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Here's a review on Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray.

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I've been hearing a lot about Skindinavia's holy Makeup Finishing Spray, a makeup setting spray praised by a lot of products locally and internationally. During our Palawan junket with Nivea, Ana Victorino, a local Youtube Guru and one of my wackiest friends in the blogging industry even had the guts to swim with a fully made- up face because she said she's assured that her makeup won't run off 'cuz of Skindinavia. So after a number of jumps in the pool plus hardcore partying, her makeup stayed intact indeed. WOW. It must be that awesome so I had to Google and purchase it. It's not available locally and blah, I found it too pricey due to the product cost, tax, and shipping combined so I cancelled my purchase.

I received one of Mary Kay's newest products, the Makeup Setting Spray and it's made by no other than Skindinavia. I was like: "Heeeyyyyy..." I had high hopes for this product upon learning who the manufacturer is and ya know what? I'm raving about it!


Mary Kay had partnered up with Skindinavia to create this exclusive makeup setting spray. Skindinavia's best- selling product is also called Makeup Finishing Spray and Mary Kay called theirs the same thing as well. It claims to seal makeup for up to 16 hours so you won't have to worry about it when you're partying, attending important events, or even if you're just going about your day. You can also use it within the day to freshen up your makeup.


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It comes in one size only at 59ml. Bottle is pretty handy and even if it's a little huge, width is pretty narrow so you can stash it in your everyday bag or makeup cases (if you're a makeup artist). Atomizer delivers a wide and fine mist. Mary Kay suggested to spray the product on the skin in an X or T formation to ensure that every part is covered, but I find that very wasteful so what I do is I position the atomizer at 4-5 in. away from my face and spritz on the first half then the other.

Product is literally like water, but with a hint of stickiness to it-it's not really slick and goopy, but rather moisturizing so I can compare it with moisturizing water. (You know, those kinds of products by Japanese and Korean skin care brands?) When it touches your skin, it leaves a few droplets on the surface, but it dries up in a matter of seconds. It doesn't feel heavy-heck, it just feels like water-and has no scent. You don't need any technique to work this product and that's what I love about it: Just pick it up, spray on your face (you can do this even while walking), give it a few seconds to set, and voila! you're all set.



Here's a freshly- made up face, my usual makeup for workouts. I used Shiseido's Perfect Smoothing Powder Foundation here-it's pretty long- wearing, but it can't withstand excessive perspiration. I put this product to the ultimate test, my Strength and Conditioning workouts.

Used no filter, sister.

Here's me after a 15-minute set of dead lifts, bend over rows, tricep dips, burpees, military presses, and upright rows. Mind you, I perspired like an athlete during this time and LOOK.AT.MY.MAKEUP. IT'S.STILL.THERE. I worked out in front of the mirror ('cuz I'm vain, sistah! :D) to observe the claims of this product. Lo and behold, the droplets of sweat just trickled down my face and makeup, and there were zero streaks on the parts where the sweat had dripped. Before this product, my makeup is either gone or has significantly faded whenever I'm working out. With this product, 60% of my makeup remained intact, from my contouring powder, pressed powder, and facial concealer. AMAZEBALLS! When blotting sweat, I just pat my face with a towel because if I rub it off, the makeup will be gone, obviously.

I swear by this product and I can't go to the gym without spraying it on my face. On normal days, it keeps makeup looking 'freshly applied' until the end of the day. It doesn't really control oil, but it really improves your makeup's wear time that even oil cannot fade it. I'm looking forward to buying this baby again. I got a back up in my Hong Kong  trip with Mary Kay Philippines last year and I think I'll be using that soon enough because my current bottle is almost empty! This product is a lil' pricey, but glad to know that it works marvelously. I believe it's a good alternative to premium setting sprays out there. :)


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh cool! I love this finishing spray to bits and we have the same ratingof 5/5! That says a lot about the product, definitely rave worthy!
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  2. I never used makeup finishing spray, but i am always curious to try. :D

  3. Looks like an amazing miracle product. You look really pretty in your pictures. I want to try this out too some time! :)

  4. I once tried a setting spray, yes it spared my from oilyness but the sweat just run it down. I was quite disappointed. And with your review and knowing that Skindinavia delivers best, I'm already having my hopes up.

  5. Mary Kay indeed has its slew of products that really delivers. Makes me want to try this one, too!

  6. HOLY COW!! I will definitely buy this on payday!

  7. nice review! you still looked fresh after the workout. does this work for oily skin?

  8. Hollie: And your positive review says a lot about it too! I love this product to bits! :D

    Angel E: Hi Angel! Welcome to my blog. I have oily skin and yes, it does work. :)

    Rizza: Wee! :D

    Majorie: Hope you can try it soon! :D

    Jeselle: Hi and welcome to my blog! Yes! They have good product IMO :)

    Kat: I'm actually looking for Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. I wanna buy back ups! :D

    Leilani: I swear, setting sprays will save your life esp. if you have oily skin! :D

  9. wow, this seems like an HG product! interesting! i have never tried using makeup finishing spray before! maybe time to try it out! :)

  10. Impessive. No pore clogging, stinging around the eyes, or breakouts?

  11. I have been seaching a high quality and reasonable price for finishing spray makeup, and i have been suspecting mary kay, after i go through your blog i finally should have a try on it. Thank you so much for the sharing.


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