Fresh Releases from K-Palette, Max Factor, Covergirl, and L'Oreal!

Hear ye, hear ye, some of today's well- loved brands have released more lovable items, thus we have more reasons to love them! :)

Starting with K-Palette!

K-Palette is further strengthening their authority on anything eyebrow grooming- related with the new Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara. Made with beauty essences and a 24-hr. formula, this product colors your brows and nourishes it all at once. It features a shower head brush applicator that prevents the product from staining the skin, combs hair strands into place, and deposits color gradually and evenly for pro- looking beauty arches. Shades come in Light Brown (for light brown hair) and Natural Brown (for dark brown hair), and retails at P595.00.

Similarly, K-Palette has released a new and improved version of the Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pens. This time, the powder is much fluffier, thereby allowing better blending. The shades Chocolate Brown and Honey Brown have been discontinued already, and were replaced with the following: Light Brown (replaces Honey Brown), Natural Brown (replaces Chocolate Brown), and the limited edition Grayish Brown shade (for black hair-it's still priced at P950.00! Visit K-PALETTE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these new products.

See what Max Factor and Covergirl are offering when you click READ MORE!

Oh did you know that Lipfinity Lip Colour is one of Max Factor's global best- sellers? Lipfinity is a backstage and dresser staple, and well- loved by pros and daily women alike for its high impact, long- lasting color coverage and shine. This two- step lip product features exclusive, innovative formulas:

Base Color- The secret to its lasting power and payoff is a silicone base coat that prevents color transfer while the flexible dimethicone layer prevents caking, feathering, and imparts a smooth, comfortable feel-it also features a bullet- shaped applicator for an effortless, even application.

Top Coat- Acts as a gloss/sealant to impart shine and lock in moisture.

Lipfinity promises 24-hr. color and shine that needs no retouching!

This season, Max Factor releases 20 fresh colors in the Lipfinity range. You have choices from captivating corals to alluring reds to shocking pinks, and to deep plums.

Lipfinity retails at P775.00 and you can find it in all Max Factor counters in leading local supermarkets. Visit MAX FACTOR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

Before, there was only the crowd favorite Lash Blast Volume. Now, Covergirl presents three more mascara variants that will perfectly match your lash needs: There's LashBlast Length, LashBlast Fusion (Volume+Length+Curl), and Clump Crusher (Volume+Length). Just visit COVERGIRL PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these new mascaras!

L'Oreal has gathered some of the world's most beautiful stars for this grand collaboration: Collection Star. A series of Asia- exclusive lipstick shades, L'Oreal breaks away from the traditional vampy look of Fall by introducing five Filipina skin- flattering nudes that make a subtle statement.

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes, Actress/Singer/Entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez, Hollywood star Gong Li and Fan Bingbing, and fashion icon Sonam Kapoor have inspired the shades of Collection Star.

L-R: Doutzen Kroes (Barely Pink), J.Lo (Barely Nude), Fan Bingbing (Barely Coral), Gong Li (Barely Moka), and Sonam Kapoor (Barely Plum)

Each shade resonate the nuance and sensibilities of each icon: Doutzen is fresh and ethereal, J.Lo is natural and fierce, Fan Bingbing is subtle and elegant, Gong Li is earthy and grounded, and Sonam is chic and feminine-choose one that best represents your style and beauty aspirations. Color Riche Collection Star lipsticks retail at P625.00 each and you can find them in leading drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores. Visit L'OREAL PARIS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

All collections are so enticing that I can't think of any to prioritize on a review! Do help me decide by suggesting which collection should I review first on the comment section below! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love K-Palette but i just think it's really expensive :<
    The L' Oreal lipstick set you got is absolutely pretty!

  2. Wow! Information overload! Haha
    So many new and promising products!
    So excited with the upcoming reviews :D
    - Brow is my thing so pls make a review on the K-Palette
    new and improved version of the Real lasting 2-way Eyebrow Pens & Real lasting eyebrow mascara first!
    I love how fluffier powder and better blending sound! Yay.

  3. Nikki: Thanks for dropping by! :)

    Betsy: I'm actually loving the k-palette brow mascara and I'm reviewing it soon! :D

  4. I would like to try the max factor lipfinity. Please have a review on that. Thank you.

  5. I want to try K-Palette's eyebrow pencil. and oh. the maxfactor lip colours are to die for!

  6. Super love the colors of the lipfinity range. :) Perfect for parties. I also love the Collection Star lipsticks. So classy. :)

  7. Lipfinity Lip Colour looks interesting... It's one of the kind of pink I want. Looking forward for you upcoming review..

  8. ASDFGHJLKL COVERGIRL!!! Always reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres & Sofia Vergara. And Emma Stone & Olivia Wilde. Hihi :))Hoping to try LashBlast Fushion!


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