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Here's a review on Benefit Big Easy in Beige 05.

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Sometimes, I wish life were easy so there'll be no more war, poverty, indifference, and so that moving on is just as easy as falling in love. Life's not designed to be that way, unfortunately, but this is what makes it beautiful. I know it could get pretty sucky at times, but overall, it's good, it's challenging, and it's an exciting ride that we all shouldn't miss. :D

Well if life can't be easy, at least our makeup should be! As I got older, I've learned to appreciate the value of getting primped and ready in a jiffy because I get to be more productive, thus I am always on the lookout for multitasking beauty products. I have a good find recently and it's Benefit's Big Easy. It's BB Cream, Sunscreen, skin care, and foundation in one product, and its semi- matte, long- wearing finish makes my everyday life so, so easy for me!


It's not BB Cream-it's Big Easy. Benefit calls their newest base product a 'Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector' as it's a little more than BB Cream, but not quite like foundation. It comes in five yellow- toned shades and claims to balance oil and moisture on the skin.


More about this quick and easy solution for healthy- looking, fresh, and protected skin!

Beige 05 is a warm beige shade with yellow undertones-shade is pretty okay on me, but I get a slight white cast due to the SPF 35 PA+++ content (and it's not flash photography- friendly). Texture is smooth and whipped, but it thins itself out when spread onto the skin and yields a weightless, light to medium coverage. It has no scent and I kinda' noticed that it has a slight cooling effect to the skin. It settles into a semi- matte, comfortable finish and is unscented. 

I would also like to commend its no nonsense consistency: you can either use a flat top brush, foundation brush, sponge, or your fingers and this baby will obey you, and you don't even need brilliant makeup skills to work it!


Two layers of Big Easy

If you don't have a lot of skin boo-boos to conceal, you can use it on its own as it can even out skin tone quite effectively and covers up light blemishes in a snap. If you're suffering from dark post- acne marks, a little help from concealer would be needed! No need to wait for it to settle because it does so a few seconds after buffing it onto your skin-you can even set it with powder right away. Finish is liquid to powder and I was told that you I can go about my day without setting it with powder. I tried it once and even before leaving the house, I felt that my face was starting to feel sweaty and warm already so I conclude that you must seal it with powder especially if you have oily skin. Don't know if it works differently for dry skin though!

It just disappears into a skin- like finish and gives my skin a dewy effect to boot. Wear time is very impressive as it takes me about 5- 6 hours before I retouch my T-Zone and it resists fading until the end of the day. However, it cannot withstand excessive sweat and oil (Wore it to a workout sesh and it faded!). The formula truly kept my skin balanced during wear, but those with dry skin may need to use a separate moisturizer. It's a daily, oily skin- friendly complexion enhancer that takes care of your skin's daytime needs: Sunscreen, coverage, and hydration. It's a good choice for those who find foundation too thick (from the coverage to the texture) and BB Cream too sheer, and those who prefer a fresh and soft all- day matte finish.


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm more of a BB cream girl but I would like to try this for more coverage. Does it takes time to set? Or it dries instantly to a powder finish?

  2. I've been wanting to read your detailed review about this product ever since you featured it on your May faves post earlier this month. I love the decent amount of coverage it gives based on the above photos. :)

  3. DearKaaat: Yup! It feels so comfy and love that it doesn't fade!

    Majorie: Nope, it doesn't. Yes, it dries almost instantly into a powdery finish. :)

  4. Ohh! You need to apply twice if you want to cover pimpie!.


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