Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer EvenSkin Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer in EvenSkin.

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Somebody asked: "Is it okay to just wear primer and leave the house just like that?" Mmmm…can we at least set it with powder? You see, primers have no coverage and they should go with shade- enhancing liquid bases such as foundation for a more polished look and even if they do impart color onto the skin, they normally come in correcting colors such as green, yellow, white, and lavender-would you like to show up to your colleagues in a green face base? I think not!

That would be my answer prior to trying out Pixi's Flawless Beauty Primer, a primer that claims that one can skip foundation because it's good just like that. I can now say that yes, it's possible to 'wear primer and leave the house just like that', but I'd still insist that you set it with powder!


This primer, according to Petra, founder of Pixi Beauty, is like her 20 year old skin in a bottle. It's a moisturizing primer that evens out skin and gives it a gentle glow. It is also infused with minerals that nourish skin and keep it healthy, fresh, and energized if used regularly.

I read somewhere online that its bottle used to have a copper cap and pump, and I think I'd rather have those features because I think they will suit the overall look and feel of the product.

Here's the pump: It goes down in a slow, gradual motion and you get to take a controlled amount of product every time.

If you have dull skin issues, click READ MORE and find out why this primer might just be the thing you need.

This primer comes in one shade only and it's called EvenSkin, a peach- toned primer that evens out skin tone and conceals discolorations altogether-it's a pretty smart shade choice because it targets two primary concerns of women who live in the tropics and are always exposed to UVB rays. It's also got some golden micro shimmers that enhance any tan naturally and add a warm glow to pale skin. Coverage is light to medium and I don't apply more than two layers because I noticed that it tends to darken my face-well at least we know that this product didn't skimp on pigments! It is fragrance- free, but has this naturally occurring scent that somewhat resembles a pharmaceutical body lotion.

It has a watery, moisturizing texture, which is far from the primers that I've used. Primers normally have this unique, semi- thick, and even semi- sticky texture to keep makeup intact, but Pixi's version literally feels like moisturizer and it seemed that it won't really help my makeup's wear time. That, plus oiliness is a daily problem of mine. 

On the brighter side, you can mix it with regular moisturizer and foundation to give your skin a hint of glow, and consistency is very friendly to dry skin-I don't have to wear moisturizer whenever I'm using this product because it excels in taming dryness and keeping skin supple and smooth during wear.


Bare skin

One layer of the primer

"It's like my 20 year old skin in a bottle". Ooh, too strong a claim, Petra, but when I tried it, I immediately agreed to that statement because true enough, it gives back the skin's youthful luster-one layer was all it took to give me back the skin I used to have when I was still sleeping at exactly 10 p.m. and that was 6 years ago-that just made me want to be an early sleeper again. And look, it even minimized the appearance of my light post- acne marks!

Primer with Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Powder Foundation

This primer is not having a hard time making its presence felt underneath powders. If you only prefer wearing powder foundation or dusting loose powder on top of your skin, this primer will perk up your look without having to go through a tedious makeup routine. So there, you can leave the house wearing just primer and powder, just like that, but only if you don't have so much to conceal in the first place. (Or if you don't care so much about concealing)

It makes my skin glowing. Great. It doubles as a moisturizer and corrector too. Great. But my primary definition of a primer is 'a product that will act as magnet for makeup' because as you can see, I do not have perfect skin so I always need coverage and sadly, this primer lacks this aspect: it cannot keep makeup intact and after just 2 hours, my makeup has faded considerably already so I would not recommend this product to those with oily and combination oily-normal skin types. It could've been love, it could've been love.

This product comes very handy to those who have pretty flawless skin and are only in need of radiance, those with dry skin, or if you're always dealing with dull skin and need a product that will address it for you on a daily basis. To those with hyper pigmented or blemished skin, you definitely have to wear it with bases and products that will even out your skin better.


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  1. I kinda don't like the shade, I think it'll darken my face. And I have a combi skin, so really not that suitable. Lastly, I use primers to make my makeup last longer. And it doesn't do that so I'd rather use moisturizers at night and use primers, foundations, concealers at day time. :) It's pricey pa for a primer that do not act as a primer

  2. I really love the Pixi brand, and this is one of the things on my wishlist! The lazy girl in me is celebrating the elimination of another step haha! :D

  3. Peach toned primer??? Something new to me, I thought primers are always somewhat white or transparent in color... I still prefer the latter colors... I like pixi products but for primers, it's pricey.

  4. Maybe this would work like my Becca Backlight Priming Filter. Alone, it never worked. once I mix it with my foundation, ho boy. Pak ganern performance! Will buy this and try it out! Love how luminous your skin is after applying.


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