VMV Hypoallergenics Gentle and Softening Makeup Removing Oil Review

Here's a review on VMV Hypoallergenics Gentle and Softening Makeup Removing Oil.

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I've a reader who suggested Virgin Coconut Oil as a makeup remover as she claims that she's been using it for a long time. I used it before, actually, but I found it a lil' stubborn to rinse off that's why I still prefer using cosmetic cleansing oils, with plant extracts of course because I've proven that these extracts work very well on my skin.

Have you been using Coconut Oil as a makeup remover too, and have the same experience as mine? I've found a more easy-to-rinse alternative in VMV Hypoallergenics' Gentle and Softening Makeup Removing Oil.


VMV is one of the known and trusted skin care brands that utilize the power of Cocos Nucifera (Coconut). Coconut Oil is a natural wonder and it's prized for its intense softening, hydrating, anti- inflammatory and soothing properties. This product contains USDA- certified Organic Coconut Oil, and boosted with Hydrating Glycerin to help retain moisture and Green Tea for antioxidant benefits. It's allergen- free, great for sensitive skin, and excellent for dry skin. Just a piece of advice, not all Coconut Oils are created equal. I've read that there is really no standard to gauge "Virgin" Coconut Oil unlike Olive Oil so that means some brands may claim but in truth, they're offering adulterated oils or oils that have been stripped off its benefits. Just make sure you're getting it from a reputable source.


More about this moisturizing oil after the break!

My only issue is, the product doesn't come with a pump and VMV's not selling a separate one either. I always get more than what I need so I hope VMV will include a pump on the bottle in the next batches.

The product exactly feels and smells like natural Coconut Oil, so I'm relieved to know that it doesn't contain anything to mask the fragrance. It still has fragrance though, but it's naturally from Coconut Oil. 

I like the smell because it's so tropical and invigorating, and product's pretty concentrated so a dollop will go a long way. It's very effective in removing all traces of makeup, whether regular or waterproof, but it clouds my vision so I don't use it to remove mascara and eye liner. It really is smoothing and softening, and I could still feel those even when I've finally rinsed off the oil with facial cleanser, albeit it doesn't turn into a milky cleanser. Consistency is very rich, but it didn't aggravate my oily skin though. It's not as stubborn as natural Coconut Oil, but takes a while to remove if compared to other cosmetic cleansing oils, but bottomline, removal is not so tedious: just rinse with soap, rub for a few seconds, then you're good to go. If you're a fan of Coconut Oil, it wouldn't hurt to try this cleansing oil because it has added benefits and have been stabilized to suit sensitive skin, which is something that VMV Hypoallergenics is very good at.


Please visit VMV HYPOALLERGENICS PHILIPPINES for more information about this product.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love VMV but i hate the scent of coconut oil... :( when i use oils (coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.) as makeup remover, they do tend to cloud my vision too and it takes a while for me to see clearly again... i also have to thoroughly wash my face after because of the oily feeling... when removing makeup, i prefer non-oil based removers... i also like to use pond's cold cream...

  2. The current makeup remover I'm using is Pond's Makeup Remover which is not oil-based. I'm willing to give this one a try though because I really love VMV. I have also tried using cleansing oils on my face before and I love how they make my face feel really smooth afterwards. I've also heard of how effectively moisturizing coconut oil is. It's really cool that VMV has put coconut oil to good use here.

  3. I do love VMV, but I find the makeup remover quite expensive, for something that doesn't emulsify or rinse off cleanly. I've used coconut oil before, and I kind of love removing makeup using the oil cleansing method when I feel like pampering myself. It takes much longer, but I love the way my skin feels after the steam from the warm, damp towel melts the makeup off. It's not the 'squeaky' kind of clean, but my skin feels like it can finally 'breathe' if you know what I mean. I usually follow it up with a second cleanse using a non-foaming cleanser just to be sure.

  4. How nice if VMV to have cleansing oil made with coconut oil. :) i still have celeteque cleansing oil..it doesn't make my eyes blurry but it takes so much to remove all my make up..will try VMV once I finished my current brand. :)

  5. Thats a good makeup remover, perfect product to try out.

  6. I'm still using the Bifesta make up remover which I learnt from TBJ. It still gives me a refreshed feeling without blurring my vision. I also love the way my skin feels after.
    Ugh, a pump or even a small hole perhaps for this product might do the trick. Or maybe Ms. M, you can just transfer it to a more convenient container. ;)

  7. I've never tried VCO for makeup removal, but that's an interesting idea. So far, I've only used it on my hair as a night mask, but the scent isn't my thing. Still a fan of the dual phase makeup remover mainly because I can use it on waterproof eye makeup without any clouding vision or oily feel afterwards.

  8. Cat: Pond's cream is my eternal favorite! I prefer using oil makeup removers now, but I just can't seem to let it go! :)

    Matromao: Others use pure VCO as a makeup remover. :) Hmmm...wonder how it feels using VCO on the hair? :D

    Majorie: Cool! Yup, that's the plan, but I have travel-sized makeup removers and those will do!

    Roxanne: Cool! Hope you'll like it :)

    Kat C: Yup, and it's stabilized as well. :)


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