Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipsticks.

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One could always use another moisturizing lipstick and Colour Collection just did a brilliant move: they have combined their Lip Therapy Argan Oil with a couple of pigments, and voila! We have Colour Collection Lip Perfection with Argan Oil.


This product is the newest offering of Colour Collection. It marries luscious pigments and the superior healing and moisturizing prowess of the precious Argan Oil from Morocco. It also contains Vitamin F for skin elasticity, twice the amount of Vitamin E for skin renewal (thanks to Argan Oil), and Squalene for antioxidant and moisture- retaining benefits. It comes in five shades.


More about this lipstreatment (lipstick + treatment because I love inventing terms just like that haha!)  and swatches when you click READ MORE!

The shades I got are the following: (L-R) Bella, Amore, Crema



- Crema is a blushing pink shade with a light coral undertone.

Crema is a fresh and pretty shade, perfect for school. I find that it looks great on warm skin tones despite its lightness.


- A sheer, true red shade.

Amore has the most uneven payoff between the three, but I find that this flaw gives it a unique appeal after all: the sheer, unfinished effect makes it suitable for young gals (and makes mature gals look even younger), and it also reminds me of the 'just bitten' lip looks of those Korean stars.


- A warm rose shade with pink undertone.

Bella is my most favorite among the three! It's a kind of rose that doesn't make you look old and I love how it makes my skin tone look blushing. Such a perfect everyday lip color!

Consistency is smooth and watery, just like tinted lip balm (but has better color coverage). Coverage of the lipsticks is light to medium and it softens lips almost instantly. It gets rid of rough, flaky patches and keeps lips soft the whole day, although staying power is not so good due to its formula, but this isn't really a big issue for me. Also, I believe that the overall quality and finish of these lipsticks will truly appeal to the young (and the young at heart).

If you're a fan of Colour Collection's lipsticks just like moi, then you should check this out if you're looking for a lip product that goes beyond coloring your puckers.

Btw, which shade has captured your heart? :)


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I also love the Bella shade! Not too red, yet not too nude as well. It kinda looked like a lip stain rather than a lipstick, but that's perfectly fine. I love that it makes the lips smooth, because some of the lipsticks sip in between the lip cracks. :/ It makes the lips more dry. I hope they'll release more shades in the future and improve the sheerness of the colors. :)

  2. I liked the Bella shade too! Looks really natural on you. Also, I really like your eyebrows.

  3. i think the lippy is so moist i thought you put lipgloss

  4. The crema looks lovely.. you look young and fresh with crema. I have some I got from Sample Room too. Haven't swatched it yet, only amore. I use two different lipstick a day and just layer it, looks better than using a single shade.

  5. I am using this in Bella shade pero sad to say it dont last long, you need to retouch i think very after 5 hours? I hope they'l have a Matte one para it'll last long. More power and Godbless! xoxo


  6. Abegaill: If you have dry lips and lip cracks, this should be good for you! :)

    Teri: Thanks! :D how do you find it? :)

    Darlene: It's a moisturizing lipstick that's why it doesn't last long- this is often the case with such lipsticks. :)

    Chel: Thanks, dear! :D

    Rosemarie: Nope, that's just the lipstick! :D

  7. The Amore shade looks good on you Ms. Martha! :)


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