Mary Kay CC Cream In Very Light and Light/Medium Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Mary Kay CC Cream in Very Light and Light/Medium.

Price: P825.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available through a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


I think I may have tried the nicest CC Cream so far and it's Mary Kay's CC Cream. I know CC Creams are supposed to be worn underneath a neutral face base, but this one is just that and you can even wear it on its own to boot! Oh, it also makes my skin appear magically plump and super hydrated too! Let me muse about this great find from Mary Kay below!


This product, according to Mary Kay, acts like makeup and is formulated like skin care: It delivers correcting properties to cover skin imperfections and discolorations instantly, and delivers 8 skin- caring benefits in one go. It comes in two shades only: Very Light and Light/Medium.


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The product comes in a squeeze tube with a pump that dispenses the product gradually-packaging is very lightweight, but not that compact.

Top: Very Light; Bottom: Light/Medium

Consistency is rich just like a moisturizer and it feels very hydrating to the skin-it's just a little goopy though and needs time to settle into the skin, although you can set it immediately with powder and you won't encounter any patchy problem. I also find it a bit streaky, but I found that a fluffy foundation brush solves this issue. Coverage is light to medium and it can cancel out redness and very light post- acne marks, but it needs help from a concealer when it comes to heavy skin discolorations. You may use this product underneath foundation, but just take a small amount and apply prior to foundation-I would strongly advise against piling it on. Otherwise, you will dilute the coverage and consistency of the foundation because this baby's pretty thick!


Bare skin

CC Cream in Light/Medium + Estēe Lauder Double Wear Concealer + Estēe Lauder Stay In Place Concealer

Check out how my skin went from dull to dewy! This product literally made my skin look well- hydrated initially, plus it evened out my skin tone quite nicely and cancelled out the red patches on the sides of my nose-it just made my skin look more uniform and decent overall. I use this product after getting a facial or if my face is exhibiting dryness due to Salicylic Acid abuse (lol) because it tames dry areas effectively and for hours.

This product has SPF so it looks a little light on me, but it's tolerable and I noticed that the shades are more on the warmer side of the color spectrum so if you're a morena like me, Light/Medium should suit you just fine. 

After setting this product with powder, I finally saw what makes it a winner: it gave me skin that looks so fresh, healthier, and so well- rested plus, my skin looks 'bouncy' and youthful! Coverage lasts for a good 5 hours, which is pretty cool for an emollient face base and given that I have oily skin, but it does not have impressive oil control: I would need to retouch after every 1- 2 hours depending on the temperature, but this is no biggie because retouching is normal if you have makeup on! The only con with this product is it doesn't offer a lot of shade options.

In sum, this is a pretty awesome daily face base because it is lightweight, doubles as a moisturizer, has SPF, priced competitively, and has pretty good coverage. It's also a cool product to use to fake that 'good night's sleep'. I highly recommend it to those with dry skin!


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the plump and youthful effect of it. I also don't mind about retouching as long as the product gives me good looking skin. And I could really see the difference it made on your face. I love the dewy effect. And the price is relatively okay compared to other CC creams. It doubles as a makeup pa, so it's a major plus. My only concern is the availability. I hope they would soon have Mary Kay products in major department stores. I only get my Mary Kay products through online sellers, which is quite a hassle at times. :)

  2. As it's Mary Kay I thought it would cost more than 1k! This isn't a bad price point, just a bit over Etude House face products I think.

  3. I had never tried any from Mary Kay and I had this bad experience with one of their SA. I wanted to buy their cheek brush which only cost Php 80.00, instead of letting me buy it, she said that she will not sell to me unless I will purchase a Php 7,000+++ amount of products... How bad is her manners... that's why I promised to myself that I will not buy any Mary Kay products... So much for that...

    About your review, the CC cream looks good on you.. you looked fresh and glowing but I guess a darker shade would have suited you more.. (I see the color difference in your face and neck...)

  4. i used to sell mary kay products but now i'm just a user na lang! >XD it's the best cosmetic line i've ever tried and it's such a pity how they haven't hit the malls yet. :(

    great review! looking forward to try this one! :D

  5. Pat: Yup, but I think it works better than most of EH's cc creams, if not almost. :)

    Yan and Abegaill: I think they won't because it's a direct selling brand-going retail will kill the business! :)

    Melanie: Aww, that's sad to hear. :( Anyway, yeah, it's because of the spf and also, there isn't a lot of shades to choose from. :)


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