Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water and Sèbium Micellar Water Review

Here's a review on Bioderma Sensibio and Sèbium Micellar Water.

Price: Sensibio- P650.00 (100ml) and P1,300.00 (250ml); Sèbium- P650.00 (100ml); P1,170.00 (250ml)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in selected derma clinics; soon to be available in Watson's and PCX stores


If there's one beauty regret that I have in my life right now, it's that I did not decide to try Bioderma's Micellar Water products early on. I swear guys, this product is the real deal and I credit my nice, blemish- free skin to it. To refresh your memories, Bioderma has recently launched in the country and they brought in all their products including these 'Miracle Waters'-the brand is geared towards bringing back your skin's lost integrity by tapping on its inner strength and defenses, and truly, it's what it does!


Bioderma is one of the recognized pioneers in Micellar Water Technology and these two products remain as the landmark of the brand-these products are intended to remove make- up, and purify and hydrate skin with its gentle, no- rinse formula.

Sèbium is from the namesake line that features Fluidactiv, an ingredient that helps purify pores, and treat and prevent blemishes. Sensibio is from the namesake line as well that features Toleridine that helps reduce skin inflammation and redness while improving skin resilience at the same time. Both products (as well as the rest of Bioderma's range) are hypoallergenic and Paraben- Free.

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Both products are water, but they're a different kind of water: they feel a lil' thicker and are more moisturizing yet remain light on the skin (after all, Micellar Water is a combination of oil and water molecules).

Both products remove face makeup thoroughly (except certain types of waterproof mascaras, especially the super duper waterproof Japanese mascaras) and help skin absorb my succeeding skin care products better, but I like Sèbium best because it's intended for oily skin: It removes excess oil yet keeps my skin feeling soft, bouncy, and hydrated, and it has GREATLY helped my skin combat acne. I've been using pretty much the same skin care products for the last 3 months and the introduction of Sèbium Micellar Water has made a huge difference on my skin: I noticed that I don't get pimples and hives often like I used to, plus my face feels cleaner all the time-Sèbium also has this light cucumber scent that is so refreshing. I have to mention though that I don't have overly acne- prone skin and I am not predisposed to genetic acne, therefore it may yield different results to those who have these conditions.

With Sensibio, it's a pretty good variant as well and it doesn't differ so much from Sèbium in terms of texture and consistency, although it's fragrance- free and alleviates tenderness in case I over scrub my skin or when the sides of my nose develop these seasonal red patches that sometimes burn and itch due to the erratic weather.

Regarding usage, I use them as a makeup remover and toner, but I prefer using them as a toner to leave the active ingredients on my skin longer.

How does it differ from the other Micellar Water brands in the market? In my opinion, I think the base of all Micellar Water brands is the same, but what sets them apart from each other are the active ingredients that go into them.


Anyway, it's been a month since I introduced these products into my routine and I'm still happy with the results! Check out my skin! :D

So guys, the hype about Bioderma's Micellar Water is true-it's so good that I would encourage everyone to add this in their Christmas wish list. It may seem too expensive, but let me add this before I end the post: due to its consistency, you only need two to three drops on a cotton pad to drench your skin with Micellar goodness because it feels really 'concentrated' and methinks the oil molecules in it prevent the product from evaporating quickly right before you apply it all over your face-the 250ml bottle can last you anywhere between 3-5 months! I love this thing and I will repurchase Sèbium over and over again!


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  1. Really! :D I hope it gets available na soon in Watsons so I get to try the hype. :) I've always been curious about the micellar water. It's just that, I can't seem to find it in physical stores. :)

  2. i've heard a lot of raves about this items...and i'm on too discovering this real soon. hopefully it could work for me as well....fingers cross. ;)

  3. I've had the 500ml last me for almostttttt a year. But then again I am super cheap so I don't use much haha.

    I've been looking for these at watsons/sm but to no avail, which scares me because I am about to run out.

  4. After reading your reviews about this, I've been itching to get a hold of it. I currently have a breakout ongoing which doesn't seem to fade away naturally (which normally does). I'm hoping this will help my skin regain its normal state. Hope it becomes available in convenient locations soon!


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  5. I want to try it!!!!!!!! Ganda sa face. And I keep thinking it is water. Interesting. I will wait for this one. :D

  6. Hey girls! Just keep on checking Bioderma's FB fan page for updates on their retail launch. I swear by this product, guys! Hope you can all try it soon! :)


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