Easy Peasy Video Editing with Videoshop

I’ve been posting a lot of my workout vids on Instagram (if you’re following me, hope you’re not getting sick of it haha!) because I want to document my fitness journey which I called Road To Abs. Instagram only allows 15 seconds of worth of video so I can’t compile everything or make a decent, longer video.

I discovered Videoshop via a friend and I had to download it because it’s got some cool editing features that will allow me to make longer and nicer videos! Had to purchase it right away and thankfully, I have GCash Amex Virtual Pay right in my iPhone-no need to borrow someone else’s credit card!

Basically, Videoshop has trim, crop, and label, the basic features you need to come up with a nice video. You can also personalize your 15-second videos here before uploading on Instagram, and you can upload your work on Youtube and Facebook too!

By the way, I got Videoshop in the app store of iTunes. For U.S.-based apps, you have to register for an account in the U.S. version of iTunes to purchase such apps.

Lemme know if you’ve purchased this app for yourself. Gotta go now and edit more vids!

Please visit GCASH AMEX VIRTUAL PAY’s official website.

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