It's a Black and Intense Christmas with Prestige Cosmetics!

Are you guys familiar with Prestige Cosmetics, one of Beauty Bar's classic beauty brands? I love this brand for their fab but affordable powder foundation and pressed powders, but little did I know that they're known for their eye products and that's what they launched last week in the Philippines-these new additions to the brand are collectively known as Total Intensity and Back To Black!

The principals of Prestige Cosmetics flew to the Philippines to join us in the launch, held last week at Vask BGC. We reveled in sumptuous food, drinks, and loads and loads of makeup and metallic tattoo courtesy of Lulu DK!

Click READ MORE and see these eye- popping, gorgeous products from Prestige!

Back To Black is an extensive assortment of eye definers in the classic, staple hue-it consists of anything and everything liners from gel, creme, pencil, and liquid eyeliners, Kajal pencils, a multitasking primer pen, and a complementing eye makeup remover pen to dissolve these waterproof, long- wearing eye definers.

 Total Intensity is a color cosmetics range for the eyes and lips.

This collection includes long- wearing lip crayons (me likey!) and metallic eye pens that you can use as liners or eyeshadow.

Total Intensity Eyeshadow is one of the highlights of the collection as it is formulated to deliver true, crease- proof color in metallic finishes that compliment the festive mood of the holidays. Some of the shadows are textured too, which adds that cool, funky touch to their overall look!

Check out some of my top picks from both collections below:

Total Collection Eyeshadows (P545.00/each)

- Ultra pigmented eyeshadows with naturally- occurring pigments to deliver a reflective, dramatic finish.

Top (L-R): Addiction, Charmed
Bottom (L-R): Spellbound, Wicked

Total Intensity Against All Odds Liquid Ink Liner (P600.00/each)

- Pigmented, long- lasting eyeliners that come in jewel- toned finishes.

L-R: Around The Clock, B.F.F., Tatoo

Total Intensity Long- Lasting Color Intense Eyeliner (P345.00/each)

- Soft and long- lasting, these waterproof eyeliners will define your eyes with a variety of colors that will suit your style and mood.

Top to Bottom: Daring Green, Deepest Black, Fearless Teal, Daring Blue

Total Intensity Beyond Lashes Dramatic Precision Mascara (P495.00)

- This waterproof, long- wearing mascara will boost volume and elongate short lashes.

Shade: Black; Brown

Prestige Liquid Eyeliner (P595.00)

- A smooth, classic eyeliner with a patent, pigmented finish that lasts.

Shade: Black

Velvet Smoky Eye Pencil (P575.00)

- Smooth, creamy pencil that you can use as a liner, standalone eyeshadow, or base. Comes with a smudging tool for convenience.

Shade: Black

Triple Line Ink Pen (P595.00)

- Stand out with this liner that delivers three lines in one go. It's perfect for your most daring makeup looks!

Shade: Black

Ultra Precision Slim Eyeliner (P525.00)

- An ultra precise pen for wispy lines and for reaching tight corners in the eyes.

Shade: Black

With my lovely Beauty Blogger friends, Liz and Tara.

All Prestige products are GMO- free, and Gluten- Free, plus they're super affordable too-nothing in this collection is above P700.00! and Total Intensity and Back To Black collections are now available in all Beauty Bar stores. Just visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i would like to try their liners and mascara and i think they're priced just enough for the quality

    excited to see reviews on the gel liner (purple shade)

  2. sayang naman that I haven't seen this collection when I recently went to Beauty Bar. :/ I love that it is affordable and the packaging is super awesome. I wanted to try the lip crayons, eyeliners and color eyeliners. I wanted the colored ones as it doubles as an eyeshadow too! Would love to swatch it in stores. :)

  3. Mtallic colors is a must this Holiday season especially when you're attending lots of Christmas parties. It's like your eyes are the scene stealers of the show. Haha! :) I would like to try these babie sonce I have mastered the arts of applying eyeliners, eyeshadows. It's times like this I wish I have the hands of a make up pro. :))

  4. Interesting! Would love to try the liners... sana it won't melt off or smudge off at the end of the day! they're affordable too! must include in my wishlist! :)

  5. Itsmefati: Agree! All my metallic eyeshadows are being abused lately haha!

    Evey: The liquid eyeliner is truly waterproof-tried it to one of my workouts and it did not smudge! :)

    Abegaill: Aside from the eyeliners, you should try their eyeshadows too! Pigmentation and texture are superb!

    Rhain: That's an eyeshadow, dear. Will review soon! :)


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