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Here's a review on Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish.

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I am always a victim of chipped polish because I'm just plain careless with my hands, plus I also have this weird habit of scratching the table when I'm bored and oddly, I find satisfaction in it. :p Thank God brands have finally thought of releasing mini polishes that we could always bring with us to retouch our manicure or change it altogether-there's one from Max Factor and it's called Max Effect Nail polish.


Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish are tiny bottles of highly pigmented lacquer and comes in 15 shades. Formula has been improved according to Max Factor and they're said to be more fluid for easier application and a more even coverage.

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Mellow Yellow

- Mellow Yellow is a pastel yellow shade.

Cactus Green

 - Cactus Green is a light green shade.

Pretty in Pink

- Pretty in Pink is a blushing peach shade-dont really see any pink undertone in it so I don't understand why they called it as such. :p


- Lollipop is a hot pink shade.

All polishes have varying coverage: the lighter ones are sheer yet buildable and the darker ones are opaque-formula is quite fluid, but I'm having a hard time evening out the former due to the color. They stay chip- free for around 3 days max, at least on me and longer if you use a top coat. The chip- free promise really depends on how you use your hands, really, so I'd say considering how careless I am, staying power is pretty good.

Max Effect is one good nail polish line, not to mention it's super duper handy and affordable. I also like the size because I don't feel pressured at all to use them always just so I could finish at least half of them. (I mean, can we really finish a regular bottle of polish quickly if we just use them personally? I don't think so!)


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm a nail polish addict and I have lots of nail polish at home. I'm using different brands such as Caronia, Bobbie, Opi, Essie and others. But I haven't tried this brand. It looks good on your nails and yes its cheaper than Opi and Essie, so I would definitely try them. Revlon nail lacquers are also a good brand and with lots of beautiful colors to choose from. I also recommend Maybelline nail lacquers, especially the color show collection.

  2. The nail polish (Mellow Yellow) looks bright and radiates lightness. It's been awhile since I bought my last nail polish only used it few times.

  3. The colors are really summer-y, and has a nice payoff. However, I do feel that is is a bit off season since the current obsession right now are fall colors / darker colors. But as always when it comes to beauty and fashion, whatever floats your boat right? :)

    Thanks for this Martha, just learned that the MaxFactor nail polishes are cheaper than OPI, Essie or China Glaze. :)

  4. Cute! I don't personally have the guys to wear those colors, but I think they've been packaged really well. Plus, happy colors, so I know they're uplifting. :) --Matromao

  5. I love the mellow yellow and lollipop!

  6. You're right. One of the very best things about mini nail polish bottles is the fact that you actually stand some chance of using them up right at the very last drop.Also they are a great, quick pop of color. And is affordable (well, at least for me) perfect for slumber parties! :)

  7. nice shades.. I love the Mellow Yellow and Lollipop.. un lang, bagay kaya sakin? hehe

  8. I never thought that Max Factor is also offering Nail Polishes. All I know is their good quality make ups out there. Thanks Ms. Martha for sharing this to us, now I know! Haha! :) The colors are bright, and I think its perfect to wear on summer. Im not really into nail polishes because I don't know how to put it perfectly and smoothly on my nails. I always ended up going to parlor and have a mani-pedi session. But I think I will make an exception on this tiny cutie nail polishes, its just awesome, specially the lollipop. How cute it is on your nails, its like cotton candy! hihi. One thin pro about this product is that it is handy, and I feel you Ms. Martha for not being pressured to use them, no sayang feeling! :D Love it! Will try to look about it once napadapad ako sa mall. :) Love it!

  9. Abegaill: I have a lot of polishes from Revlon and I love them to bits-it's my go-to brand for affordable but pro quality nail polish. :)

    Teri: I love it too, but it makes my fingers appear too dark haha!

    Aegeane: Their compactness is what makes me love these cuties. Oh, tell me how you like them when you get a chance to try 'em! :D

    Aishakith: What better way to find out than by trying! :)

    Marie: True! It's also great for those who travel often and hate having chips on their nail polishes. :)

    Jona: Great choices! :D

    Foodworldme: I do, except Mellow Yellow haha!

    Shary DC: That's true, but mind you, brands are becoming more adventurous now-they're slowly introducing lighter colors in Fall/Winter collections-works well for me because Fall doesn't always have to be vampy and personally, I love happy colors! :)

  10. I would prefer opaque ones than the sheer ones. And I also prefer neon colors since they shout HAPPINESS! Ahahaha. Revlon also has very bright colors that can be worn by any skin shade and it will still look great on your hands!


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