OLX.ph’s new jingle makes me want to sell my stuff and just.get.rich

If you’re an avid Youtube watcher, you can relate when I say that YT life is as random as it can get: You look for your preferred video and then all of a sudden, you just find yourself landing on all sorts of vids from the funniest ones down to the mind- boggling ones-you gotta love it though because it’s what makes Youtube a lovely place!

This is how I found out about OLX.ph’s music video featuring their newest jingle:

The story centralizes on Barangay Matumal, a small community haunted by a big problem: tons of house clutter! Watch how their haunting story ends on a happy, catchy note!

Now this video has just reminded me of one of my big projects for this year…


Oh, clutter is such a sneaky, nasty villain: It doesn’t seem harmful at first, but then after a while, they’re all over and you’re overpowered! I can’t imagine how on earth was I able to accumulate all of these, but they’re there already so the only solution is to get rid of them-get rid of them by selling so I can somehow get a little bit of ROI haha!

Photo Credit: hungry-nomads.tumblr.com

There are many benefits to profitable Spring Cleaning: One, you will earn a few bucks, but do not underestimate such amount as I tell you, based on experience, it’s a life saver: I sold some of my old clothes online before and I got an extra P5,000.00 that got me through the entire month at ease.

Second, cleaning up is tantamount to starting anew and it’s a great (and an affordable) therapy. Got an old stuffed toy given to you by your ex? Meh, who wants negative memories? Sell it and let it go along with all that darned memories while earning out of it. (Awesome, right?)

Third, de-cluttering your home will give you a new perspective: it will inspire you to re-decorate your crib and it will even have a positive effect on your mind-if there’s zero clutter in your house, your mind will be relaxed, allowing inspiration and creativity to thrive better. The money you’ll earn out of Spring Cleaning, you can use to buy more important stuff for your home or treat yourself to a massage for a job well done!

Finally, Spring Cleaning will teach you to value your hard- earned bucks next time around. Take a look at your clutter, assess your spending behavior, and remind yourself to never fall into that money trap ever again.

Thanks a lot to the Internet, we finally don’t have to stage a physical Garage Sale, stay in all day, and sacrifice a lot of tasks (including rest) just to get rid of clutter. Just go to OLX.ph, sign up for an account, post your stuff, wait for prospect customers to contact you, and voila! You’re on your way to earning extra income!

If you’ve got nothing to do this coming weekend, do a major closet/home overhaul, sell ‘em on OLX.ph, and in the coming days, watch your bank account flourish. ;)

Got more questions? Just go to OLX PHILIPPINES on Facebook. Ready to sell? Click HERE.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by OLX.ph and The Beauty Junkee

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I already tried this before and it's effective. :) I tried selling my stuff on Sulit.com (which is now OLX). I sold my old college books which I think my siblings would not be able to use as well. I posted the list of the books I'm selling with their corresponding prices and voila. A lot of people contacted me. :) If I have the chance to declutter again, I'll sell them on OLX. :)

  2. Martha, wish you'd sell some items that you didn't use, but used only for swatches :p surely, a lot of people will buy!

  3. Haha. I may have gone to the site more than a few times. I'm glad to see a specifically local company for buy and sell transactions. We've been missing that a long time. --Matromao

  4. Their video is just so cute and addictive! Martha, please sell stuff you don't need anymore, I'm sure your fans would go crazy about them, like me!

  5. Me & the rest of my family are actually considering selling old stuff from with the site because we've been doing a lot of de-cluttering every now & then. We're moving in to a new house & we're hoping to get new stuff in! :) I agree that the jingle's pretty catchy, too!

  6. Oh this is quite my hobby :D, I love selling my pre-loved items.. It's very easy now we have internet all we have to do is post and then wait! :) Now it totally give me peace of mind that some of my stuffs didn't go wasted..

  7. If someone would ask me what are my most visited sites, OLX.com would definitely be on my lists. hehe
    I just had a transaction last week wherein I bought a compact camera :)) so happy with my purchased! Good thing there's a lot of trusted seller on OLX.

  8. Their video is so cute and effective that makes me want to sell some of my clothes again! Haha. I got LSS (last song syndrome) on their jingle, till now, kinakanta ko siya. Kaloka! Haha. I am an online shopper as well as seller on IG, but I think selling them at OLX is much more easier as it caters a bigger range of peeps :) Yay! Will definitely make an account on their site and will sell some of my clothes again. Plus, I should save up for something na since its ber months already, christmas is coming! Hihi. Thank you for sharing this to us Ms. Martha!

  9. Abegaill: I sold all my old chuck taylor sneaks in there once. I also found some of my favorite sellers in sulit too. :)

    Ageane: Enjoy! :D

    Betsy: Wee! Glad to hear that! :D

    Sincere: Same here! This is why I LOVE the Internet! :D

    Foodworld: True that!

    Rita and Shary: Can you give me one year to sort out everything? Kidding! Seriously, I have way too much, but I'll find time to pick out the makeups that I can sell! :)

    Marie: Hi and welcome to my blog! Wow! Congrats in advance on your new house-that's totally the best time to sell old stuff and buy new ones! :D


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