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It's already the fourth month of the new year. How are your goals, specifically your fitness goals? What's your progress? Have you started already? Regarding mine, I already lost 6 inches off my waist since I started working out in September and lost a total of 15-18lbs. Still have some stubborn fat on me and I'm not resting on my laurels-this is the time when I have to push harder, stronger, and faster because this is the time when the body will start strengthening its mechanism and that means it'll hold on to fat harder than before. Am I a Fitspiration already? Not yet. Still a work in a progress and I like to keep it that way so I'll be motivated for the rest of my life. :) 

Anyway! This is our topic for today: Fitness. Question is from Sandy. It's quite a read, but I'm sure you'll find it interesting or maybe some can relate to her situation. :)

Hi Ms. Martha, 
I've been an avid reader of your blog for almost a year and I really admire the way you write.  
Anyways, i've read your entry about doing barre3 last year for 2mos and i'd like to know if barre3 really helped you trim down the extra inches especially around the waist? I've gained so much weight and the fat I now have worries me so much that it'll affect me overtime. I am really interested with barre3 cause its a mix of yoga, pilates and ballet, all of which i'm eager to try to help me slim down and be fit again. Can you give Updates with the progress you've had while doing barre3 for how many months? And what other workouts would you suggest (crossfit etc.) and the diet that can also help losing the extra tabs?  
Personally, i dont like being in a regular gym cause 1.) i get uncomfortable with so many guys also working out around me. Maybe cause i came from an exclusive school for girls and that affected how i'd like my environment be when i'm sweating out (it's kind of awkward when guys are there and all of you are sweating like a pig. Haha. Im just used to having girls around) 2.) I also get easily bored with routines 3.) Call me "maarte" (this is a confession) but the OC in me hates it when other people's sweat comes in contact to my skin. I know it's inevitable when you workout with others but if it can be minimized and/or controlled it'll be a delight. I've read in you blog that barre3 sanitizes their equipments after every use and this is a plus factor for me.  
I promised myself that this year that id be back in tiptop shape. Im sure a lot of ladies are being overwhelmed and confused with the variety of workouts available these days and what's the best for them. Hope you can answer this. It will surely help a lot of people who would want to have a healthier lifestyle. 
Thank you and God bless! 

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Hi Sandy!

Before I start, I would like to say that I have much respect for you-because you're finally taking the baby steps to becoming a healthier person. I respect anyone who wants to take charge of their lives and who is willing to change for the better.

Also, I would like to tell you that the road to fitness is NEVER EASY. It's hard. In fact, it could be so, so hard, you'll cry and be tempted to just throw in the towel. But just keep pushing yourself. Nothing worth having comes easy. Those who work hard will reap the rewards in the end-cliche, but true.

I did Barre3 for around three months before saying goodbye. Don't get me wrong, it's a good workout-it's challenging. I lost around 2-3 inches off my waist because it's heavy on core work, but my upper body became a little chunky because the muscles got bigger and even though the fat was melting, it was pretty slow. Barre3, in my opinion, is not really optimal for fat and weight loss. (They will even tell you this upon registration) It's more for flexibility and strengthening the muscles, (Just learned that there's no such thing as toning-you only grow or shrink muscles that's it!) but eventually, you will lose weight because it makes you exert effort-anything that makes you exert effort helps you torch calories. Fat and Weight Loss will take a while with Barre3 though that's why even the trainers will recommend that you take it with something else, specifically anything Cardio because it is no secret that Cardio is the best workout to torch fat aside from Strength Training.

Also, I like my workouts rugged, punishing, and manly. I like lifting weights, doing explosive workouts, and panting like a dog at the end of each workout that's why I started drifting away from Barre3-I found it too relaxed for my liking. But I won't lie, it still challenged the shizz out of me, but I really like it tough.

If you need to lose weight around the waist, do an overall body workout such as planks, battle ropes, burpees, push ups, or anything body weight- related, cardio- related or strength-related. Those crunch workouts? They're for resistance. (This is a new finding) No such thing as spot fat loss-you will only lose belly fat by losing overall body fat. I would suggest Cardio coupled with Barre3 so you can work on your muscles as well. Most of Barre3's students are girls and their studio is one of the nicest workout venues I've been to so if you're more comfy with girls and a little OC about cleanliness, you will love it here. 

But if you would allow me to give you unsolicited advice, I'd say get out of your comfort zone. :)

This is the workout I'm doing now and I'm in love with it.

I started with Boxing in Elorde in September. It's an intense Cardio workout and dang, that helped me slim down fast. I only did it for three months though because I started getting carpal injuries-this is the risk in any contact sport. It's also good that I did Boxing for a while because it's sort of a prelude to this workout that I think I can do for the rest of my life:

#FaceOfTheDay Lulz. Srsly, guys, getting into shape is THIS hard.


They said this is the toughest workout, at least in Elorde Arnaiz Makati. It's basically Strength and Conditioning Training mixed with workout routines from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and even NFL (National Football League). Strength and Conditioning combines Plyometrics, TRX Training, Lifting, and Body Weight exercises. First time I tried it, I felt like dying, but afterwards, I felt so glorious that I had to do it again, and again, and again, and now, it's the only workout I do. Three times a week. One week of doing S and C, I lost half an inch off my hips. (Coupled with a diet, of course)

How does it work? If you're a first- timer, you start with 5-minute workouts with 5-minute intervals in between and this may last for up to 1 1/2 hours. On my second month, I did athletic strength and conditioning already (1 hour maximum), which is its MOTHEREFFIN' SONOFAGUN version. LOL! In the athletic version, all of the toughest moves are combined, you're required to do as many reps as possible, and one routine may last for as long as 20 minutes. I started with 15 straight minutes and right now, I'm doing 20 straight minutes. The most athletic version only lasts for 30 or 20 minutes, but no rests in between. :)

This is a badass workout, I kid you not. It's so hard, but so rewarding because now I feel stronger and faster, and I look leaner and of course, I lost A LOT of weight and fat. I've been on it for almost four months now and my weekly routine is like this: Monday- Power (Lifting and Body Weight Exercises); Wednesday- Power Lifting + Power Cardio; Friday- Athletic Strength and Conditioning. I have at least one Athletic S and C per week because it's the ultimate fat burner-I can choose to do it everyday or replace my Monday and Wednesday workouts with it, but I prefer not to because the risk of injury is too high. As you go on in your fitness journey, you will learn the value of rest and recuperation. So I tell you, RESPECT THE REST.

I'm in love with this workout and I don't care if I've been spending a lot on this. Strength and Conditioning is not just a workout-it's an overall discipline. In here, I have learned to not give up, to PUUUSSSHHH forward, and to just be positive all the way, not to mention it's so tough and rugged, my ideas of a perfect workout. ;) It's so varied too and you never really get used to the exercises, that's why you won't encounter the word BORING in this workout-As you get stronger, the workout gets harder, which is really the perfect recipe for losing weight and fat, and becoming a fitter person!

If you want to challenge yourself and your limits, I suggest give Strength and Conditioning a try. Don't worry, they won't bust you in the beginning. All workouts will be scaled down to your capabilities and eventually, you will progress. (You have to!)

Crossfit and a 75-lb. barbel. :p


Can't say a lot about this workout as I tried it only once. Based on my first trial, it's also super challenging, rugged, and tough, and kinda' the same with Elorde's Strength and Conditioning. :) If you want to challenge your limitations, Crossfit is a good workout to consider also, not to mention their gym is fab and the workout tools are nice.

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 I tried 8 diets in the last 5 years or so: Dukan Diet, Flat Belly Diet, Skinny Bitch, 4-Hour Body, No Rice Diet, Before 6 Diet, ABS POWER Diet, and Cheat To Lose Diet. Right now, I'm doing Feast Your Fat Away by Nate Miyaki together with my Boyfriend. It basically includes intermittent fasting and has some concepts from the Warrior Diet-it is even dubbed as a hybrid of Paleo. In a nutshell, Feast Your Fat Away suggests have a no- carb, high fat and protein meal in the morning and eat your carbs at night, preferably after working out. Before you go and say "OH NO, CARBS AT NIGHT? THAT'S WRONG!" Miyaki suggests that the body's fat burning prowess is at its highest during daytime (Read: You burn fat even while you're sitting down), but if you eat anything starchy, your insulin gets spiked and your body's effortless fat burning state is effed up as insulin sensitivity peaks during daytime. When night falls, insulin sensitivity is at its lowest and if you eat carbs, it won't spike insulin too much, provided that you go no-carb, high fat and protein during daytime. This diet is pretty tough in the beginning-imagine going through your day without eating those sweet, succulent carby stuff, but in time, you'll get used to it. That is, if you're really serious about it.

I've come to realize that there is no perfect diet-the perfect diet is the one that works for you. You can be a vegan, a breatharian, a carnivore, an Atkins head, a Cohen zealot or whatever, but what's important is you eat healthy 90% of the time. The 10% is for cheat meals aka Heavenly Eating (the opposite of Healthy Eating lulz). Give yourself some time to celebrate and remember to not adjust your life to your diet, but the other way around-this way, you can stick with it for life. And also, eat an amount that's only enough to keep you satisfied!

Feast Your Fat Away is targeted to fat loss so this is something that I will recommend if you want to lose excess fat.

Hope you find this post worthwhile! Just a little take-away for you, Sandy:

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Good luck on your fitness journey! :D Remember, just: PUUUUUUUSSSHHHHH! :D

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  1. And nkw i thunk this is my favorite oost ever!!!! Pag graduate ko dto dadayuhin ko ang makati to go to ur gym! I have skinny girl problems im trying to gain mass and mhscle. Im doing p90x now and eating a lot. Seriously eating is a serious beusiness! This is so very inspiring miss m!!! Rock on!

  2. Wooooooooow!!!This is really inspiring especially this line: "remember to not adjust your life to your diet, but the other way around"
    Thank you so much Ms. Martha! I'll start having a healthy lifestyle again. (I've been busy and forgot my fitness goal hmm) By the way, Ms. Martha, how many hours do you sleep per day to regain your energy?

  3. Now I appreciate much my body coz I'm skinny.Don't need to go through the process.The only problem is my tummy,medyo malaki so I get to exercise every other day.I do sit-ups and bangon-higa which I think effective sya kc medyo lumiit na.Pwede rin siguro i try ung mga slimming tea/ coffee pra di na mahirapan.hihi

  4. hi martha!!! super love this post! I actually have joint issues (the perks of being matanda :)) I will be doing Aqua Zumba soon...but I am wondering how much is in Elorde? I have never to a gym quite franky :( Oh and another one hehehe...where can we buy Mario Badescu products? I am intrigued with their moisturizer with spf...thank you Martha! love your blog!!!

  5. i see your workout posts on IG and i'm so jelly, but i also am in awe... my main exercise for about 3 years now (but sometimes i have months where i just stop) is jogging... sometimes it gets boring, sometimes i get a runner's high... it depends really... now, i'm planning to do focus t25... what you said about diets is true... there's no one perfect diet... everybody's body works in a different way so it really depends... thanks for posting workout pics on IG, it really inspires me to workout too...

  6. ELoise: You're welcome! Glad to see you here. :D

    Cat: YOu're welcome. Keep on pushing! :)

    Leilani: Hi there! Mario Badescu is around P700.00++, if I'm not mistaken, and you can find it in Rustan's. Elorde's initial membership fee is 1k and that's lifetime already. Boxing is 200php/session, muay thai is 350php/session, strength and conditioning is 500php/session. (member rates)

    Elsie: Oh I wouldn't recommend slimming teas, capsules, coffees, and whatnots. Read my blog post about the truth on slimming pills, and read the comments of the users there also. :) Exercising is not just for losing weight, it's for becoming healthy too so even if you're skinny, I think you will still benefit from exercising. :)

    Yan: I try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. :)


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