SKINWHITE POWERWHITENING LOTION: Whiter skin in a jiffy? It’s possible!

Sometimes, we all wish that things could just happen in an instant because really, we dread waiting, not to mention being in limbo is one of the worst feelings ever. When it comes to skin and body care, most of the time, I fantasize that I get perfect skin a day after applying a promising product. Sounds pretty ideal, but with the advancements we have today? Nothing’s impossible.

Speaking of advancements, have you heard about SkinWhite’s new PowerWhitening Lotion? Yes, it’s another whitening lotion, but what makes it exceptional is it gives you a fairer complexion in as little as one minute. Don’t believe me? Check out my photos below in a bit, but for now, let’s take a look at this new innovation.

 SkinWhite’s been around, but thought of talking about the brand especially to the uninitiated. SkinWhite is one of the known local brands for skin whitening and they developed PowerWhitening Lotion to cater to the whitening needs of women today-Because we live in a fast- paced world and we always prefer products that provide quick solutions. This product features a combination of Vitamins B3, B5, and E, and SPF 20 to protect the skin.

I believe this product is a breakthrough in the drugstore whitening lotion category as it’s prolly the first one to have a unique, opacifying formula that whitens skin instantly after application-it’s like a body foundation that helps minimize the presence of dark patches and uneven skin tone. It also acts as a ‘cover up’ by imparting a tinted layer on your skin. This product would be really handy to fair- skinned ladies who are suffering from such problems! It also promises to give you beautiful, blush white skin in just 7 days so if you want to have fairer skin and you want it now, this could be your potential solution!

Check out my Before-After photos with this product after the jump!

To fully experience the instant whitening effect of this product, apply around two layers and allow to dry for at least a minute.

Right Arm: Without lotion
Left Arm: With Lotion

Check out my left arm. It did get a little fairer, right?

 The product gives a nice sheen to the skin and it’s pretty light and fast- absorbing, but don’t apply so much though-two layers are enough for you to see the difference. Overall finish is dewy and it moisturizes continuously. If you sweat profusely, you might want to get the travel- sized bottle so you can reapply it whenever you please.

 It’s one of those products that makes you go ‘WOW’ as it’s one of a kind. I went around the house, testing it on my family and yep, they all had the same reaction! :D PowerWhitening Lotion comes in two sizes: (Information and retail prices needed). You can readily purchase it from any supermarket, drugstore, and department store. Anybody here who has tried this lotion? Please share your experience!

Please visit SKINWHITE on Facebook for more information about this product.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Skin White and The Beauty Junkee

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been really intrigued about this ever since I saw it from the commercial, does the whitening effect last long or is it just temporary? I really need a product like this in my life!

  2. Skinwhite! I've been using this lotion since College and I gotta say that they're one of the best whitening lotions there is! Meanwhile, this particular lotion, the powerwhitening, which I've also have been using with my block and white lotion is also one of their best.
    I remember when I just got back from a trip from Zambales, my back got really burnt because I forgot to apply sunblock before hitting the waters. When I got back and used this product, I was surprised because in a span of a week or two, my sunburn was almost gone. Halos pantay na ung kulay ng balat ko sa likod, hehe.

  3. =O wow! meron din ba para sa face?

  4. Instant results and long lasting difference starting 7 days? You already got me with the vitamins infused in it. I wonder what exact formula is it that makes it effective.

  5. wow, the result is amazing! skin whitens after 1 minute, it is a must try! :)

  6. I was really thinking if I should by this at mercury before.. Until I found and read your review, now it captured my attention. Will buy now na talaga. Love the results Ms. Martha!

  7. OMG. I should have this since I'll be spending my one week vacation in the beach/pool.

    Super duper thanks for posting this :))
    Godbless! <3

  8. Yes, been using this one and other variants of Skinwhite.It really whitens/lightens my skin.

  9. Did not have the best experience with this brand. I had some sort of allergic reaction that caused dry patches of skin on my legs. The same thing happened to an aunt. To be fair, I think their formula is potent that way. Depende lang nga kung hiyang...

  10. i've tried this through Sample Room last year... it does give an instant whitening effect... but the smell is very overpowering for me... i gave it away because of the scent...

  11. Mouchan: Wow! Thanks for sharing your insight. That says a lot about the product. Hmmm...I should try applying it religiously on my knees! :)

    Cat: Awww...I like the scent though hehe. :)

    Matromao: So all boils down to skin-product chemistry!

    Elsie: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Knickknacksnix: You're welcome. :)

    Aegeanne: Welcome! let me know how it works for you :)

    Issa: Yup! :)

    Majorie: I guess it's the Powerwhitening complex and Vitamin B3. :) Haven't been using it consistently so I haven't experienced its total effect!

    Laarni: I think there's none. :/

    Kat C: It whitens instantly and temporarily, but if you use it long enough, it guarantees some permanent whitening effect. :)

  12. bought this already :))) pero di ko pa nattry :)

  13. This is a must try for those who hit the beach and got burned. Heheh and I also think that you are really not into whitening because the pinay skin suits you well. Is it sticky? I might replace my empty whitening lotion if this is not sticky to use during daytime.

  14. wow this product is amazing! you get instant results in just two layers. this is perfect for those who got tan lines like me. i will definitely try this. after maubos ng vaseline instant fair works lotion ko :)

  15. Effective sa akin ito! Basta maganda yung glow ng skin. Pero I'm willing to try other brands of instant whitening lotions when I finish this. But for the spf20 and its efficacy, this product is a good buy!


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