Camaru Naturals Amazonian Clay Face Mask Review

Here's a review on Camaru Naturals Amazonian Clay Face Mask.

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Fact is, clays can leave your face really matte because it really sucks out every single drop of sebum. While it may be good for drawing out impurities, it kinda' disrupts the natural pH balance of the skin by leaving it virtually dry. I believe this is a problem most dry and acne- prone people face, that they can't enjoy the clearing properties of clay just because it may exacerbate dryness. Actually, they can-they just have to choose the right kind of Clay and that is Amazonian Clay, a natural remedy that's known to infuse skin with minerals and remove excess oil all while retaining a decent level of moisture on the skin. Camaru Naturals has one.


Camaru Naturals said that this product is made with the goodness of Amazonian Clay and also formulated with the active ingredients found in their best- selling Bamboo Charcoal Soap and Acerola White C Soap. It's a weekly treatment that you can enjoy after a tough week or anytime you want to pamper your skin.


More about this comfortable clay mask after the break!

It comes in a 50g tub. The clay is ready to use so you can slap it on your skin anytime. It's made primarily made with Amazonian Clay so you're pretty much assured that you will really experience its benefits. It has a clay scent with a hint of what seems like green tea, but these are naturally occurring fragrances. It is preservative- free and the texture and scent really brings you back to nature, albeit you have to use it up within 6 months just because it doesn't have preservatives.


Consistency is super rich and you only need a 1 peso coin- sized amount on both cheeks, forehead, and a pea- sized amount for the nose. Unlike other clay masks, this one doesn't turn out too hard and dry-it relaxes your facial muscles, but you still have enough room for movement. I leave it on for around 5 minutes or when the mask is completely dry. After rinsing, my face feels super clean and looks nourished-there's no oil on the surface, but it doesn't feel irritatingly dry and itchy-in fact, I feel that it leaves my skin with a wee bit of moisture that I can allow a few minutes to pass before applying moisturizer. Been using it for over three months now and I noticed that it kinda' improved the skin on my cheek area: I don't get a lot of breakouts there any longer and if I do, they're not super grave and they go away quickly, albeit it doesn't do anything to treat existing acne. The skin on my cheeks is a bit erratic: it stays normal or can get pretty oily depending on the weather, and this clay mask is good enough to go with my skin's mood swings. :P

This mask is pretty affordable and works great as a pre-makeup treatment especially if your skin is looking dull or if you want to take away excess surface oil, but without stripping away moisture. Methinks it's a tolerable mask for those with moderately oily skin, normal skin, combination oily/dry skin, combination normal/dry skin, and combination normal/oily skin.


Please visit CAMARU NATURALS on Facebook for inquiries and to order.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooh I've never tried a clay mask before. I've only tried those beauty masks from Korea. This is really very intriguing, I want to try this out because it can remove excess oil from the skin.

  2. I have definitely oily skin. You said weekly dose of this can refresh the skin. Can this be used more than once a week?

  3. Which do you think is better for oily skin, this or the Indian Healing Clay from Healthy Options? :)

  4. I like how it's already pre-mixed, so no need to measure out the powder and stir with water. The con is that you're less likely to "experiment" by incorporating different ingredients. Sort of like apple cider with the Indian Healing Clay.

    Oh well, the ingredients list looks stellar already.

  5. Kat: It's available in Velvet Rose Lingerie branches, btw. :)

    Matromao: True that! But I guess you can drop apple cider in the mixture to give it a lil' boost :)

    Majorie: Yes. twice a week should be good enough. :)

    Rizza: If you have super oily skin, aztec clay would be better. :)


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