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Here's a review on Givenchy Play EDT.

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My motto in life has always been "Play as hard as you work." It's so easy to bury your nose in work, deadlines, and whatnots that we forget to play and have fun in our lives. Well, I fall prey to that kind of scenario too so when I have time to play, I make the most out of it and  make sure that I have so much fun that when it's time to go back to work, it's okay with me and I'm excited. And in cases when fun is needed in the middle of work, I just go for it! :D

But you can always mix play with work anytime and Givenchy's Play EDT reminds me that, thus I've been wearing it a lot to my meetings and events, and even on casual days. This fragrance is so versatile: it's serious but has a dash of fun!


Givenchy EDT is a lighter counterpart of the original Play fragrance. It's geared towards young, spontaneous women who are always up for a daring adventure.

More about this favorite of mine after the cut!


The top notes explode in an energizing and clean symphony of citrus, particularly white peach and white currant, but the scent ain't sour, but rather a tad sweet. The fragrance then opens up to the heart of licorice blossom and iris, which gives the fragrance a feminine yet playful appeal. The base note of Amyris Woods seals the fragrance and gives it a sexy yet modest allure. It's young, vibrant, casual, and cool, but love that it didn't end up smelling like a unisex summer fragrance! Wear time is very good: it lasts for up to 5 hours on me despite it being an EDT--that's usually my experience with Givenchy's fragrance-they're very long lasting!

This fragrance takes me back to romantic summer nights and carefree moments with friends. This is such an uplifting fragrance and it will definitely be my fragrant buddy when I'm off to an adventure!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I don't wear perfume that much but if I do, I opt for a crisp and clean scents almost like fresh laundry. I like smelling good (who doesn't?) but I like it simple and muted. I've had experiences when I would literally propel away from people because of how strong their fragrance is making it unattractive. And I don't want to give people that unpleasant strong smell as well. It's either I smell light, or don't smell at all.

    Just by reading the description of fragrances I feel like I can already smell them! :) I'm not a fan of playful sweet scents so I don't think this one is for me since I like mine simple and light like those Grace fragrances by Philosophy. :) :)

  2. When it comes to fragrances, I tend to gravitate towards citrus, white flower, and peach notes. I love that "amoy-malinis" factor with a hint of sweetness.

    I think the packaging this time around is a lot more fun and flirty than what Givenchy usually comes up with. It works because the fragrance itself seems to exude a certain youthfulness.


  3. Love how it looks like an Elegantly-designed Iphone. <3 Thanks for sharing this one, Will check this one out soon. :)

  4. Playful Appeal. Sexy. Modest Allure. These three are enough to gravitate someone like me to buy a fragrance! I am not really a fan of switching fragrances when I already found the perfect fit for me, not to mention a very sweet and classy vibe thing-o is what I'm always sporting ;) Basically, this GIVENCHY PLAY EDT can be my eye candy for now. Why? I simply want to experience that romantic summer of yours, sissy :> And also feel nostalgic from those childhood carefree days ♥

  5. Looks so elegant. I think I need to save to be able to try this.
    With you giving it a 5/5 in your experience, it's definitely something I should have.

  6. DearKaaat: Then you'll love this fragrance! It's light with just the right amount of warmth, but overall, it's a crisp scent. :)

    Zarah: Thanks! Hope you can check it out soon! :)

    Trish: True! The scent also reminds me of my childhood days, esp. the ones with my crushes around haha!

    Lei: LOL! An iPhone-that's a good one! :D

    Matromao: I think the packaging alone will appeal to the youth because like what Lei said, it looks like an iPhone haha!


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