Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in Flushed Review

Here's a review on Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in Flushed.

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6 days before my Cheat Meal ban ends. MUST.HANG.ON. Lol! For now, I'll just keep my hands busy on the laptop and olympic bars until the glorious end arrives! Oh by the way, I'm reviewing Pixi's Sheer Cheek Ge in Flushedl for you guys today. :)


This skin- conditioning, hydrating, and moisturizing lip and cheek gel adds a translucent touch of color to your complexion for that youthful glow. It comes in two colors: Rosey and Flushed.

 Product comes in a 12.75g tube that's very compact.

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Flushed is a deep red hue that's well- suited to those with darker skin tones. It has a watery, bouncy texture and is unscented-it spreads easily and gets absorbed by the skin quickly to boot.


Cheek Gel applied on the lips and cheeks

It seemed so pigmented in the hand swatch, but I was disappointed to know that effect isn't the same when applied on the cheeks. It's also the type that you have to put on before your makeup and since it's virtually translucent, you'd have to pile it on or apply powder blush on top to improve its coverage. I tried it on top of a powdered complexion and my makeup caked. :/ Staying power is so-so as it fades on oily skin, but on the brighter side, texture feels indeed hydrating and formula doesn't leave streaks and stains in case you didn't get to blend it in quickly. On the lips, it also gives a very sheer tint and doesn't settle into fine lines, thankfully.

This product isn't for me because I find it too sheer for my liking, plus it costs a pretty penny for a lip and cheek tint. I guess this product will suit those who can go out without any makeup on, but would want to sport that 'flushed' look. I also think teenagers will like this product!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's too sheer for me as well. :/ I tried it out in a store or something only to find out that it almost look nothing on my cheeks! I bought the eyeshadow palette instead. It's so pricey for being too sheer

  2. i don't know if it is weird but I am starting to love tints that is not too pigmented. Because I honestly not a pro on putting tints into my cheeks. Sometimes I ended up looking like I was slapped because sometimes i am too careless when putting it. haha. This product is too expensive for a cheek gel tho.. :)

  3. I'm a sucker for products that offer versatility and one of them are lip and cheek tints/stains. I love how they give that flushed cheeks and just-bitten-looking lips. Personally, I think there are similarly priced cheek stains out there that offer better performance, staying power, and price. Love you FOTD and how you look all glowy and au naturel btw. :)

  4. This is definitely for the younger ones, or maybe for a 'no makeup' makeup look, or during beach trips to enhance sunkissed cheeks :) I agree that it's a bit too pricey considering the size and pigmentation.


  5. I was actually scrolling for the "after" picture of your post when I realized that, that was it! hehe.. coz I thought it's your bare face.. hihi

  6. Hi Martha/guys,

    Which type of cheek makeup (any) gives a very natural looking glow, the gel type or the powder type? Also, can you give recommendations? (I'm currently using Revlon blush)

    Thanks much! (^X^)

  7. Evey: There are a lot. :) For powder, I prefer Chanel Joues Contraste-hands down, it is the most natural- looking powder blush for me. For liquid, I prefer Happy Skin's lip and cheek mousse because you can apply it before or after makeup.

    Sincere: Yep, that's it. :)

    Mica: I gave it to my younger cousin and she loved it. :)

    Cath, Abegaill and Itsmefati: I agree with you, girls. :)


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