Snoe Hair Heroes Intense PM Repair Review

Here's a review on Snoe Hair Heroes Intense PM Repair.

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I always wake up with frizzy, dry hair just because I wash it every single day, of pillow friction, plus the dryness air-conditioning gives so I have included a night-time leave in for my hair in my routine. I still prefer anything oil- based because its hydrating effects are unmatched and as much as possible, I want it with Argan Oil because I'm a witness to its softening and reparative properties. Argan Oil is arguably the latest miracle in the world of hair care, but it could get so pricey. Thankfully, there's Snoe Hair Heroes Intense PM Repair-it gives me what I want without requiring me to spend so much!


Intense PM Repair is a no-rinse leave- in that promises to repair and restore hair as you sleep. It also comes with a Day Serum counterpart as well. It has the same scent as my favorite Hair Heroes Conditioner, and this is the main reason why I dig this thang!

This product combines two natural wonder, Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil. Check out what they can do for your hair.

Other ingredients include: Cyclopentasiloxane, Fragrance.

Know what keeps me from having that frizzy, bed hair after the cut!

It's a light type of oil with a pretty strong sillage-could be off-putting for some, but I like it anyway especially since I do not rinse my hair at night and I need the fragrance to rid my hair of the odor of pollution and sweat before I hit the sack. It's very moisturizing, non-heavy and works as a detangler as well for both fine and thick hair, although girls with kinky and curly hair may need to use more of it. It gets absorbed quickly, thanks to Cyclopentasiloxane. 

Product is dispensed through an atomizer and it's inevitable that you'll get oily residues on your furniture as you spray it onto your hair so I make sure I'm in the bathroom when I'm using it and in my opinion, it works better on dry hair though!


Because Bed Hair doesn't have to look freaky!

One bottle can last for up to 3 months or so, depending on usage. I'm near the bottom already and I use it every day and every night. True enough, it battles frizz and it even softens my hair that it doesn't get tangled up in the shower. I'll buy it again, for realz, because it's affordable and works just fine. How about you? Are you fond of night time treatments for the hair? :)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha! How big is the bottle? P 249 is a reasonable price as I've used another brand of hair oil at 40ml in the same price range. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas about this product..Im so sick and tired of my dull,frizzy,dry hair plus the fact that I have this falling hair.I'll try this out.Thanks Ms. Martha

  3. does it seep through your pillow cases? well, you said it gets absorbed very quickly, so i think not... :D i do use oils on my hair as an overnight treatment too when i'm not too lazy to apply them at night.. i use sunflower oil, coconut oil, and argan oil interchangeably...

  4. I do not use night treatments on my hair but I think I have to start doing it. My hair gets tangled up and it also results to falling hair.... this product is very affordable! thanks for sharing....

  5. I dont usually wash my hair at night but when I do i put on some sunflower oil and I also love it. I think I have to consider this one because my hair has split ends and I always cut it to avoid those.

  6. I dont usually wash my hair at night but when I do i put on some sunflower oil and I also love it. I think I have to consider this one because my hair has split ends and I always cut it to avoid those.

  7. Matromao: If I remember it correctly, it's about 50ml. :) Volume difference with what you're using is just minimal though, but 10ml is still 10ml! :)

    cincincin: Hi and welcome to my blog! :) I get split ends too, but I find that this product helped minimized that problem. :)

    Cat: Good question. Nope, it doesn't because in about 5 minutes, it's completely dry already. :)

    Issa and Elsie: Welcome! :)

  8. wow.. very affordable price that can last up to 3months..i used other hair oil brands but after a couple of hours my hair get backs to frizz again.. thanks for posting this review.. i will switch to this product..


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