K-Palette Real Lasting Brow Mascara in Light Brown 101 and Natural Brown 102 Review + Swatches

Here's a review on K-Palette Real Lasting Brow Mascara in Light Brown and Natural Brown.

Price: P595.00/each
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I have pretty bushy brows and color is black. My problem sometimes with it is all brown- toned (even light browns) brow products would appear dark brown or even black on me. I use brown- colored brow products because I want my brows to match my hair color (aside from the fact that this color makes me look younger), but that's nearly impossible because my thick, black- colored brow strands get in the way most of the time and it gets frustrating. This is where brow mascaras come handy and this is why I'm currently loving K-Palette's Real Lasting Brow Mascaras: they're long- lasting and give my brows a lovely brown tint.


This brow mascara promises to give you long- lasting colored brows with its 24- hour formula, plus its nourishing essences to care for your brows. This product comes in two colors only: Light Brown 101 and Natural Brown 102.


Achieve that gorgeous, soft brown beauty arches after the jump!

K-Palette said that what makes this product unique is its shower head applicator. At first, I thought it was a little weird and hard to use (read: clump galore), but I actually realized that it makes the work even easier.

The brow mascara's brush head compared to Fairy Drops Mascara's wand

It's a tiny oval- shaped brush that conveniently fits any brow shape. The gaps between the teeth absorb the excess gunk, thus controlling the amount of mascara I apply on my brows. Since it's technically a brush (just a teeny weeny version of the paddle brush for our crowning glories), it does what brushes are supposed to do and that is to comb hair strands into place. Also, the brush applicator only grabs the brow strands and I don't get mascara stains on my skin.

Light Brown is a very light brown shade with a strong golden yellow undertone and Natural Brown is a midtone brown with a slight red undertone. Consistency is smooth cream and coverage is sheer to medium. The products contain micro shimmers and I actually like its universally sheer (but pigmented enough to give your brows a different hue) formula because it never looks weird in case I use too much. It dries up pretty quickly though and needs to be removed with a makeup remover in case you accidentally stain the skin around your brows, but at least you know that this thing is truly waterproof!


Natural Brown turns my brow products into my preferred shade and that is a nutty shade of brown.

Light Brown does lighten up the brows, but does not wash 'em out or make 'em appear thinner. This is best for you if you want that golden brown hue for your brows.

I like this product very much because both shades are universal hues of brown and they appear true when applied to the brows. Staying power and color adherence are very good, but doesn't give you that crusty, flaky, and hard- looking brows. And since I mentioned that its consistency is sheer, this is not an ideal product to use in making thin brows appear thicker-I believe it's just meant for temporarily changing the color of the brows. That said, you have to mix it with a more pigmented brow product and it's great for gals with slightly thick brows like me. I'll buy it again!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The brow mascara really did improve the appearance of your brows, Martha :)

    The Natural Brown one really suits you, and you can use that also if you want to go for the power brow look. The light brown naman for "bait-baitan" look hehehe:)

  2. I love the outcome on you. It really matches your hair color. :) Unfortunately/fortunately for me, I'm not using mascara as my lashes are long and dense enough to stay as is. :) I just use an eyelash curler to emphasize my eyes. :) I agree with you, most mascaras are in black or leaning to black. So the shades from K-Palette are really good. :)

  3. Hi Martha! Have you tried bleaching your brows? Jolene is a good brand of DIY eyebrow (and facial hair) bleaching. :)

  4. The applicator looks so weird. o__o It kind of reminds me of a toothbrush. But hey, if it works, why not! Hahaha. Looks like an interesting buy. :) P.S. Your brows look so good in these pics. <3

  5. I guess that tiny brush makes it easier to apply the product than the spoolie type applicator.

  6. The tiny, tiny applicator is a wonderful idea. When I first started using brow products, I got a brow mascara. Probably a terrible idea for a beginner, but I though it would be subtler-looking compared to a pencil. (Meaning, mistakes would be easier to hide as the color would spread on the brow hair to add volume like a lash mascara vs on the skin like a brow pencil.)

    It was nice, save for my trouble with the bristles/spoolie that had the tendency na kumapit muna sa hairs then would go directly on the skin anyway. It would immediately look too thick. It was kulang, kulang, kulang...oops, SOBRA!

    This type of product would go directly on the skin, but the lighter color and the more precise application wouldn't look as stark. --Matromao

  7. This looks interesting. :) The brush is cute and at the same time kinda weird. Hehe. :)) But I want to try how it'll work on my brows. The shades are alike with the Majolica Majorca eyebrow mascaras. :)

  8. This is the first time I ever saw a shower head applicator and if it doesn't make my brows look thicker maybe it's a nah.. since I also didn't dye my hair, I'll just suggest it to a friend of mine who has an amber colored hair. They have loved brow mascaras since I introduced it to them (thanks to you!) They even told me that seeing other people with dyed hair but black brows looks totally "creepy" .. anyway, thanks for this review! ;)

  9. I don't have my hair colored so my brows are pretty low-maintenance (I just keep them in tip-top shape everytime I spy some strands that look out of place) but since I'm planning to get my hair colored probably next month, I'm on the look out for good brow tints that last throughout the day since of course, being the on the go girl that I am, I like products that stay a lot longer so I don't have to retouch every now and then.

    I do know a lot of less expensive brow tints than this one, but being a strong beliver of Japanese products, I'd love to give this one a shot!

  10. Shary: Haha! Nice observation! :)

    Cath: I'm actually surprised that it's very good, but very affordable. I even think it's too good for its price! And yeah, this will come handy when you color your hair soon :D

    Majorie: Thanks too! Hope they'll like it! :D

    Jona: Yes! It's the perfect alternative to Majo's brow mascara. :D

    Matromao: I can totally relate! I always have trouble with spoolie applicators even until now. This is why I love this product because the applicator, it's pretty foolproof!

    Jessy: Thanks! :D It actually looks like a toothbrush for babies. :D

    Leilani: Yes! :D

    Stephie: Hello! Yes, I tried before with Benefit, but as I said, I don't like any harsh chemical coming near or applied to my eyes-I'd rather use brow mascaras. :)

    Abegaill, sis, this is a brow mascara. ha. :)


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