Inglot Freedom System Palette Review + Swatches + How To Customize

Here’s a review on Inglot Freedom System Palette

Price: Blush + Eyeshadow Palette- P695.00; Freedom Eyeshadow (Single)- P375.00; Freedom Blush- P495.00; Rainbow Eyeshadow- P495.00; Cream Concealer- P375.00; Freedom Brow Powder- P375.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Inglot, Glorietta 5


FREEDOM-that’s what we all want and strive for. Nothing’s more gratifying than having the power to choose exactly what we want and how we want it. I was never a fan of pre-selected makeup palettes-I find them nice and the color combinations brilliant, but as a consumer, I always feel that I should decide what goes into them because after all, I am spending. Inglot makes this dream come true for me and for anyone who just wants to maximize their hard earned cash whenever buying makeup!

So how does this system work? Click READ MORE for that, plus check out my swatches and thoughts on the following Inglot products.


The Freedom System has put Inglot on the map. Simply put, this palette system allows consumers to customize their palettes from the type of makeup down to the finish and shade. You can combine blush, eyeshadow, concealer, brow powder, lipstick, and base makeup in a palette-combinations are up to you, really, and that’s what makes it very exciting and satisfying!

Step 1: You start by choosing a palette. Inglot has a lot of palette combinations and this blush-eyeshadow-concealer-lipstick palette is one of them. They have 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 10s, and the biggest palette can house 40 products. Combinations are endless and here are samples:

Blush-eyeshadow-brow powder-lipstick
All Lipstick
All Blush
All Eyeshadow
All Brow Powder
All Pressed Powder/Powder Foundation

So for my first palette, I chose the following products: Blush-Eyeshadow-Rainbow Eyeshadow-Eyeshadow. The Blush compartment, btw, can also house two eyeshadows, brow powders, lipsticks, and concealers. So if I’m through with the blush, I can refill it with other Inglot products.

Step 2: Choose your preferred Inglot products and just insert them in the pan. That's it! The refills are packaged in a vacuum plastic and carton box.

The palette looks so luxe and is very, very sturdy, albeit a bit heavy and wide-the latter depends on the palette size you will choose though. The cover is sealed with four magnetic closures. If you're worrying that the cover might slide off, no it won't because the magnets are pretty tough!

Here's another combination I came up with: Blush-Concealer-Brow Powder-Eyeshadow. I'm enjoying this! :D

Oh, did you know that the palettes are stackable too? You can put 'em right on top of each other to save space. It's very efficient because all the products are right in front of you: You just slide the topmost palette sideways to reveal the bottom palette and then start doing your makeup! This feature is so handy for makeup artists!

Inglot said that the refills can be pulled out using the magnetic buttons on the cover. Just place the magnetic button on the metal part of the refill to pull it out. I find that this technique doesn't work so here's what I do to remove the refills:

I use a cutter to lift the refill from the compact. Just be careful when doing this. Otherwise, you'll end up putting a dent on your products. (Like what I did!)

Here are the swatches:

Blush-Eyeshadow-Rainbow Eyeshadow-Eyeshadow Combination


Freedom AMC Blush in 59- A warm pink shade with a rose undertone and slight silver shimmer (satin/shimmer)
Freedom Eyeshadow in 68- Denim Blue eyeshadow with a hint of Indigo and silver shimmer
Freedom Eyeshadow in 53- Chocolate Brown eyeshadow with a hint of Bronze and silver shimmer
Rainbow Eyeshadow in 112R (Matte)- Top: Charcoal Brown Middle: Coffee Brown Bottom: Warm Beige

Blush-Brow Powder-Concealer-Eyeshadow Combination

Freedom Blush in 48- Bright, Parrot Pink shade (matte)
Freedom Brow Powder in 563- Midtone brown with a hint of red
Freedom Cream Concealer in Peach- light beige with a mix of peach and yellow undertones
Freedom Eyeshadow 426 (Frost)- Sea Blue with light blue frosting

All powder products are well- pressed on the pans. Fallout is very minimal, pigmentation is superb, and are fairly easy to blend on the lids. For the matte eyeshadows, however, you will need a fluffy eyeshadow brush to create a fading/gradation effect with them as I find that they tend to stick on the skin if you use a small and compact eyeshadow brush-the fluffy brush will deposit the pigments of the matte eyeshadow gradually onto your lids.


The eyeshadows, btw, have a staining effect meaning they will stay intact and appear vibrant even without an eye primer, but they come off easily with makeup remover. On oily lids, colors will fade for a bit, but the look will still remain, if you know what I mean. :D

 Brow Powder in 563

Texture is super creamy and you can even use this to map your brows! This shade is perfect for girls with brownish-reddish hair color, just like me. I find that the powder fades during the day though so I apply it with a makeup setting spray to make it last longer.

 AMC Blush in 59

This shade appears more rosy on me than pink. It's a versatile shade though as I find that I can pair it up with almost any lip color.

Blush in 48

This shade gives off that fresh vibe to any skin tone. It's almost neon and with the kind of pigmentation it has, methinks it will suit dark- skinned girls, especially those who can't seem to find a neon blush that will pop on such skin tone.

Concealer in Peach

Consistency is very creamy and it melts right upon skin contact. It blends in so well and easily sans all that tugging and pulling on the skin. I’ve tried this product both on my post-acne marks and under eyes.

Post- acne marks

It's not the most ideal thing to use on post- acne marks because it cannot cover redness and scarring very well. However, coverage is buildable and despite its creamy texture, it doesn't cake nor feel heavy on the skin. It's just good for concealing very minor discolorations. Also, it has a tendency to settle into dry, patchy areas so remember to moisturize prior usage.

Bare under eye

One layer of Inglot Creamy Concealer in Peach

The concealer works well on the under eyes though and I find it soothing and moisturizing. It conceals dark circles pretty well, but still allows your skin's natural texture to peep through. It doesn't settle into fine lines and stays intact the whole day without creasing or fading.

In sum, I find that all of Inglot's color makeups are very good and very pigmented, but the best part for me is still the Freedom concept of their makeups-with it, I get to choose the products that I like and will eventually use. Oh, and the products are very affordable too!


For more information about the Freedom Palette, please visit INGLOT PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. Finally, a comprehensive review of the Inglot Freedom palette and its components, with some tips to boot! Based on the review, I'm loving the fact that the palettes are customizable and stackable. As for the components, I'm betting on the brow powder and the eyeshadows. :)

  2. I've wanted the Freedom Palette ever since the new store launched in Glorietta. I just don't have time to visit their store, but I'm really excited to be able to have my own Freedom Palette. Your post makes me feel super tempted to finally buy my own. I love the colors you chose! I'm really wanting the brow powder as well.

  3. I'm crazy about the packaging. The first time I saw it, I thought, "This is clever!" But it would probably take me at least an hour to complete my own palette because of all the colors. :o (And my poor boyfriend has to suffer through it. Haha!)

  4. i saw someone on youtube taking out the pans using the cover... she did it so easily... wonder why it doesn't work with yours?

    inglot is like every MUA's dream...

  5. Cat: Owners of Inglot here told me that it depends on the magnets. :)

    Matromao: Hahaha. I know what you mean. I already had some shades in mind, but I ended up confused again when I visited the store haha!

    Kat: Oh, prepare to spend hours in the store haha! :D

    Jesselle: Thanks! :D

  6. I love Inglot Cosmetics – it mixes both roguish and sweet characteristics and looks perfect on you! Hot fashion is always admirable.


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