Estēe Lauder Technique: Long-Wearing Smoky Eyes

Lately, I'm trying to recall all the nifty makeup techniques I've learned in makeup classes with pros-I'll be sharing 'em all here. Today, I'll let you know how to cop a long- wearing, easy smokey eye makeup look, the Estēe Lauder way. :)


Liquid Concealer
Powder Eyeshadow

I chose to wear a smokey gray eye today. You can use other colors and other brands with this tutorial too!

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STEP 1: Using the eyeliner, draw a circle on your hand and fill in the center. Next, take some concealer and put it beside the eyeliner swatch.

STEP 2: Dab your middle finger on the concealer and then on the eyeliner. Mix the two until they're blended well and increase the amount of concealer gradually just in case you want your concoction to have more slip in it.

STEP 3: Using your finger again, dab the mixture on your lids and blend from the lower lash line until the above crease. Blend evenly.

 STEP 4: Grab a blender brush and dab onto your preferred powder eyeshadow color.

STEP 5: Apply the powder eyeshadow on your lids. This is to set the mixture we made a while ago.

Tadah! Now we have the classic smokey eye. It's a super easy technique and is very useful for those who don't have an eye primer on hand. The concealer and eyeliner, when mixed together, will form a hard, no- budge layer that's pretty similar to a primer. If you have oily lids, just opt for a long-wearing concealer and waterproof eyeliner. Let me know how this technique works for you! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The smokey eye has been a big style since like forever and I don't think it well ever go out of style :) I love wearing a smokey eye makeup whenever I have to attend something fancy. It adds a bit of drama and I really love the sexy hazy feel of it! :) I'll definitely try the eyeliner plus concealer trick you demonstrated <3

  2. This is awesome! I've always been afraid of doing smokey eyes, for fear of looking like a panda. This seems like a foolproof way to start!

  3. This is indeed a very unique way of making a smoky eyes. Eyeliner and concealer? I might as well try this in the future.

  4. Im gonna use this definitely in the future. I dont usually wear smokey eyes because Im no expert when it comes to that but now theres no reason not to sport a smokeys. Thanks for teaching a different and easier technique :)

  5. Omg! This is a very helpful tip especially for those whose barely knows much with eyeshadowing! Thank you, will definitely try this technique over the weekend! Do share more technique please? :D

  6. What an easy step to do for the ladies who want to have smokey eyes and they're running late for the party! =)) Well, that's what came to my mind. I will definitely follow that step from you and the pros. Can you also teach us how to have another kind of very sexy smokey eye look? ;)

  7. This is the first time I've seen this technique. Good one! Perhaps for those on a budget, instead of buying an entire palette for smoky eyes, why not work with what's already there and just invest in one good dark eyeshadow to finish the look? This is something I'd try on myself. :)


  8. wow this is amazing! I super like it and I will definitely try it.

  9. Glad you liked this post, girls! Will come up with more! :)


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