Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Review

Here’s a review on Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner.

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There are things in life that I wish I didn’t do, but it’s all over now and all I can do is just accept, learn, and move on, like my hair: I wish I’ve used conditioner early on (I only started using conditioner consistently 2 years ago)-my hair could’ve been less brittle, less dry, and less damaged. I know I can’t turn back time, but sometimes I wish that there’s a product that could somehow make my hair look a little like how it used to or rejuvenate it at the very least.

I received a sample of Pantene’s new 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. This conditioner promises to reverse 3 months' worth of damage in just 3 Minutes with its special formula. If you didn’t know, Pantene is my most favorite drugstore conditioner-it’s the priciest conditioner in the drugstore in my opinion, but I buy it anyway because it works very well on my hair type and addresses my hair concerns perfectly, thus I didn’t have too much reservations regarding this product. Just like the other Pantene conditioners, I didn’t have a problem loving this product right away because true enough, it renewed my hair in just 3 Minutes!


This newest conditioner from Pantene contains the highest concentration of advanced Terminal Amino-Silicones (TAS) that smooth the hair surface, protect the hair's cortex from future moisture loss due to environmental aggressors and frequent styling, and transform rough, brittle hair, all in just 3 minutes. It also contains PRO-V formula to reduce protein loss and stop damage progression, and prevent future split ends even in 3 months.

More about this hair miracle after the break!

The product comes in three sizes and what I have here are 70ml tubes-it's pretty much travel- friendly and I am loving the sleek, luxe Gold- colored tube. It definitely stands out in my shower caddy and I can spot it right away in the sea of products that I have in the shower.

The product has a light cream-gel consistency and a sumptuous Raspberry-Vanilla accord that wakes up the senses. Despite the light texture, it softens my hair right effectively even with just a small amount. To economize, I usually dilute the product with a few drops of water and nope, this won't affect the conditioner's efficacy in any way, plus it rinses out quite easily too.


I always leave it on for 3 minutes as instructed. At first, I thought that it would soften my hair normally like my usual Pantene conditioners, but it exceeded my expectations: It made my hair really, really soft and really, really just 3 minutes! My hair doesn't get static when I'm drying it with a towel, combing time was minimized, the brush and comb just glide effortlessly on my hair (even when it's wet!), and my hair looks great and smells nice for the rest of the day even if I spend the whole day outdoors. Normally, my hair turns dry and frizzy especially at the fringes at the end of the day, but not with this product! However, if you have any known allergies, especially with Silicone, conduct a patch test first because the product explicitly claims that it's high on this ingredient.

Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle is a miraculous product indeed and my hair has never felt this revitalized and soft. I've been using it for four days now and my hair always feels great and I don't get static hair when I wake up! However, I don't really believe that it can reverse damage, but rather improve your hair's condition, making it more resilient and much healthier, especially if used religiously and for a period of time. 

I recommend this product to girls with rough, frizzy, dry, and brittle hair, and even to curly- haired girls who want a conditioner that will tame such hair types. It's a wonderful protective conditioner and one of the most effective softening conditioners in the drugstore and surely, I will repurchase!

By the way, you can grab your Pantene 3MM Samples at Sample Room until February 4, 2015 and pre-buy it at Zalora! :)


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Now I know why it's the first Cosmopolitan Beauty Crush! Definitely worth buying. I also got a sample but the sample haven't arrived yet. :) I'm so excited to experience its miracle.

  2. I got one from BDJ Box and boy, I am now a convert! I don't use conditioners often due to my short hair which never ever grew past my collarbones! I used my sample 2 days ago and it's uh-mazing! Since I don't have enough time to leave it on for 3 minutes, I only leave for around a minute or two but still it works wonders!!! When I placed this inside our bathroom, even my sister who doesn't like makeup nor skincare nor haircare was amazed!

    We spent the first day using this going "Ooooh~" Each time we touch our hair. It's just so soft!

  3. Got this, tried this, liked this. :) It's quite different from the Pantene conditioners I've used in the past, so I'll admit to being impressed. I thought it would feel so thick and goopy like a hair mask or greasy like the usual conditioner, but surprisingly no. Good stuff. A very good move for Pantene Philippines.

  4. Lucky that i got the chance to try it via Sample Room! i cant wait until weekend! (it was addressed to my parents house, and only weekends me and my daughter have sleepover there)

    i love using pantene shampoo and conditioner vice versa with tresemme and dove for this three are the only brands that makes my hair feel soft and manageable.

    i would hoard on bigger tubes when they became available in market!

    i do supper from dry and brittle hair and split-ends so i know this would be a great help for my hair

  5. hey Martha, is it already available in department stores? thanks :)


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