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I’ve finally decided that I want a certain look for my Instagram profile and that is light, dreamy, and a tad bit colorful. Well, the OC in me just kicked- in that’s why!

To help me with this, I bought a couple of apps using my Globe Gcash Amex Virtual Pay. My recent app purchase is Afterlight.

Afterlight was just recommended by an acquaintance-we got into a conversation and we talked about random stuff. When we finally started talking about Instagram, of course the usual “here’s my account” line was brought up. She showed me her page and I fell in love with the brightness and liveliness of her photos. I asked her about the app she’s using and she said Afterlight. When I got home, I looked for it in the app store and downloaded it right away! Afterlight is a photo editor that makes pictures look brighter and even makes them look as if they were shot by a DSLR-it’s also a fabulous photo editing app to download if you’re into faded, nostalgic photos!

Here's a sample of a photo edited using Afterlight.

I also purchased music using Gcash Amex Virtual Pay for my workout. I love the gym that I’m currently working out in, but I have this love-hate relationship with their playlist so the practical choice is to just curate my own.

Thank God for smartphones-it literally brought entertainment to my fingertips.

So what do you like buying in the app store? :D

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Afterlight! And Rookie too. Those are my fave Paid editing photo apps :)

  2. I love buying photo editing apps, games, music and ebooks. But definitely, I buy games the most. I just can't live without games. It helps me be awake during boring times. :) I love to read as well especially during travel. On my wee hours, I make sure I read at least 10 pages of a book.

  3. Since I'm an Android user, I just use Snapseed, it's an awesome and easy photo editing tool, which is free. hehe

  4. OoooH nice ! There are SO many photo apps that I love ( FOTOR, VSCOCam, AfterFocus etc etc) but I love new apps...promptly bought afterlight now lol. Thanks for the recommendation:) HowDoesDeeDoit

  5. Hey girls! Thanks for sharing your picks! :)

  6. Im also using Snapseed too like Hollie does. It's a nice photo editing app and free too. I like how I can adjust photo brightness thru this app especially those photo taken against the light. ^_^

  7. I'm a bibliophile so I purchase a few books with it!:)

  8. I love Afterlight too! My photos look a lot nicer when using this. I'm really glad I bought it. :)

  9. i'm really a cheapskate! i never ever buy any apps or games... i like free games, or waiting for paid games to be free... :P anyway, i love editing photos with Snapseed... :D


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