Unboxing: BDJ X Benefit Beauty Box March 2014

Recently, Spygal-care of BDJ-sent me a beauty box containing her secret weapons. Hmmm...could it be her 'thank you' gift for my participation in her daunting missions? :D

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines has just collaborated with BDJ for a special beauty box for March 2014. Wondering what's inside? Click READ MORE for the unboxing.

Voila! The box contains samples of some of Benefit's best- sellers. Let's break 'em down one by one.

You get a sachet sample of the new Agent Zero Shine powder, which is good for single use only. The Porefessional Pore Minimizer, on the other hand, is good for around two to three.

We also got two cardboard samples of Stay Flawless 15-hour Makeup Primer-one sample is good for two uses so both could last four. Stay Don't Stay Eye Primer will last you for a good week or two, depending on how often you wear eyeshadow.

Under My Spell Noelle is the latest addition to Crescent Row fragrances. I got a half- filled sample and I emptied the whole thing once because I use perfume a lot-it's a bit strong for my liking so I think I have to use it for a few more times to know if my nose can adjust to it. I also have to point out that my sample is leaking, but I don't know if it's the same with the other boxes. Finally, we have a 5ml sample of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation, which is good for around 3-4 uses. This is a deluxe sample so it's enough for you to gauge if you'll like the product or not.

Total value of the box is a little over P500.00, I believe, and you literally got what you paid for. I'm a little disappointed with the box, to be honest, because I have never been a fan of sachet samples. Because I believe that it will take you a week or two to know if you'll like a product or not, and that's simply impossible to find out if you get samples that will only last you for a day or two. It would be nicer also if we got at least one full- sized product in the box because BDJ has set that standard for us in their previous boxes-that's just my expectation so I don't know if this is the same for others. If the brand cannot provide full- sized ones, Deluxe Samples will absolutely do because they'll definitely last for a week or more, plus they come handy. Still and all, I find it forgivable because BDJ has had a pretty good run and all brands just have their day.

Leaving you with a feel- good quote from BDJ and Benefit!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I haven't tried any of the beauty boxes available although I really really want to. I'm contemplating between the Glamour Box and the BDJ Box. Sayang I wasn't able to subscribe in time for this box. I haven't tried any Benefit products yet. :)


  2. I have the deluxe sample size of the foundation - I got it from one of the kits they have. I like it actually, give me a dewy finish.

    I have to agree with you on the sample size, it's hard for me to use sachets too. :(

  3. I was really excited for your unboxing when I saw it was full of Benefit products, but I'm really disappointed upon seeing it's just full of sachet and deluxe samples. You're right, they should put one full-sized product at least. I would be really bummed out if I subscribed to this box.

  4. once i saw instagram posts that the march BDJ box was a benefit exclusive, i immediately regretted not getting one... i immediately texted my friend that the march box she got was gonna be a benefit box... she got super excited because she has not yet received her box... when she opened her box, she told me they were just samples, some good for one use... that got me thinking, maybe it was good that i didn't get the march box... i would have loved to try some benefit products, but probably deluxe samples would have been better... my friend used all the products the day after, following the instructions step by step... she got lots of compliments about how she looked that day... benefit really has some awesome products, the sample sizes were just disappointing... keeps me thinking if i should subscribe to BDJ or not...

  5. The deluxe foundation sample is pretty much the most valuable part of the box. Ditto on the disappointment of not having full-sized products or at least more deluxe samples. They've got some great new stuff in there, but I feel as though they weren't able to showcase the classics, so that users don't at least forget the fantastic cult-favorite staples they also sell.

  6. Aw..buti nalang i didn't subscribe this March. I also observed that that most brands of bdj give atleast one full size or atleast deluxe samples instead of sachets.. :(

  7. Was really disappointed with this months bdj box because of the sample sizes of the products and upon reading your post I discovered that the box that I received lacks 2 items from the one that you have...got more frustrated..

  8. Same here with Gellie, I have not tried subscribing to any beauty boxes. But based on the comments here, there should have more deluxe sample sizes in these boxes coz it's just right to enjoy the product for a few days. Diba? :)

  9. Anonymous: Awww, sorry to hear about that. :(

    Jesselle: Yup, I agree. BDJ has provided a lot of decent samples in their previous boxes so this one is forgivable. :)

    Matromao: Agree! They could've included Benetint, at the ver least. :) That's one good lip and cheek tint!

    Cat: Hmmm...if there's a way for you find out the contents of the next box, then check it out so you'll know if your subscription will be well worth. :)

    Sunshinegirl: Hi and welcome to my blog! Yeah, same sentiments. Oh well, next box! :D

    Gellie: BDJ is actually good naman. :) Hopefully, the next box is okay! :D


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