4 Problems Only Morena Girls Will Understand

I've been overdosing on Buzzfeed in the last few months and I thoroughly their list articles so I decided to make one too. There was this particular list entitled "25 Problems Only Pale Girls Will Understand" so I thought of making a counterpart: "4 Problems Only Morena Girls Will Understand." Here's a good laugh for my fellow morenas! :))

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1. The White Cast

- Yup, it's the spell that we never want to be cast upon us.

3 other problems after the break!

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2. "Ma'm, this is our darkest shade."

- When there's a particular foundation that I really, really like and the best part is it's affordable, but unfortunately, the darkest shade is too white for my life. (Wait, you consider that dark?) Yup, this thing happens all the time.

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3. "That's nice, but you look better in gold- toned jewelry."

- This happens all the time when I ask people about their opinion on silver or gold- toned jewelry: even if the silver one is obviously nicer overall than the gold one, they will still insist that the latter's better on me. 

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4. "Bagay ka dun, exotic ka eh." (You'll fit there because you're 'exotic')

- Another comment that I get all the time when I muse that I want to travel to a particular Western country. I mean, does being Morena always mean being a commodity for foreigners? Out of the four problems, this is the comment that I ALWAYS get-I used to get very pissed at this objectification, but I eventually learned to just laugh it off.

Got your own hilarious Morena Girl problems? Share them with me! :D

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow, I didn't know that Morenas like you receive the fourth comment. Those people are just rude. So discriminating. :/ Anyway, I'm pretty fair since birth so I didn't really have morena problems. I agree with you that some cosmetic products have no dark shades talaga. Parang they end up with beige or something, that's not even dark. Thanks for this. I enjoyed reading this post. :)

  2. I think I have the opposite problem. I am too pale. People comment "uy bakit ang puti ng mukha mo" But I think all skin tones look good in gold. Especially Rose Gold shades.

  3. of all the skin types, Morena is my favorite type...they're skin are just perfect and parang all colors tend to highlight more their skin tone...

    I guess if you don't have something nice to say just shut up your mouth nalng-- in that way you will not hurt anybody's feelings...

  4. I experience the 2nd one 90% of the time! :)

  5. I consider myself morena. But other people say maputi daw ako. I can relate dun sa darkest shade ng foundation lalo na kapag korean cosmetics. Tsk tsk. At pati sa damit, problem parin ung color. Gusto ko ng pastel colors pero mas lalo ako umiitim.

  6. Lol. The pictures included in this post are too funny. Though I'm not at all morena, I share the same feeling for number 1. And also for number 2, but it's the other way around! People suggest I should purchase silver jewelry when I'm really drawn into gold toned ones.

  7. super thumbs up on the morena problem one!! white cast issues.. the flash don't give you mercy right!!!! people at that event comments on your nice make-up but poof here you are mr. flash you cleared my face and made me like an ati-atihan!! *based from true experience* lol

  8. I'm somewhere between NC30 (when I don't get enough sunlight) and NC37 (in the summer). Even I get #4 remarks. Annoying.

    -- Rae

  9. My problem is whenever I buy beauty products, most of them have whitening ingredient. I'm not againt whitening but I want to preserve my color 'cause I think there is nothing wrong being a morena haha

  10. I find it hard to choose a foundation for morena...I don't know how to make them look better with make up. But then maybe it's the hairstyle and the dress that will work for them. I cannot relate with being a commodity for foreigners though.

  11. Check on all four. Especially on the second one. My heart cries every time they still try to offer the darkest foundation shade that they carry, even when they obviously know that it's waaaay too light for me.

  12. One thing I hate is when sales ladies offer you whitening products.
    Who ever said that all morenas want to be fairer??!!!!


  13. Hi girls! Thanks for sharing your hilarious morena girl problems! More please! I enjoyed reading them! :D

  14. Hahha laughed at the memes. For me, madalas akong nasasabihan ng "ang itim ng muka mo" HAAHAHA Pero paningin nila sakin, maputi ako. Hahaha ang labo. But that drops my self-esteem to almost 0. :( So, madalas talaga kong nagamit ng BB creams na mas light yung shade. Kung ayoko naman ng masyadong makeup, I waer powder. I never leave the house without either of the two.Because I am very much conscious kapag ang itim itim ng muka ko. Hhaha just sharing :)


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