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Revlon's always raising the bar for nail polishes that's why it's quickly becoming my most favorite brand of Nail Polish. I mean, c'mon, it's so affordable and colors are very trendy. Now add those two awesome characteristics with a dash of nail caring ingredients and you get Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel. Nail Polish with nail- fortifying ingredients? How can it get brilliant than that? :D


Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel-one of the latest nail products from the house of Revlon-delivers a dash of intense, pigmented color while strengthening, protecting, and nourishing weak, brittle nails at the same time.

Formula contains key ingredients such as plant and fruit oils to condition nails and calcium for strengthening benefits. Revlon said that it even contains a base and top coat for long- wearing color.

I don't know how many shades we have locally, but so far, I got 10! Click READ MORE for the swatches! :)



- Creamy white shade


- Duochrome baby pink and cream shade


- Sheer icy pink with silver shimmer


- Pale coral-pink with silver and baby blue shimmer


- Pastel Pink


- Neutral beige with an olive undertone


- Metallic Gray-silver shade


- Deep rose shade


- Electric Violet shade with blue-violet shimmer


- Steel Rose with silver and pink shimmer

The shimmery polishes have light to medium coverage, while the non-shimmery ones yield heavy coverage. It features a double applicator brush so you can cover your entire nail bed in one stroke. (I appreciate this feature!) The lighter, solid colors such as Embody yield a streaky finish though so you'd have to apply it carefully, or allow one layer to dry up for a bit before applying another one to get a much even payoff.

Consistency for all polishes is very smooth and thicker than regular polish, perhaps due to the base and top coat included in the formula. Despite the thick consistency, I didn't have a hard time using them. They're touch- dry after one minute and I like that the finish is very glossy, which takes out the need to apply a top coat!

I chose to wear Impress, my most favorite in my lot along with Fascinate, Magnetize, and Inspire. Here's what it looks like after almost a week:

I applied the polish without a separate top coat and base coat, and lookie! It's 90% intact! It's lackluster though because I slept 30 minutes after applying it and when I woke up, it was like this already. That said, you have to give it at least an hour to dry up completely. The polish on my other nails still look shiny by this time which goes to show that indeed, it contains a top and base coat in the formula!

I also noticed that my nails became much more resilient. The tips of my nails are pretty thin and brittle, but it surprisingly became thicker and stronger when I started wearing these polishes. Please take note that I've been wearing these polishes at least 1 month now.

I love these polishes because they're super affordable, colors are great, and I'm glad they strengthened my nails-now I don't have to worry about 'em so much when I'm working out. I just wish that the shimmery and lighter colors have better pigmentation though. Nonetheless, my nails are happy with them! :) 

So which shade are you digging? :)


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Nail polishes that nourish the nails! Now I'll be even more in love with painting my nails. Dazzle, Impress, and Inspire are my top 3 and I also like that you can use these alone without a base or top coat. Great review!

  2. Interesting. I haven't used any other nail polish brands save for the common one like Caronia. If this really does dry up easily upon application, I need to try this one out stat! Hope they also come in my favorite colors like Black or Blue or Purple. Thanks for the share Ms. M! :D

  3. Magnetize and Impress are the ones that struck out to me the best. I bet it'd look really great with a glossy top coat!

  4. Honestly, Revlon does well with nail colors. I've yet to go beyond my bottles of Sassy or Bobbie because of budget issues, but I like the colors Revlon has. They're very trendy and chic, plus I love the scented line they have.


  5. I love impress. Since I love nail art, I can use this as the background for my design. Also the consistency of the polish is good and will help my nail art to stay longer!

  6. Two thumbs up for the Revlon Nail polish :D The color is so elegant yet sweet :D

  7. wow a nail polish that nourishes the nails.. bago to ahh..i tried their nail polishes before. and i super like it.

  8. 90% intact? Girl, that is more like 100% time to start over. I have fallen asleep on my mostly dry nails too and always wake up to a hot mess.


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