care/makeup products.


This product is the newest addition to their best- selling 360-degree Whitening range. It promises to improve and even out skin tone since it's a Color Correcting Cream. It has SPF 30 PA+++ and 15-in-1 means it contains 15 extracts that will deter aging, whiten, moisturize, nourish, strengthen, and protect skin. I believe it only comes in one shade, which is fair- skinned friendly to me.

Product comes in one size, 30g, and in a soft squeeze tube.

More about this super nice base makeup from Avon after the cut!


Shade is a fair kind of beige with a neutral undertone. It has a nice, light floral scent, consistency is moisturizing, and texture is light. It imparts a semi- matte finish and I like that it settles onto my skin almost instantly. Despite the semi-matte finish, it still leaves a hint of sheen and makes your face appear dewy and healthy. Finish is medium to heavy. For morena gals, I would suggest you apply one layer only. Otherwise, it will leave a crazy white cast. Pigmentation is pretty good though so you wouldn't need to apply so much.


One layer of Avon Anew 360 White CC Cream

I wasn't expecting that it will improve my skin tone significantly, but I underestimated this product too quickly! For a very affordable brand, it can really unify your skin tone, although it can only cover very light to moderate discolorations, sallowness, and redness. Still, that's good news for a 699-peso face base!

I use a traditional foundation brush to apply this product or Real Techniques' Expert Face Brush. It's non- streaky so I find that you can apply this with any kind of foundation brush you prefer.

Avon Anew 360 White CC Cream + Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Powder Foundation

If this is not your shade, you can seal it with a shade- matching powder foundation or pressed powder. It feels very light so you can use it underneath liquid foundation too. I noticed that it kept my face moisturized during wear that's why I skip traditional moisturizer if I'm going to use this product. It doesn't have oil control, but it doesn't exacerbate oiliness. The SPF 30 PA+++ is a good addition too, plus it's loaded with a lot of skin care ingredients.

This CC Cream has more coverage than BB Cream, but feels lighter than foundation so I thoroughly believe that it's a good choice for summer because it's so breathable, has sunscreen, and has good skin tone- unifying properties to boot. If you're looking forward to trying this product, please do because it's pretty good!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I know that CC creams have been in the market for quite a long time now, but I'm still finishing up all my BB creams which is why I haven't tried any CC creams yet. This one is definitely going into my must-try list!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Martha. I'm definitely checking this out by finding an Avon lady around my new place. Hehe. Since It's summer everyone really needs to find the perfect product that will give our faces ample SPF and keep it from being oily din. Love how you said na it's also light on the skin and has managed to do good light coverage din. :D


  3. My mom uses their skin care line. It's a good product plus it is in installment basis! Hihi. Laking tipid! :) This cc cream really does a full coverage in your face, looks dewy and natural. I would love to try this one! Looks great, and you have a great review! Youre so pretty as always Ms. Martha <3

  4. Besides other korean brands that released CC cream in the past year, this is the first time I've heard of Avon making one. I always wanted to try CC creams and test what are their difference from BB creams.
    It's a good thing that our neighbor is an Avon lady, I could purchase it anytime. You have rated this product 4/5 mostly so I'm betting it is actually a good product to try. Thanks for the review Ms. M.

  5. great post martha :) ive never tried cc creams before but i have a sample of cc cream from tony moly but i never used it pa.. after reading this post i want to buy this product from avon. kaya lang sana naglabas din sila ng isa pang shade.

  6. Haven't tried CC creams coz I still have the BB's.Love to try this out,but the Q is, does this one looks good also on me?(dark complexion kc ako).

  7. you looks so fresh here Miss Martha! Perfect for summer :)

  8. I've tried Avon's 360 White serum and it looks like a perfect match to use with their BB cream. From the way you described it, it seems like the consistencies (the non-sticky consistency of the serum) would go well with the BB, perhaps even helping it "slide" onto the skin.

  9. Matromao: Haven't tried the product you mentioned, but it sounds good! :D

    Issa: Thanks! :D

    Elsie: Hi Elsie! I have warm, morena skin tone and it looks good on me. :)

    Aiko: Hopefully, they do so in the near future!

    Majorie: Welcome! :)

    Aegeanna: Thanks dear! :)

    Gelleesh: Never expected this from Avon, but they delivered! :)

    Kat: Ah yes, try it! It's really nice. :)


  10. I love these multi-functional creams because they not only function as a tinted moisturizer, but it doubles as a spot corrector, anti-aging cream, moisturizer, sunblock, and gives coverage as well. CC Creams are made to color correct your tone making your skin more even in time.


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